Random Ridiculousness: What Some Africans Will Do For Fame Is Outrageous & Demeaning

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I just can’t understand people and the sort of things they will do for fame. Below is a video of a struggling African ‘Cameroonian ‘ singer ‘Dencia’ whose desperation for fame resulted to a total disgrace and belittling of African women…

Guess what she did? She auditioned for a Reality TV Show in America (a fake reality show of course) and during the audition, she was asked to do a lot of appalling and degrading things. She obliged and gladly did them all in the name of wanting to be famous.

The name of the fake reality tv show she auditioned for is “Just Suck It” and for her task, she was made to suck on a sausage, a doorknob and other items…. SUCKING ! Simply a BIATCH!

Check the video below….


Via NigeriaShowBiz.Com