2011 Ghana Movie Awards Winners List…Kimberly Elise Wins Best Actress

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The 2nd annual Ghana Movie Awards was held last night and below are the winners …Winners are  in bold…

What do you think (photos and others to come soon)


Best Actor In A Leading Role [English Language]

Van Vicker               – Paparazzi

Madji Michel           – Somewhere In Africa

Chris Attoh              – 6 Hours To Christmas

Samuel Ofori           – Fake London Boy

Rahim Banda          – Behind The Mask


Best Actor In A Leading Role [Local Language]

Apostle John Prah               – The Holy Bible

Bill Asamoah                          – Barfour

Kwaku Manu                           – Village Champion

Ebenezer Donkor                 – God Father

Agya Koo                                 – Agenkwah

Isaac Amoako                       – Emmanuel


Best Actress In A Leading Role [English Language]

Jackie Appiah            – Reason To Kill

Joselyn Dumas          – Adams Apple 2

Kimberly Elise           –  Ties That Bind

Yvonne Okoro           – Why Marry

Omotola Jalade         – Ties That Bind

Lydia Forson              – Masquerades


Best Actress In A Leading Role [Local Language]

Vivian Jill                             – Yaw Donkor

Emelia Brobbey                  – Obi Yaa

Nana Ama McBrown        – Wunni Pannie Due

Linda Abbey                        – Agya Koo Salamatu

Portia Asare Boating        – Ama Bonsu


Best Actor In A Supporting Role [English Language]

Eddie Nartey                 – Somewhere In Africa

John Dumelo                 – Ties That Bind

Adjetey Anang              – Adams Apple 3


Majid Michel                 – Somewhere In Africa

Gavivina Tamakloe    – For Better For War

Best Actor In A Supporting Role [Local Language]

Clement Bonney                 – Ama Bonus

Joseph Osei                          – Osofo Amoako

Osei Tutu Nyamese           – Wunni Pannie Due

Akwasi Boadi                       – Emmanuel

David Asuman                    – Diawuo

Fredrick Eghan                   – Agya Koo Gbengbentus


Best Actress In A Supporting Role [English Language]

Roselyn  Ngissah                – Somewhere In Africa

Helen Asante                       – Adams Apple 3

Yvonne Nelson                   – 4 Play Reloaded

Martha Ankomah              – Bed Of Roses

Nadia Buari                          – Who Owns The City


Best Actress In A Supporting Role [Local Language]

Mercy Asiedu             – Obi Yaa

Rose Mensah               – Bu Bra Pa

Maame Serwaa           – So, So And So

Ellen Kyei Whyte       – Evil Soul

Jane Ackun                  – Otufoo


Best Picture

Bed Of Roses

Ties That Bind

Single Six

Somewhere In Africa

Adams Apple

Who Owns The City

Kofi Agenkwa



Agyaa Koo Gbengbentus


Best Directing [English Language]

Frank Rajah                                         – Somewhere In Africa

Shirley Frimpong Manso                – Adams Apple

Leila Djansi & Kevin Huie                – Ties That Bind

Pascal Amanfo                                      – Bed Of Roses

Samuel Ofori                                          – Fake London Boy


Best Directing [Local Language]

Frank Gharbin                              – Emmanuel

Nana Ama Mcbrown                 – Obi Yaa

Augustine Abbey [Idikoko]   – Agya Koo Gbengbentus

Jonas Agyemang                          – Village Champion

Samuel Nkansah                           – God Father


Best Art Direction

Kofi Agenkwa

Ties That Bind

Somewhere In Africa

Adams Apple 2

Who Owns The City

Black Man, White Brother


Best Music [Original Song]

Agya Koo Gbengbentus                           – Mframa

Fake London Boy                                       – Tiffany

Sexy Sassy Wahala [Adams Apple]     – Efya

Ties That Bind                                              – Dela & Okyeame Quophi

