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Fire Stone: Another Tema Rapper Ready For Mainstream Success + His Single ‘Golden Girl’ Featuring Castro!


By now Ghanaians have come to the realisation that, Tema is a hub for musical talent. It is a place where dreams of upcoming musicians are nursed for a smooth kick-off to stardom.

Fire Stone is the next artiste ready for mainstream success. He was one of the few guys who  slept in studios to get his act right. Like any other upcoming artiste, he says “Fire Stone is simply talented with music. God’s gifted.”

He is a budding hip life/dance hall artiste who hails from Adukrong Akuapem in the Eastern Region. Recollecting how his love for music started, he said “at the age of 12 years, I realised that music is part of me. I’m talented with music but then those times I didn’t know how to come out with my own music. But then when I hear music, I try to learn it and try to sing it and be like the musician.”

It appears that many established and upcoming musicians have something in common. They all seem to have started doing music at their various churches.

At that tender age, Fire Stone made it a point to go to church, “I was playing drums at church.” For him he goes to church because he got the opportunity to play the church drums during church service.

When I listened to his songs, I thought he was a Nigerian export because of his trade mark and voice which sound so much like a Nigerian. With words like “My name na fire, na this one no be Timaya, wey i dey come from Ghana, a go dey sing am nicer”, what do you expect?

It is amazing why a full Ghanaian will try to sing like a Nigeria but after my interaction with him, it became very obvious that, that was his voice. All of his songs have the above line which will make people question his originality when he gets to mainstream success.

Asked why he sings like a Nigerian. He said “Sometimes I don’t normally do it deliberately, it comes by itself. I’m not a Nigerian but anytime I try to do something concerning music, it comes by itself.”

Fire Stone is into Hip Life, Reggae, Dance and rap. He hopes to take his music far. His exposure party is still in its planning stages but already he has recorded some interesting tracks with the likes of Keche, Castro, Yaa Pono, Ofori Amponsah among others. He has also performed at numerous shows especially the TV3/Tigo Festival Trains.

Fire Stone is being managed and groomed by Ayisha Modi. Download his track with Castro and his Afrafra Mix.



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