Award Winning Actress-Lydia Forson Is Back This Christmas With A Tripple Bang…

Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

Somewhere before last year’s Christmas, Zedec Entertainment assembled some of the best Actors in the Africa movie industry-Desmond Elliot from Nigeria, veteran Actor “Katawere”, Lydia Forson, Anang Adjetey (Pusher), Senanu Gbedawuo and others for a mega Christmas production- Masquerades.

For some undisclosed reasons, the movie did not hit the market as advertised. Zedec Entertainment decided to hold the movie up till next Christmas. See how time flies…We are few weeks to Christmas and GhanaCelebrities.Com is reliably informed that the movie ‘Masquerades’ is finally going to be released.

MASQUERADES’ is a hilarious family comedy that explores today’s contemporary family life during Christmas.After several years apart a family is finally drawn home to their first Christmas by a tragedy;their uncle is recently deceased and they are charged with the responsibility of burying him.

The funeral expenses pile up; and in pursuit of social status each of the family members are determined to maintain a lifestyle that will compliment how rich they ‘claim’  to be.

However underneath all that is left unsaid, is a dysfunctional family struggling to keep up appearances, and as the story unfolds we are introduced to a family of secrets where everyone has something to hide.

As their uncle’s funeral and Christmas draws near a series of hilarious events occur which lead to uncovering each family member’s secret and forces each family member to confront their true identities.

Just when they are beginning to settle into their newly found honest lives, a lie that puts all the other lies to shame –the king of deception is uncovered which leads to an unexpected chain of events.

And we are again drawn into a web of habitual lies where nothing or no one is, as they seem. This story takes us on a trip to the reminiscent era when Christmas was only as complicated as food, drinks, and merry making.

Through each character and situation a little piece of today’s family life is portrayed in a way that mirrors our society, and from beginning to end we are joined in a journey to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas in a nontraditional way.

Watch Teaser Of Masquerades Below


Apart from the above movie, fans of Lydia Forson will have another Christmas gift from the award winning Actress. The movie ‘In The Cupboard’ starring Lydia Forson, Nollywood talents-Ini Edo, Desmond Elliot , Uti Nkwachukwu, Biola Segun-Williams and others will also be released this Christmas.

If you care to know, Lydia Forson who doubles as a professional script doctor added her quality touch to the movie ‘In The Cupboard‘…

What Lydia Forson does behind the scenes as a ‘Script Doctor’ is to add life to dying scripts, improve, correct and make scripts great for our big screens.

Watch The Trailer Of ‘In The Cupboard’ Below


I said triple bang right? Thirdly, Lydia Forson has finished working with AMAA Winning director Kunle Afolayan (of Figurine fame) in a movie titled ‘Phone Swap’. This movie will also be hitting our screens this Christmas.

It looks like a perfect Christmas for Lydia Forson fans and lovers right? I can’t wait since I am a lover fan ! 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Award Winning Actress-Lydia Forson Is Back This Christmas With A Tripple Bang…”

    • I jst lyk tht funny dude in de Cupboard movie.”Show me de trouble tht is troubling de heart tht i want to trouble de trouble…dead!

  1. Dats why I love Lydia Forson.The keyword is quality & not always appearing in those mediocre & copied storylines full of sex scenes they call movies.I hope our main actors/actresses have seen how selective dis lady is when choosing her scripts.Majid,John,Prince David,Martha,Jackie,Nadia,Yvonne Okoro,Yvonne Nelson especially Majid shd learn how to choose their scripts & try to be scarce a bit.It is sad how a great actor like Majid keeps on wasting his talent on useless movies.

  2. I feel bombarded with chocolates:) thank u for the heads up ….Lydia Forson is the only reason i bother to fly to Ghana for movie premieres…when u r rich like me u only want quality things hence quality entertainment

  3. Go Lydia, Go Lydia , Go Lydia !!!. Haba!! She has starved us ( we her fan) for way too long. All I can say is, it’s worth the wait……….. Can’t wait


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