Top 17 GhanaCelebrities 2011 Stories That Went Viral: Check If You Missed Any…

Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

2011 has been great for GhanaCelebrities.Com in terms of posting, stories, contacts, traffic, readers’ and celebrities’ reactions. We’ve also made little tweaking here and there to our site to enhance its usage, and we have taking a lot from our readers on board (After all, we are here because of you guys though we sometime disagree on issues). For instance, we have clamped down on the unnecessary readers attack and insults by not allowing most of the abusive comments to come through as you guys have been suggesting.

Our postings for 2011 have been around 130-160 articles per month with majority of our thought provoking articles and findings going viral.

In the last 11 months, some of our articles have fetched us endless calls and emails from several Celebrities and PRs who couldn’t swallow certain substance of our writings. We have been threatened with legal suits and have had defamatory claims put against us. In all these, we have managed to survive with the untamed and fearless voice we cherish to reserve.

Below are our 2011 top 17 stories that went viral…


14th January, 2011

After a publication that a certain half Nigerian and half Ghanaian Fabric Designer “Ify” with her own company by name ‘Ada-Esi Fabrics was somehow the new chick on the block for Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo, things went disastrous.

John Dumelo denied any sexual relationship with this chick and categorically stated that, Ify was just a MERE friend. Ify furiously contacted us-GhanaCelebrities.Com and requested that the article be removed since John Dumelo can never say she was a MERE friend… Several revelations followed.

Update: Ify Seems To Say She Is Not A “Mere Friend” As John Dumelo Claims + Reader’s Mail Saying John Dumelo’s Girlfriend Is In USA & Is Not Ify


27th January 2011

Jackie Appiah’s inability to be at the GMA Founder’s Merit Awards presentation was seen by many as a boycott-a deliberate insult to her co-winners. Many said the fact that she has numerous cars meant that she felt too big to share 1 care.

Jackie Appiah Disappoint Fans As She Boycotts Founders Merit Awards Presentation! Is She Feeling Too Big To Share 1 Car With Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Okoro & Roselyn Ngissah?


17th February, 2011

The term ‘Hollywood Movie’ and its usage in Africa (that is the rampant at which Directors  & Filmmakers calling their African productions Hollywood movies) became an interesting topic of discussion after a reader sent in a mail seeking to clarify if indeed Leila Djansi’s ‘Ties That Bind’ was a Hollywood movie as being reported.

Readers’ Mail: What Is This Hollywood Stupidity I Am Reading, Are We That Retarded? Educate Me Please!

As a result of the debate and talks on this blog which cantered around calling ‘Ties That Bind’ a Hollywood movie, the director-Leila Djansi and her production company issued a press statement…

Director “Leila Djansi” & Turning Point Pictures Issue A Statement On The On-Going Debate About “Ties That Bind & Its Hollywood Image”


27th February, 2011

Things between GhanaCelebrities.Com and Nadia Buari (including her team) went over board with Nadia Buari going Gaga. She tried to shut GhanaCelebrities.Com down by contacting our website server Host, citing defamation.

We got extremely upset over things and decided to ignore her and her ‘bloody’ team by refusing to publish anything on the movie star. Her PR came running (begging) for publicity from us for Nadia Buari. (Evidence attached below)

Nadia Buari Furious with Ghanaian Blogger, Tries to Shut Site Down & Comes Back Begging For Publicity As Career Goes Down The Drain


12th March, 2011

Ghanaian Actress Nadia Buari made an appearance at the 2011 Pan-African Film Festival held inLos Angeles,Californiawhere she wore a stunning gown she claimed to be an Oscar de la Renta. However, she got exposed when GhanaCelebrities.Com investigations revealed that she was telling a “big fat lie”

Disgrace: Nadia Buari Tells A Big Fat Lie About Wearing Oscar De La Renta Gown To The 19th Annual Pan African Films In… The Truth Be Told!

Things got out of hand and in an attempt to escape a possibly law suit by her PR Firm from Oscar Dela Renta for those false media claims, the PR Firm proceeded to drop Nadia Buari as a client.