Paparazzi                                                        – Kobby Maxwell

Somewhere In Africa                                – Bennie Anti


Best Movie Africa Collaboration

6 Hours To Christmas


Ties That Bind

Single Six

Who Owns The City


Best Cameo Actor

Kwaku Sintim Misa [KSM]       – Adams Apple 1

Kofi Okyere Darko [KOD]        – Adams Apple 1

Abeeku Santana                          – Death After Birth

Majid Michel                                – Adams Apple 4

Okyeame Kwame                        – Ties That Bind

Kofi Adjorlolo                              – Somewhere In Africa


Best Cameo Actress

Juliet Ibrahim           – 4 Play Reloaded

Grace Nortey             – Adams Apple

Khareema Aguiar     – Ties That Bind

Lily Ameyaw              – Otuofoo


Best Story

Ties That Bind

Kofi Agenkwah

Adams Apple

Somewhere In Africa

Death After Birth



Best Editing

4 Play Reloaded

Adams Apple

Ties That Bind

Somewhere In Africa

God Father


Best Cinematography

4 Play Reloaded

Adams Apple

Ties That Bind

Bed Of Roses

Somewhere In Africa


Best Costume & Wardrobe

Osofo Amoako

Kofi Agenkwah

Ties That Bind

Adams Apple

Queens Pride


Best Make-Up

Adams Apple

Somewhere In Africa

Ties That Bind

Grave Yard

Who Owns The City


Best Visual Effects

God Father

Dirty Game

Grave Yard

Kofi Agenkwah



Best Discovery

Kwaku Manu                 – So, So And So

Mzbel                               – Single Six

Jasmine Baroudi          – Adams Apple

Ama K. Abebrese         – Ties That Bind

James Gardiner             – C.E.O.


Best Music [Original Score]

Ties That Bind

Somewhere In Africa

Adams Apple


Agya Koo Gbengbentus


Best Sound Editing & Mixing

Ties That Bind

Adams Apple

4 Play Reloaded



Best Writing Adapted Or Original Screenplay

Somwhere In Africa

Ties That Bind

Adams Apple

Ama Bonus

Who Owns The City


Best Actor Africa Collaboration

Ramsey Nouah Jnr.          – Memories Of My Heart

Desmond Elliot                    – Masquerades

Omar Oumson                      – Who Owns The City

Mike Ezuronye                    – Private Enemy

Eddie Watson                       – Single Six


Best Actress Africa Collaboration

Mercy Johnson                   – My Husband’s Funeral

Omotola Jalade                   – Ties That Bind

Ebbe Bassey                          – Ties That Bind

Tonto Dikeh                           – Private Enemy

Damilola Adegbeti               – 6 Hours To Christmas


Favourite Actor, TV

Funnyface Benson in ‘Chokor Trotro

Favourite TV Series

Chorkor Trotro

Favourite Actress-Movie

Martha Ankomah

Favourite Actor-Movie

Prince David Osei

Lifetime Achievement Award

Olu Jacobs

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. good to see some new names wining this time… though I still think it’s too much with Majid wining every time. (I’m not a “big” fan of Chris Attoh) but he play his part in 6hr to Christmas very well. You guys makes it looks like there are no other talents in Ghana but Majid! I come to think how he’s feeling winning every year!!!! Oh well… this is Africa!!!!

    Congrats to all the other winers!

    1. @Amoah, I know right.Frank Artus is a very good actor and am surprised he isnt in the list.You are right thou, Chris Attoh did a good job in 6 hours to xmas.

      1. @Adjoa Nbaaso), plssssssssssssssssssssss tell me mzbel didnt win any ward,infact u are joking right?say WHAT??u mean for the role she played in that stupid single six.she didnt even act rite.nd wat about yvonne okoro?infact i cant comment any further.

