My Sincere Thoughts On Fashion 101 On TV3, Get Your Coordination & Fundamentals Right…

Ripping off a TV show which is successful elsewhere in the world happens a lot in Ghana. In fact, it happens even in developed countries like UK. However, when it comes to Ghana, we even get copying wrong. If we cannot be master architects, does it mean we cannot also be good photocopiers?
I have had the time to watch the new much talked about fashion show-Fashion101 which airs on Tv3 on Saturdays @ 8:30am and to be frank, I am not impressed with how poorly the show pays attention to crucial ‘comparison’ tenets.
To compare anything in this world, the fundamental principle is to compare LIKE to LIKE. This does not mean you cannot compare two distinctive attires, what it means is that, you have to get the fountain-head right…
By the above, I mean, the showing is getting things totally wrong by comparing various outfits of celebrities’ when these celebrities attended separate unrelated occasions/events.
I say ‘comparing’ because after groundlessly (I will come back to why I say groundless) chastising the fashion sense of the celebrities they randomly pick, they choose who’s the best and worst of the day…
How on earth can you compare a celebrity dressed for a movie premiere to one who was dressed for her neighbourhood random stroll? It is a comparison because at the end of it all, you choose one as the best and another as the worst.
To get comparison right, certain factors must be equivalent and in this sense, the occasion/event must be the same or closely related.
On the show last week, the fashion sense of Efya was considered by comparing a picture of her with photos of people like Jackie Appiah (at a movie premiere). This is fundamentally wrong, Efya was at a birthday party in Kumasi and as such you cannot on any term compare her outfit to what others wore for a movie premiere and then proceed to judge one as worst and the other as best. This is suicidal!
I am not in any way suggesting that one cannot talk about the fashion sense of people at different events concurrently, but all I am saying is, you have to stop the ‘best of the day’ and the ‘worst of the day’ if you are not comparing these people under the same shelter. How do you justify comparing what I wore to a funeral and what he wore to a party and then proceed to choose the best?
What I have also realized so far with the show is, the panel members and I will cite ‘Chester’ as a prototype continues to groundlessly chastise the fashion sense of celebrities.
You do not simply say, I do not like the dress, it is rubbish and I will give her 1. Why don’t you like it? What could the person have done to make it right?
If panel members are not being analytical and continue to groundlessly pour out their thoughts by simply saying, the dress is rubbish, then soon people will begin to think that submissions on the show are made based on like/hate and not on any fundamental fashion principles. This is where the show will lose all its smart viewers.
If you don’t like something, you say why you don’t like it. If you like something, you say why you like it. I hope Sandra and her team will get their show together or they should simple take it off TV and spare us the groundless talks.
So far, I will give the show 4/10 and the above are my reasons. The fundamentals got to be right baby!
If you have also watched the show and you have made any observation, you can chip it in…


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0 thoughts on “My Sincere Thoughts On Fashion 101 On TV3, Get Your Coordination & Fundamentals Right…”

  1. The problem with Ghanaians is that they dont like to pay attention and learn well. I watched the show today and I  think choosing who is right and wrong at the end of all the talks is not good because all the celebrities went to different places at different times. also the pictures they use are too old and it is quite a bit boring

    • Just look at the picture above why is yvonne nelson seated there? Because she knows nothing about fashion. Renne Q is ok I think she dresses alright. 

    • Yvonne be seated there beecause she knows nothing about fashion. look at what she wore to john show it was really poor. it looks like these guys are confused.

      • @gina, agree with you guys, yvonne thinks its about height and for that reason puts on any rubbish she sees in her wardrobe. she carries the same handbag to every event. grow up yvonne and to the host get compitent people to judge not wayward people like yvonne .

    • I would like to know why Nelson is seated there? I am confused.I hope nelson isn’t part of the panel. wondering what a blind man would be doing leading the crowd.

  2. this is a waste of air time honestly cuz dey only like and dislike one outfit or de critics are pple who no de do’s and don’ts what is in and out of vogue.dress for a particular event,knowing de fabric suitable,how to accessorize and a whole lot of entails alot so the host should enlighten herself much i don’t think she even knows what fashion critic is all about.

    • @rita woode, Yeah you are right, it looks like some chick who has managed to get some money to produce a tv show and pushing it to our neck by force, can’t ghanaians be creative and start something on their own than copy E! fashion police word to word?

      • @Stacy, Oh, wow exactly my thought.She just got the necessary links and bump, She has started a show about fashion.Connection is the theme for the day.

    • They need people like ivana, kofi ansah,MKOGH and not the dumb ass queen Yvonne because she always dresses one way she likes wearing short dresses to show her scar crow legs. and we are tired of that. she should be the first person to be bashed on the show.

  3. As a stylist and creative consultant, the first thing that screams out to me is a lack of thorough research, vision and technical know how.
    All the above are crucial in creating a TV show like this, particularly when rooted around fashion & style.
    We need to get to a point where we are unsatisfied with the mediocre.
    Nana Konado in her comment made a valid point, they do need a panel of profiles who know what they are talking about.
    More importantly as pointed out in the article, the very premise of the show is based on comparison but based on what context?
    Gloss matters but without thoroughly built substance we let ourselves down.

  4. hehehe just read her lil profile was a former miss Gh runner up,owns a boutique,seen as a fashionta by her folks.omg dat doesn’t mean she noes fashion at it peak Gh ladies of late are funny den most of us wil run a show as such.dont hav any problem with de show bt de panelist and de host are not in de best position to …i agree on kofi ansah and ivanna and am sure doz captured wif de supozd ashion flaws will not be offended cuz it is cumn from de ryt ppl nd may even contact dem 4 fashion advice,dese pple hav been in de bizness 4 a long tym nd well fed on “fashion”.criticism cumn 4rm yvonne is like a blind man telln a fellow blind man kant u see.when did she stop wearing dos plastic cups bangles nd flora hair piece.efya had taste way b4 sum of dese stars,cum on! not hating dou…

  5. i think most Ghanaians enjoy uncalled for criticisms.we must learn to appreciate ourselves,that way we will know we must not just not write anything that will dampen other ppl’s emotions.lets be matured for once and know our celebrities are also humans not non-living things.


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