Disgrace: Nadia Buari’s PR Firm Drops Her As A Client For Her Big Fat “Oscar Dela Renta Gown” Lie…


26h March, 2011

Out of probably frustration and little knowledge on the discipline-LAW, Director Leila Djansi paraded her ignorance in the field of legal studies by threatening to to sue GhanaCelebrities.Com for a publication she did not appreciate.

After announcing that she was bringing Nia Long toGhanafor her movie ‘Ties That Bind’, she swiftly swapped the Actress for Kimberly Elise and when GC touched on this, she went jumping from one end to another claiming privacy, defamation and others.

Absolute Baloney: Leila Djansi Threatens To Sue GC In 24 Hours + Does She Think She Is The Only Learned Person In The World + What A Bully She Is…

Discussion as to how any lawsuit by Leila Djansi against GC will not succeed got the attention of a US based Nigerian Attorney-Uduak who subsequently wrote an interesting article looking at the legal issues at hand-between Leila Djansi and Chris-Vincent of GhanaCelebrities.Com. Obviously, Leila Djansi had no case…

Africa Legal Drama: Ghana’s Leila Djansi Threatens Lawsuit Against UK Based Ghanaian Celebrity Blogger, Lawyer Uduak Of Uduak Law Firm In USA Writes


5th April, 2011

After the above, Leila Djansi in an interview with GhanaCelebrities.Com announced that, she will not shoot any movie inGhanaagain partly because of the comments people leave online about her. This statement which she made during our chit chat with her got interesting responses from various industry players and African movie lovers.

Chit Chat With Leila Djansi! She Is Not Shooting Movies In Ghana Again After ‘Ties That Bind’ Partly Because Of Comments People Leave On The Internet About Her! 


8th May, 2011

A critical look was given to Nadia Buari’s style factor which had become a direct carbon copy of the international super star-Beyonce. In an interesting piece titled ‘Separated at Birth or Style Stalker: Nadia Buari & Beyonce Knowles’, we used photo evidence to analyze the fashion style of these two stars.

Separated at Birth or Style Stalker: Nadia Buari & Beyonce Knowles 


11th May, 2011

Who said conspiracies and hidden stories are not part of the Ghanaian Celebrity lifestyle? Someone tried selling me some photos of the hidden 7 or 8 year old daughter of Ghanaian Actress-Nadia Buari. The amount the person was asking for from me was not any big deal, I could peacefully have paid for it but I was not sure if I really wanted to post the photos and expose the identity of the innocent child…

Nadia Buari has over the years refused to comment on her baby issue but anyone who is very well informed in the Ghanaian Entertainment industry with enough connections might know about the fact that Nadia Buari has a beautiful young daughter….At the end of the day, our valued readers requested that, we leave the innocent child alone.

A Gist & Photos Of Nadia Buari’s Hidden Baby


7th June, 2011

Big Brother Season 6 ‘Big Brother Amplified’ came through with a lot of hype and controversy. One ofGhana’s rep-Confidence Haugen’s showcase of her big assets plus the shower hour videos and photos got readers talking…Many saw the show as lacking any moral standing. And for Confidence, Ghanaians did not go down soft on her at all.

WTF: Video Of Africa Naked Playboy Mates At Big Brother Africa Featuring Confidence Haugen From Ghana


29th June, 2011

Half Ghanaian/Half Nigerian Tv3 Presenter and Actress-Ebi Bright got more than the attention she wanted when she disclosed that expensive girls like her do not want broke ass guys. GC readers went wild questioning her expensiveness and beauty…

Photos + Half Ghanaian/Half Nigerian TV3 Presenter & Actress Ebi Bright Declares: ‘Expensive Girls Like Myself Don’t Want No Broke Ass Guy’!


3rd July, 2011

I took up a big challenge to say the obvious after a shady ‘scamming’ Miss Universe Ghana competition was held inAccra, picking Miss Yayra Negro who has no Ghanaian in her at all as the winner (She was picked to represent Ghana at Miss Universe International).

My piece and dissatisfaction with the whole pageant got the attention of GC readers.