      2. @Adjoa Nbaaso), WHAT…!!!! miss the part on the list. What did mzbel do in single six? She didn’t even said much in the movie! now I know this award is a joke! LOL @ inchristalone comment!!!

  2. I thank the Almighty God for this properous event. By the way a big appreciation goes to the GHANA MOVIE INDUSTRY for this great occasion to be held on this x’mas.

    1. @Kumi, who said agya koo was cheated, have you seen any of kwaku maun’s movies. just check the guy out and you will know agya koo was not cheated.

  3. Are Adams Apples and Ties That Bind the only movies in Ghana? Stupid awards and Nadia will be forcefully awarded.

    How can an America be Ghana’s Best Actress? Stupid thinking

    1. @James,Kimberly who? I am trying to figure out who that one is. She is Ameriko? Of course if she has been actively involved in the Gh movie industry then no problem.. 

  4. So you want to tell me that Majid did well than Adjetey Anang comparing Somewhere In Africa to Adams Apples for supporting role?

    This to me is like another biased award in Ghana, Friends and tribe people rewarding each other

    1. @TiffanyBabe, I  am hoping that is (not) the case. A person’s tribe should not be the measuring stick for the movie Awards. If that is what’s going on then it’s really sickening. 

  5. I see no problem with Kimberly Elise winning the award. She was involved in a Ghanaian production. Those are the rules. Such hypocrisy, and these are the same Ghanaians who want to win Oscars. kmt.

    1. @baaba, dun pull tht oscar shit on us..u saw this on leila’s wall abt Ghanaian wanting to win awards..how many times has even a black person (i mean an african american) won the best actor/actress in oscar..This is Ghana Movie Awards and so our citizen should have taken it. I mean they are also good. I hope u watch ties that bind and see tht Omotola did way better than Kimberly so even if they were not going to give to a Ghanaian at least Omotola shd have taken it as well..The organizers are just scared of Leila’s bullshit attitude. They should def come again.

      1. @Adwoa Benewaa,Fact that this is Ghana movie awards does not mean only a citizen shd win it.Unless our movies are made for only people in Ghana.Where from this thinking??..African Americans have won the Oscars many times,and as for them they are American citizens so that was even an illogical point you raised.Foreigners have been winning Oscars too,so long as their movies are good.Slumdog Millionaire comes to mind…they got so many nominations and wins at the Oscars and other competitions.
        And then you turn around and say Omotola did better than Kimberley so she cud have won..is Omotola Ghanaian?? NO!!..So what kind of stupid argument is this?? a Ghanaian should win not Kimberley..but Omotola(who is Nigerian) shd have won…smh!..When u stop applying common sense in ur thinking, then u shd knw u are hating!! pure and simple!.

        1. @ihatestupidpeople, hahahaha. this comment is definitely by Leila Dzansi herself. lol. why are people so aggreseive here? pls ceasefire everyone. we are talking entertainment, not war

          1. @Fii,Unless Leila has some magical powers to be in 2 places at the same time, then i dnt see how that is possible…lol

        2. @ihatestupidpeople, u shd read my comment again..u were in a haste to respond so u fail to apply common sense again to my comment..i said even if there were not going to give it a Ghanaian, they cud have given it to Omotola cos she did way better than Kim in the movie..I watched the movie during the toronto premiere n it was obvious omotola n bassey performed splendid..Kim is a fine actress but she wasnt over the top in ties tht bind..anyway, dun b aggressive in reacting to ppl cos u end up eating ur own puke.

          1. @Adwoa Benewaa,weren’t u the one who said Kim didnt deserve to win cos she is not a Ghanaian citizen..Here let me quote you “This is Ghana Movie Awards and so our citizen should have taken it.”. So once again what is the logic in saying Omotola shd win, when u were the one who said a Ghanaian citizen shd win….smh!. And u dare talk about common sense..hehehehe..how ironic.When it comes to who acted best, that is ur personal opinion and u can stick to it,, it is ur problem, i wasn’t addressing that..Maybe u shd go and read ur statement again.Now who is lacking common sense here??..u dnt even remember what u said?..smh!

