‘Essien Is A Loser’ Says Funny Face After A Peck From Nadia Buari At The Nite Of 1013 Laughs & Music!


Funny Face as a comedian has improved. His improvement has been a speedy one considering the fact that, it took him only two years to establish himself for mainstream success.

People who saw him when he started will attest to the fact that, indeed Funny Face has proved himself and is currently unmatched.

Anyone who has been part of the ‘Nite of Laughs & Music’ since its inception many years ago would concur with me that Nigerian comedians always rule the night. Most of the jokes they crack are jokes that we have heard over and over again but how they deliver it or go about it makes the difference. The delivery is of much importance to them.

After a Nigerian comedian has crack a joke, if you are not careful you will reel in laughter before you will come to the realisation that, actually you have heard that joke before but then they [comedian] had achieved the reason why they were flown from Nigeria to Ghana.

There is also one thing that makes Nigerian comedians the toast of everyone. It is their unique way of playing around things around us [you and I] without noticing it. They joke about every day events to make us laugh.

Funny Face’s phenomenal rise is noticeable by everyone. At least I know he’s not one of the Ghanaian comedians who read 100 pages books before a show. Funny has resulted in using people he sees to make people laugh like he did few days ago at the ‘1013 Laughs and Music’.

I was one of the patrons who thought Funny was spontaneous on the night yet he managed to get everyone laughing at his utterances. For instance after noticing the presence of actress Nadia Buari, he started talking and professing his love for her. He blew a kiss to her and she reciprocated.

“Nadia did you just do that?” asked Funny Face. Nadia answered in affirmative. In excitement Funny Face fainted drawing laughter, clapping and cheers from the patrons. At this venture, it appears his ‘fooling’ seems to have taken a toll on the patrons as people reeled in loud laughter.

After being helped on his feet by his co-MC, Funny then asked Nadia to make his night a memorable one with a real kiss. People were still reeling in laughter as the latter pretended not to have heard that request. Funny was then compelled to ask for help from the patrons. He asked them to shout ‘Nadia Nadia’ to force her to succumb to his request.

Like a joke, the patrons gave in to his request. Nadia was obliged, got up from her seat, hugged and pecked him. He shouted “Nadia don’t mind [Michael] Essien, he is a loser”. The patrons shouted ‘Oh’ followed by wild laughter. Interestingly, it appeared he was blasting Essien for his failed relationship with Nadia.

In a nutshell, Funny Face was superb on the night. Nigerian contingent of Ajebo, Funny Bone, Buchi, Elenu and Seyi Law were outstanding on the night as they dished out rib-cracking jokes that had the patrons reeling in laughter.

Gospel group, No Tribe, Okyeame Kwame, Becca and Kaki entertained the patrons with their music.

Nadia Buari & Essien Those Days
Nadia Buari & Essien Those Days


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9 thoughts on “‘Essien Is A Loser’ Says Funny Face After A Peck From Nadia Buari At The Nite Of 1013 Laughs & Music!”

  1. Why is it that people can not forget about Nadia & Essien, why is it still the big talk about in Ghana celeb news? I’m asking is Essien the only guy the above lady have dated?

  2. Habahahaha leave my Micheal alone coz Nadia is nt in Essien’s CLASS nawn!lolz.Up blues joor.Essien’s girl is 1 in a million,didn’t u guys see her?wen chelsea played MAN U?i dey laugh die,abi na nadia dey by force.lolz.


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