GC Exclusive Interview With Nadia Buari: Talks About Her 2011 Ghana Movie Awards Nomination, Says She Has No Problem With Jackie Appiah, Talks About Dede Ayew & Fally Ipupa, Upcoming Family Reality TV Show & Others…

Nadia Buari & Sister At Ghana Movie Awards Nominees Party
Nadia Buari & Sister At Ghana Movie Awards Nominees Party

Nadia Buari was awarded as Ghana’s Best Actress In A Supporting Role during last year’s Ghana Movie Awards. She got the nod ahead of her fellow actresses in her role in ‘Check Mate’, a Sparrow Production movie written and directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso.

Last Saturday in Golden Tulip, Kumasi, the nominees for this year’s awards were announced. She was nominated again in the same category for her role in ‘Who Owns The City’, a movie produced by HM Films and directed by Nollywood director Ifeanyi Inyeabor.

Also in the category includes Roselyn Ngissah [Somewhere In Africa], relatively new entrant Helen Asante [Adams Apple 3], Yvonne Nelson [4 Play Reloaded] and Martha Ankomah [Bed Of Roses].

Nadia who claimed she had come to just have fun and a good time, spoke with GhanaCelebrities.Com about her nomination again. She made interesting revelations about her that people do not know. She also talked about why her family is coming out with a reality show. She laughed at the rumour circulating that producers are not giving her roles…

Below are excerpts of the interview unedited plus the audio.

[audio:|titles=Nadia Buari Interview With GhanaCelebrities.Com]

GhanaCelebrities.Com: What do you think of your nomination?

Nadia Buari: [Surprise] I was nominated? For real? Oh wow. I was actually coming here just to have a good time. I had no idea… I’m coming. I’m now coming here. So here that I’m nominated, wow its good news. It makes me know that at least my works are appreciated.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Why are you surprised that you got nominated?

Nadia Buari: I don’t know. It’s not really about being surprised. I just wasn’t looking forward to it. My mind was basically opened. I was coming here just to have a good time. So it wasn’t really whether or not I was nominated.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Let’s talk about the Ghana Movie Awards. Do you sincerely think it has any future?

Nadia Buari: Of course. I mean … Come on; I think we are going far. I think in the past few years that we started; I think Ghanaian movies have actually gone international. Of course, we do have a future. I mean great future, great potentials.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: You won the best supporting actress in Ghana last year. We couldn’t get a time to talk to you about it. What do you have to say about it?

Nadia Buari: [Smiling] I was excited. I mean I was really humbled. I mean every award no matter what it is; you just have to be appreciative and I was really honoured that I got the award for Best Supporting actress in ‘Check Mate’.

GhanaCelebrities.Com:  People say Nadia Buari doesn’t talk. She doesn’t like the media. Can you confirm or deny that?

Nadia Buari: I hear that and it saddens my heart because I’m grateful to the media. I don’t think I would have done this far in my career had it not been for the media because they make my fans get to know my works and get to know who I am. However I think in the past few years, a lot of things have been written about me that are so not true. And it really hurts to know why people will just fabricate stuff and publish it to make my fans get a total different perception of who I am.

So for me, I think the less I comment on that, the better, that’s how come I stay away. And I think that if I going to concentrate on everything written about me, I wouldn’t be getting any work done. I got too much to do to be focusing on what being written, what article that is derogatory that is written about me.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Don’t think because you don’t talk to the media, that’s the reason why they go ahead to speculate about you?

Nadia Buari: You know what I think, a lot of time they publish the false stuff and then they come to me to try to correct that. My thing is why would you have to do that, you should consult me and let me let you know whether is the true or not before you publish it. So you already publish the false stuff, what is the warranty that the number of people that read the false stuff are the same people are going to read the correction. That’s why I just don’t bother.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: There is something going on in your family. Something like a reality show. Would you want to share a little info on that?

Nadia Buari: First of all I love my family. I love my siblings. The reason why we want to have a reality is because I think there is so much about me that the world out there don’t know, so that’s why basically and plus I got different characters in my family. We are crazy people and every time just sharing moment with them is a whole movie. So for us, we just thought, why not put whatever we do in doors out there so people can see how crazy people that we are.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: What’s your relationship with your fellow actresses? Be very honest.