          2. @ihatestupidpeople, u know wht, somethings are better left unsaid cos u clearly lack understanding or u cant read wht i wrote..I said even if u wont give it to a Ghanaian then Omotola was more deserving than Kim..U shd go back to my first comment n read..i started off by saying tht they shd have given it to a citizen of our country since it was a Ghana Movie Award then veered off to say even if they were not going to give it to a ghanaian then Omosexy shd have won since she did way better Kim..anyway, am entitled to air my views and if u dont agree just air urs n dun sit behind ur computer n insult..

  6. fuck this Awards, the most stupidly organized award. the presenter was foolish, the organizers were useless and the awards have no value and it is shit. this should be called ghana wacko movie awards 2011. These organizers are confused and do not know what they are up to. 

    1. @Stacy,The other major movie awards all began from somewhere. Let’s say this is a terrible start but just maybe.. someday they can make it right.

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhh hoooooooooooooooooo.adzen? how can a movie that has not been premiered win an award. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. hmm! this isn’t it right. Adams apple should have won more. how do u guys choice who wins and who doesn’t. public votes doesn’t count,does it? u guys are bias. this is bulshit, crap.

  8. nyc work GMA, i enjoyed myself. Just bcost someone u like didn’t win is not an opportunity to insult the organizers. Liela is a great woman and so is shiley(wrong name spelling i suppose). Ties that bind was screened in toronto and premiered in Nigeria at the afriff, so kimberly hving acted a ghana movie can win a ghana award. I enjoyed the show, just that i missed omotola’s presence. Thumbs up the ladies and to Ama, Nana,yvonne nelson and okoro,jackie appiah, martha, and joke silva, u ladies rocked those gowns. Thumbs up the guys, the presenters and GMA AND CINE AFRIK.

  9. Well I had to watch dis last show nyte online & I must confess the organisation was quite a mess.The mc’s were disappointing wid their unfunny & xpensive “jokes” and der were some problems wid the technical aspect. Nana Boro didn’t really impress me wid his performance.I guess most of the artistes wer @ Sarkodie’s show so cldn’t turn up for dis one.I wish Chris Attoh & Adjetey Annan had won the best actor the best supporting actor categories respectively but 4rm wat I heard it seems Majid was excellent in the Somewhere in Africa so I’ve no problem wid dat.One of the highlights of da nyt was Kyeiwaa wid her funny remarks & dance.I lked how Olu Jacobs was honoured 2geda wid his family.It The disaster 4 da nyt was dat “comedian” who was booed off stage.Was dat supposed 2 be comedy?I saw how furious Kofi Adjololo was wen dat supposed comedian said something abt him.I was happy 4 Martha Ankomah & Kwaku Manu 4 their awards though.They deserved it.Kudos 2 all the winners.Majid,Nadia,Martha Ankomah,Kofi Adjololo,Prince David Osei,Grace Nortey,Agya Koo,Wayoosi,Vivian Jill,Kyeiwaa,Kwaku Manu,Shirley,Leila,Ramsey Nouah,Omotola,Kimberly Elise,Olu Jacobs etc.

    1. @Love, cosign. horrible movie with little coherence. The fight scenes lookeed more like a choreographed routine be x-factor contestants.

  10. Show was far better last year. If any of the organisers are reading these comments they must know that the show is loosing it’s credibility and very fast. I am trying to understand how they can give a Nigerian actor a life time achievers award at Ghana Movie Awards ceremony when our Kwaw Ansah’s, George Williams, Kofi Middleton Mends, Grace Norteys have not been shown any such recognition? The difference between Ghanaians and Nigerians is the latter is very proud of their own. A Nigerian movie Awards will never award a Ghanaian performer for a life time achievement award? olu Jacobs is a fine actor but so is Rama Brew who has done a lot for our industry. seriously How long are we going to praIse mediocrity, such bogus, unprofessional ways of doing things? When are going to learn? We are a joke? I can’t believe David Dontoh chairs such stupidity. People let’s task these people to do the right thing? It’s a terrible shame! Really.