Updated: Who The Heck Is In Charge Of Miss Universe Ghana? How Can You Tell Me ‘ Yayra Nego’ Is The Winner Of Miss Universe Ghana 2011

And as usual, some Ghanaians will never like to hear the truth. My post did not go well with the organizers of Miss UniverseGhana(INSIGNIA GROUP). Mr. William Bedzrah, the communications Director of the organisers phoned me to insult threat and abuse me. I guess that is the reward for speaking the truth IN our part of the world.

More Nonsense: William Bedzrah, Communications Director of the INSIGNIA Group,Organizers & Producers of Miss Universe Ghana Just Phoned Me To Insult, Threat + More…


16th July, 2011

An interesting subject which made headlines and garnered a lot of attention inGhana(both online and offline) this year is the issue of Homosexuality.

GhanaCelebrities.Com joined the debate with several interesting articles considering the legality of such practice inGhana, the moral placement in our Ghanaian society among other things.

A GC reader sent in a piece explaining why she is a Lesbian and will remain so. The readers’ mail went viral as other readers refused to see any sense in her practice.

Readers’ Mail: What Some Of Your GC Readers Do Not Know About Lesbianism, The Reason Why I Am One…


13th August, 2011

GhanaCelebrities.Com asked readers through a poll to pick the most beautiful Ghanaian Actress placing Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buari, Juliet Ibrahim, Ama K. Abebrese, Nana Ama McBrown, Yvonne Okoro and Joselyn Dumas as the contestants.

Guess who won the poll? Check it out below

Be Frank: Who Is The Most Beautiful…

I like Actress Yvonne Okoro, I have met her before and she seems like a cool chick with some excellent brains. However, I couldn’t let it go when the Ghana Movie Awards Organizers released a video of their trip to this year’s Cannes Film Festival with some of our Ghanaian movie stars.


4th August, 2011

In the video, Yvonne Okoro conjured this thick FAKE accent which pushed me to tackle the issue of our African celebrities and their obsession with fake foreign accents.  It was good to know that a lot of readers were disgusted by these fake accents.

Ghana Movie Awards’ Organizers Release Ghanaian Movie Stars At Cannes Film Festival Video Footage + What Is Wrong With Our Stars & Fake Accents…


21st September, 2011

Amber Rose came to Ghana by kind courtesy of VodafonaGhana. Whiles inGhana, Amber Rose made some unfortunate and unwelcoming comments aboutGhana. Amber said among other things that ‘there are no middle class people in Ghana’.

The above comment peeved a valued GC reader who sent in a readers’ mail pointing out the ignorance in Amber Rose’s comment.

Let Me Coach Amber Rose & Put Some Sense About Ghana Into Her Baldhead…Who Told Her There Are No Middle Class People In Ghana or Africa?

Vodafone, the organizers of the concert which brought Amber Rose to Ghana did not like GC’s readers’ mail on Amber Rose. Vodafone’s communications manager- Antoinette Abena Atuah contacted me to request a pull down of the article which was picked up by big American media outlets  like NecoleBitchie.Com, Clutchmagazine.Com  and several others.

Amber Rose personally did not also like the attack and the comments her visit to Ghana fetched. When she got toAmerica, she wrote a long post to address this…

Amber Rose Hits Back On All Those Ghanaians Criticizing Her, She Says She Is Also A Human Being + Look At Yourselves Before You Criticize Her…

4th October, 2011

Since we love to hear what our readers think about new ventures our Ghanaian Celebrities enter into, we considered Nadia Buari and family’s upcoming Reality TV show in a provoking piece to hear what you guys think of it.

It is interesting to mention that, few weeks ago, Nadia Buari confirmed to GhanaCelebrities.Com that, whether we like it or not, the family Reality TV show is coming on…

This is what our readers had to say about Nadia Buari and fanily reality TV Show

Video: Is Nadia Buari Thinking She Is The Next Kim Kardashian…Hell No!

Is there any post/article you really enjoyed or loved, especially debate/comments it fetched that I have not listed? I will love to read the moments you enjoyed most on here this year if not mentioned!


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