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Nana Ama
Me, Myself & I

And who said every girl should have a “little black dress” in her closet? “Little black dress” what??? It’s time to shove that to the back burner and unearthed the very fashion or should I say the “VERY PRINT” that a chunk of us wouldn’t have been caught dead in it.

Lately it’s actually “au contraire!” I’m sure I’ve a lot of you wondering what this lunatic is ranting and raving about. AND YES!!! I’M RAVING ABOUT THIS!! READY???? BRACE YOURSELVES, AFRICAN PRINTS!!!! TADAA!!

Must I say lately our African designers have stepped it up a notch, naaah scratch that! A 100 notches with their innovativeness, ingeniousness, creativity and flair.

I’m gushing over what I’ve been spotting people wear lately. Did y’all see Amber Rose African inspired genius “ness” of an ensemble she wore back in Ghana? This is just an example of the new CRAZE in town. JUST FAB FAB FAB!!!

Kudos to all these AHMAZING NEW DESIGNERS!!! Y’all are not going unnoticed! You sure are living your prints in our hearts. And our GORGE (short for gorgeous if your wondering). Ladies are doing these outfits justice.

GIVENCHY WHO?? I’m over the moon that we’re finally embracing our local designers and the superb REVAMPED of our “once upon a time” BLAH traditional NTUMA!



Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles
Amber Rose In Ghana
Amber Rose In Ghana

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