    1. @Atua,i agree with you how can u give lifetime achievement award to sumone else from another country..this has definately got to change the whole crew behind this organization needs to be change

  11. Nkwasia award by nkwasiafo. The award organizers and their so called jury are all ignorant with no sense in how to organize an award. I am more than sure that another and proper movie awards will be initiated soon by some people cos i have heard they are already putting force together. we need a more credible award scheme and not this crap

  12. Jackie you are our Best in our Soul and Heart no one can take it from you. America Actress as Ghanian Best Actress shame. This shuold be called Fred Award 

  13. If you want to non Ghanaians them give your award a different name may be the African Oscars or Freds Oscars not GMA awards. God will never forgive for trying to distroy industry.  what a stupit award 

  14. Jackie Appiah is Ghana Best Actress we know her movie Reason to  kill and Dealth After Birth she deseave the bether awards than Freds award. Fred heats the movie industry. Hollywood actress wins Best Ghanaian Actress. Hahahahahaha 

  15. Ghanians should learn to appreciate what we have. we have a beautiful growing industry, Fred don’t come and destroy it. Becouse you are a very confused and bad person who like to  insult Ghana thatywe do not have any actress.

    1. @Doc, true… it’s a terrible start but someday the movie awards will get better and possibly have more credibility and significance. 

  16. i’m so glad that Kweku Manu and some new faces won however Joselyn Dumas should have won the best actress award as she delivered and played her role very well in Adams apple. furthermore the life time achievements should have gone to a Ghanaian

  17. I wanted to submit a readers mail but I am sure any positive submitted about Lela Djansi to this website will not be published.
    I don’t know why Chris Vincent hates this young dynamic woman so much. The sad part of the story is that, lela did never say she will sue Ghana celebrities. Leila said in the letter chris republished last week that she will hand him over to her barristers. Which could mean a lot of things. I’m sure if she had wanted to say I will sue you, she’d have said it outrightly. To continue, sueing GC is nothing difficult. Winning the case is an entirely different story on its own. You go to the address where GC is registered and you file a law suit in that court. It takes money and experiences lawyers which I am sure Ms. Djansi more than has.
    On the issue of her leaving Ghana. I think a lot of ignorance has been applied to that statement. A person can film movies anywhere. Ghana is very expensive. I live in the Uk and when I come to Ghana, I am always broke as I am now. So if she feels she has access to an easier production in another place, what is wrong if she goes there? Afterall, its not as if Ghanaians like her so why should she stay? people go anywhere to make movies. most hollywood movies are filmed in Toronto or London because of logistics. watch any hollywood film and see the end credits, you will see the shooting location.

    Lastly, people are only complaining about the awards because Leila topped the night. Its obvious everyone is getting to know that as Shirley is Tyler Perry or a lower class, Leila can be likened to the major names in Hollywood because she makes such quality work. I watched the awards on cineafrik and as much it was a bit boring, it is something worth commending. Ghana movie awards does not mean awards for only Ghanaians. This is the same problem Leila is facing. Ghanaians don’t like to share. Leila has been making movies in Ghana long since. Her bio refers to her making her first movie in Ghana at 19. Fred is a smart guy who has a bigger vision for the award. He wants it to embrace the whole world. And to the people who don’t read or do research, the AMAA awards last year gave King Ampaw, a Ghanaian a lifetime achievement award. Ghana movie awards is not mearnt to award Ghanaians only. Grow with the system. Ghanaians really need to grow up.
    Come December 30th, I will be at the national theater to support a fellow woman who is putting Africa on the map and telling stories that give women a voice. Kudos Leila. May the good lord guide your steps.

