Photos: Menaye Donkor & Ama K Abebrese On Diva Show…Looking FAB!

Over the weekend, Menaye Donkor-Mrs Sulley Muntari and her cousin-Ama K. Abebrese made a glam appearance on TV3’s Diva Show…You know what, the Menaye’s hair-do is on POINT.
She seems to be have lost a bit of weight-in a good way…It makes her look more sexy! Football was on the table.



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      1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,
        not really, it just looks odd, i dont know if its the new look thats making her nose look that way or if she did a nose job

  1. chris paa,nipa afon sei wose she looks she( menaye) pregnant or sulley has started giving her problems?because menaye is not dat fat to loose wait intentionally,whatever it is i wish her luck

  2. chris paa nipa afon sei wose she looks fab,is sge(menaye) pregnant or de husband (sulley) is giving her problems?because she wasnt dat fat to loose wait intentionally like dat. whatever de case is i wish her the best of luck.

  3. Yep gorgeous…though I’m thinking she has weave in her hair it don’t look natural its too big for her small frame! Though saying that the colour of the hair suits her.¬†

  4. what do you mean her hair looks on point? that WIG is SHOCKING. Too much volume. Her make-up is cool but the wig is horrible, That’s a 1960s wig. She looks like one of those olden day singers like Diana Ross. I know she has got really short hair but that wig is just soooo over the top unnatural looking.

  5. I guess sulley has good taste after all, her ring is the biz, am wondering how many carats? Menaye wig/weave is giving me nightmares, not a good look.