Nadia Buari: Hmm! I’m going to be very honest. I got a very good working relationship with them. I don’t know what you mean relationship but I work with them because they are my colleagues and we share a very good relationship.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Okay! People say Nadia Buari has a problem with this actress or that actress. Can you clarify that?

Nadia Buari: I’m going to clear the air now. I do not have a problem with any of my colleagues. I do not have any problem. I might not be good friends with them but I just don’t have any problem with them. You might not see me hang out XYZ but that doesn’t mean that I have a problem with them. No.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: There is another rumour going rounds that, Nadia Buari is not getting scripts [roles] now. People are not approaching. How true is it?

Nadia Buari: You know when I heard that, I actually commented on that. I just thought it was really ridiculous. In the past few months … this whole year, I don’t think I have had the time to rest, I’m so busy I actually feel like one day, God forbid, I’m going to break down. When I heard that I laughed. For me it was one of those derogatory stuff, one of those cooked stuff, one of those fabricated stuff to still tarnish my image so to speak. I think the person who sent out that information should have checked to find out what I was really doing than to bring out something like that.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Let’s talk about your relationship. People say you are dating Dede Ayew. They say you are dating DBanj and others say you are dating Fally Ipupa..

Nadia Buari: [Cut in] To comment that quick… if I should step out with a guy, automatically people assume I’m dating the person. It’s sad. I wonder why they do that. I went to the awards with Fally Ipupa, we walked on the red carpet, the next thing I’m dating him. Dede, I have no idea where that rumour is started from. In fact, if I should walk out with whomever in public, automatically, they assume I’m dating that person.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: So who is Nadia Buari dating now?

 Nadia Buari: [Laughs] That’s my little secret.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Are you fighting us?

Nadia Buari: Who are you?

GhanaCelebrities.Com: I’ m Ebenezer from GhanaCelebrities.Com, people say we don’t like Nadia and she does not like us.

 Nadia Buari: I also read that but as I said, I have a good relationship with the media.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Congrats on your nomination.

Nadia Buari: Thank you.

Chris-Vincent’s Comment:

You see, GC has no problem with Nadia Buari and she has none with us. She categorically stated that and I am stating it too. So all those who kept and keep saying GC has a problem with Nadia should go get a bucket full of water and swallow those false CRAP!


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32 thoughts on “GC Exclusive Interview With Nadia Buari: Talks About Her 2011 Ghana Movie Awards Nomination, Says She Has No Problem With Jackie Appiah, Talks About Dede Ayew & Fally Ipupa, Upcoming Family Reality TV Show & Others…”

    • @mother, good interview, but Naadia fake accent no, ADEN???? anka fake accent y3 over the bar, anka wo y3 Junior Agogo.
      Please, we love you, but this fake accent make us all sick. kai. she’s trying too hard. what accent is that? New Yorkan? South-east London? aiiii! 3nko yie koraa! we beg, you are confusing yourself…….

        • @anita, oh, anita. i’m a big fan of nadia. i think she is humble, modest and hardworking… and of course, has a lot of haters. however this fake accent is just terrible. i see ppl complaining about it here on GC, but never thought it was this bad as she doesnt really over-do it in movies. however, the fake accent in this interview is completely way off, and you will be a liar to claim that you cant see her struggling with words…. anita, ka nokware wae!

  1. Nadia actually look kinda cute with her new hair, she’s I like that she isn’t typically skinny and doesn’t care.
    Hmmmm, well of course I don’t believe she was unaware that she was nominated. I agree with her though, the award show surely has potential, but potential being the key word coz there are some things that just don’t fly as far as am concerned! One care for four winners INDEED! 😀 I am curious about her reality show but I still don’t get why she is doing it despite what she says coz in many ways she seems a little guarded and pretentious…anyway its entertainment…as for not having beef with your colleagues…that is soooooo CRAP. Who in their whole carrer or working life has never ever had one disagreement with one of their colleagues..come on now, it’s normal…we just wanted a bit of juicy gossip! 😉 see GC oh, you guys are the VERY last ppl I thought whe would talk to, but hey she said she is greatful to y’all so nice one!