    1. @Adelaide,Thank You!. Atleast not everyone is as ungrateful and hateful as most of the people commenting here.I for one cannot understand the negativity sorrounding her.Is it because she is one of the best at what she does or she doesn’t tolerate the nonsense that Ghanaians will DEFINITELY dish out to anyone trying to do sth positive?.Or is it because her thinking is different?..Maybe it could be because she is a woman..smh!.I personally think many people are insecure and she makes them aware of the insecurity and shortcomings,not by pointing it out,but by being herself and excelling.Misery loves company.Shooting elsewhere was such a smart idea that i was appalled by some of the comments I read.Really??..People disappoint me sometimes, but that is what separate the doers from the talkers/dreamers.She, Shirley,etc. have been the best thing to happen to our movie industry in a while.We really need to grow up and stop hating on people.Ofcourse we cannot agree with everyone or what they say or do, but constructive criticism is sth that is well thought out and not coming from a place of hate or anger.It has logic and it can be spotted for what it is.When people come here and make contradictory illogical remarks as well as personal insults directed at her, it makes me wonder just what kind of self-destructive, hateful and “stupid” people we have…..I pray for God’s blessing for her too.

      1. @ihatestupidpeople, Let me tell you this, leila is the most unsecured person i have ever come across. she is unsecured about her personality and looks even, when it comes to intelligence, we know she is not smart. even from the way she talks, it is obvious she lacks smartness so get your dirty stinking ass of of this space with your leila crap. the bitch is nothing more than an unsecured girl.

        everyone who has dealt with her know how insecure she is as a person. in fact that is why she cant even have a man for herself. how does she satisfy herself apart from sticking her fingers and dildo’s into her insecure self every night. the bitch is no body and we all know it.

        another ewe girl awarded by ewe man fred so what is the big deal here?

        1. @Jojo,smh..Oh hoh!!..Jojo u are a pathetic human being!!.I am sure u haven’t even seen her before, u see what I was talking about?..Do you even have to go this low to insult her looks and her body,relationship, how she has sex.I really do feel sorry for you, must be hard walking around with all that hate in your body.It’s poison you know…it will kill you slowly.If you are a man(Jojo), then you are a sad excuse for one, to be throwing words around at a woman like that..gay ass n*gga..Go find therapy for whoever/whatever made you this bitter, meanwhile while you hate,she is doing her job and soaring higher, making money whiles you remain broke..
          It is you that feel the need to try and degrade someone whiles hiding behind your computer, you are the nobody!.Your life must really suck..idiot!.You are a walking bowel movement in human form…get a life cos u obviously don’t have one.

    2. @Adelaide, I wasted by min reading all this long crap you wrote and none makes any sense. Are we talking about an award or some other shit? Ah nkwasiasem ara kwa

      1. @Jojo,See how angrily you reacted, that means u knw everything said was true and  it is “poking” you big time…goat!.

    3. @Adelaide, and here we go with the worst of these go, go funs. Couldn’t u hv made ur point without throwing insults at another woman who is obviously doing great work for the industry as well? My problem with people like you is you complain about the same rubbish you dish out. It’s possible to have many more great film makers in this industry. We are proud of these two women. They may tell different stories but that’s why it’s from a point of view. If All told the same stories  then what variety are we going to get? And point of correction the Amaa’s is an African movie awards so it makes sense to award king am paw, this is the the Ghana move awards….. Lifetime achievement award going to somebody who has contributed to our industry….. 

  18. The problem with us Ghanaians is that we like to support one person at a time. When Van Vicker was on top, some used to give him all the attention whilst Majid remained in his shadows playing supporting roles.Now that Majid is making waves, it appears that he’s also getting all the shine. We have to learn to appreciate all our ”stars”, how do we expect them to go international if we are not supporting them locally?Even if they do, do you think they would want to look back at where they started if they make it to the top?We have numerous talents in Ghana, we only have to open our eyes and learn to see the good in everyone. If you are getting all the attention because of your looks then you should be proud of ”yourself” and not your works.Fred is only trying to help the industry, it’s not his duty to start an awards ceremony that is the responsibility of ”FIPAG” or whatever.I f we want to make it outside the shores of Ghana lets produce versatile actors and actresses.

