Yvonne Okoro Agrees With Me That The Movie Title ‘3Some’ Is Some How Demeaning But Says They Had Little Power Over Choice Of Title….

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Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro

As I stated in my previous post on the movie ‘3Some’, any right thinking individual will have a prima facie demeaning reaction when a movie titled ‘3Some’ is put before them.
I can’t believe any of you can boldly say to your parents, Mum and Dad, let’s go and watch the new movie called ‘3Some’ without having to think twice or being somehow seen as a psychopath…
It is this first fear, attack and humiliation such titles on African movies bring that I refuse to accept. These titles continue to make our movies unfriendly and difficult to boldly hold them in our hands and walk down the street…There are several Ghanaian movie trailers and posters you can’t simply watch in public because you do not know what scene or image will pop up. I have been a victim of this before.
I guess I was not wrong after all…One of the lead Actresses in the movie-Yvonne Okoro after having put rational thought into this has somehow agreed with me by tweeting that, if they had a choice over the title, they would have NOT gone for ‘3Some’.
Her tweet today extensively implies that she shares my sentiments. But as an Actress looking to make some bucks and also stay relevant in a sort of divine North Korea movie industry where producers and directors are dictators with overwhelming power to ban, they had no choice than to shut up and act…
This is what I fear most, the fact that these Actresses have no choice or right to even attempt to share how they feel about certain titles without being gangbanged into exile…
Not that they should have any right as to what a movie title should be but then in an industry like ours where producers and directors are all time ready to exploit these Actors and movie lovers with stupid scenes and titles, choice should be necessary….
Check out Yvonne  Okoro’s tweet below…


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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