  2. And when will Nadia stop this fake accent? I can hear how she is struggling to keep it consistent. It is very comfortable to me yourself in life. Is it force to put up a foreign accent? Oh so the reality tv thing is true? I thought it was a lie .  

  3. Great interview, it looks like GC had plenty on their chest to ask and Nadia Buari also had a lot to say. This interview was over due I think. Great answers by Nadia , the only thing that takes marks away is the accent. I pray she wins the award

  4. Good interview and glad that GC and Nadia seem to have sorted their difference. Nadia has cleared the air about alot of things. This is by the far the best interview I have come across of Nadia on the web. Thanks to Gc guys for making this work. You guys rock

  5. hmmm….just as she said, ppl write false stories before even getting to know the real deal….and G.C staff seem to be the man one writing false things abt her…after all the attacks u ppl gave her, u ppl were not ashamed to interview her…she never mentioned that she had issues with jackie, but u guys just had to add it in there huh…i still think u guys hate on her for no reason…and i think she gave out that interview session probably because she felt pitty for the site…i’m pretty sure u guys have been trying to get an interview from her for the longest….NO OFFENSE

    • @lilyy, That is quite stupid, Nadia’ s interview won’t make GC people anything, they do things to let us the readers know what is going on. Else they will keep the stuff they know or hear to them selves. if anything, they are doing us a favour by providing us information and sharing the information they get with us.

      and i think i hear GC interview mention jackie’s name and asking if nadia hates her. but obviously nadia is just being envious and failing to even mention jackie’s name. why couldnt she say, i don’t hate jackie and answer the question as it was asked? 

      no matter how hard you and your nadia will try, jackie will always reign, with or without GC

        • @anita, Do u have any other word in the vocab u can think of other than OFUI n OGUN, step away from the internet cafe n pick up a book to read, u are too dumb for me to insult back, n i also suspect u are a guy who uses the name Dan, not only are u dumb but a coward too, fall back coon.

      • @James, well, i didn’t listen to the audio “YET”…i only focused on the write-up which in many cases is the same from the audio…even if they mentioned jackie, i believe she just generalized the answer for her relationship towards her colleagues…ppl like u always think nadia is envious of jackie…but the case seem to be different when u approach both of them…again writing FALSE stories before getting to know the real deal…she proved her friendliness towards jackie when both of them posed at the facelist awards this year and also at jackie’s bday party…so STOP this envy crap…it is ppl like u who always promote hate between the two

  6. SHAME on GC.if i remembered correctly it was dis same or watever who reported d issues of Nadia not gettin roles n may nt even get any nominations dis year as well as her dating d banj n a whole lot n dey re now asking her as if dey neva said it.BIG SHAME.So now,GC where did u get ur facts frm??why didnt u contact her den 4 her side of d story b4 publishing dose falsehood???n wen we say u guyz @GC HATE nadia people tink we re jst imaging tins.of course she wil not av no problem wit d media includin d gc bt it is d gc who hates her n confidence judgin frm d trend of stories dey write abt dem n am nt surprise at all cos i knw dis ebenezer guy though not in person bt we re on both members of a particular page on fb n dat dude is so rude.i remembered he even refered to a member as moronic jst 4 sharin his view wich was nt infavour of d gc wen dey reported d issue of becca n her manager.hhmmm birds of d same feather……………….shame

  7. Vincent mind u, she didnt categorically answer dat question as 2 weda gc dont like all she said was dat she has a gud working relationship wit d media.dis was a direct question wit d name of name of ghana celebrities so if u guyz has no problem wit her den she shud av given u a direct answer as in gc n not general it as i tink u need dat bucket full of water 2 swallow ur own crap.of course she is a busy person n has no time to tink evil of people lyk u tink of her.dis tryin 2 throw dust into d eyes of people by gettin close 2 n tryin 2 positive 2 her as 4 once to cleanse ur image wil doesnt change anytin.we re here watchin how tins go henceforth wit nadia n gc b4 we can b convinced


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