    1. @naa asheley, Very well spoken my dear.You make lots of sense.Its more like a tradition in that movie industry.There are so many young people out there who have lots to give to the country but since we are use to see difference..One of the reason why I like to watch Shirley’s movie is because She always has some new faces in there although, I realised Chris Attoh is always the trademark.lol

  19. @watzup, next tyme, open ur eyes wide enaf to notice Dela spelt ‘ winning wrongli ‘Mr or Ms English teacher’…….maybe u kan find a lot more here…..to kor3kt……mtchwewwwwwwwwww

  20. It seems I have been late today but after reading most of these comments, it seems the people are dissatisfied with the awards except as usual the leila fanatics who will go every length to defend her. 

    What the people are saying must be considered if the organizers want the award scheme to be respect and taken serious

  21. @ jojo you are very ignorant.and so shall you remain.i bet you rubb your unsecure dick evry night too.grow up man.i am a guy and so dissapointed in how you soeak.be ready to research and learn.if you continue this way you will find your self markng time at one place.Ghanains show a lot of ignorance thinking they know all.just shup up or go do reseach before you speak.what do you guys use the fons you have for?all the big fons.fashion i guess to the extent that you dont even google stuff to be sure of so your submissons are riht on point.

  22. i am a Nigerian and i think ghanians suck, i watched that award and it was better than most of the Nigerian awards. But instead of praising urself and hoping 4 the best come 2012, u r here hating simply bcos ur best actors,actresses or directors were not awarded. The two ladies are hardworking, but the best and only the best must be awarded. Meanwhile sorry but i think jackie isn’t an over the top actress but she is beautiful and everyone who won the GMA deserved it.

  23. Hmmm, one question I will ask myself is so if someone asks the movie lovers in Ghana anything about ties that bind, can they say? becos they have not seen it yet it won a lot of awards. if the awards is only meant for the jury and the people involved, then they should hold it in their bed rooms and leave the public out of interest.

    Everyday you people will compare this to oscars and say yeah at oscars movies were not released to public but was nominated and won awards. stupid analogy, ask yourself how many times oscar has done that?

    Yet 2 years of doing this award and you guys do iit everytime. People in Ghana wanna be oscar people now right? This is childish, you look at things from afar and you dont even as why oscars have not repeated this again and you people are repeating it. this award is standing on one legs now, ready to fall down big time

  24. how many people have seen all the movies that were nominated.for God sake ets be real.i dont htink most peopl writing on this page can boast of seeing all the movies.Majeed won bes actor for somewhere in arica.has it been shown here?so why is everyone oe talking about sinking sands.lets support and stop the hating.and please go do research befroe you put you ignorance [email protected] jane and oojo

  25. i was quiet disapointed.esp with the mc nath attoh,makin unfunny n annoyin comments like mzbel givin someone a lap dance n makin fun of the comments 4rm the local actors. The music was bad n i couldn’t believe such a wack comedy display. The main person who made ma nyt was funny face.

  26. The award Committe must be very stupid or they don’t have any idea about movies or the arts. Can someone tell me why MAJID MICHEL is nominated for best actor in a leading role and best actor in a supporting role for the same movie-somewhere in africa. You cannot be nominated for a lead role and supporting in the same movie, it’s impossible, you either one or the other.

    1. @The_legend, Thank you for your comment!!! My Boyfriend works in film productions in mostly Europe and some times outside of EU and when I told him about this he was LOL so much!!! You are ether the best in one or the other for a different award. …. but for the same award… hmmm!!!