*UPDATED*: Yvonne Nelson In Big Trouble As Louis Vuitton Says Celebrities Abusing Their Brands Will Be Sued…

Louis Vuitton may not know about the existence of Yvonne Nelson but folks like me will give her out and so it is better we warn celebrities like her about how pissed Louis Vuitton seems to be…
Luxury brand Louis Vuitton says, it will not hesitate to sue any ‘goddam’ person including cheap celebrities like Yvonne Nelson who misuses their brand.
Already, Louis Vuitton’s legal department has filed lawsuits against big corporations such as Hyundai-for infringing on its brand in a car commercial and Warner Brothers-for using a fake bag in the movie Hangover 2.
Louis Vuitton is now watching celebrities such as Yvonne Nelson championing the streets of developing nations with fake Louis Vuitton monogram products…
And it is so easy, you can spot them even from FAR…LOL






 And she even gives some of the LV Bags FREE to her friends…LOL

And then on 7th January,2012, she tweeted the photos below (She is selling some in her shop too) So you still think these bags are real?


If you care to know, this is how serious Louis Vuitton is taking things…They are not sparing any person. This week, Justin Bieber, 18 was spotted wearing a  jacket at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that caught the eye of  many fashionistas (photo below). All  thought the jacket was custom made by the iconic brand.
But Louis Vuitton’s  corporate office has mentioned that “The jacket Bieber is wearing is a cheap knockoff of the Louis Vuitton brand.”  They further stated that the red LEVI’s tag on the jacket pocket as proof that the jacket is a counterfeit.
This is what LV’s rep stated “Anything unauthentic, whether worn by a famous individual or not, is seriously frowned upon.”
Even if millionaire Bieber is being kicked to the gutters by LV, how much the likes of Yvonne Nelson…When we reported on the Oscar Dela Renta replica being rocked by Nadia Buari, you guyz thought we were making noise…I guess you saw what happened later!

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