Jeremie Of YFM Says She Is Still A Virgin & That She Got Her 'FAKE' Accent From Attending Morning Star School!

If you know Jeremie, then you will surely have issues with the way she throws out that fake accent. On radio, it even gets worse.
There is a rumour that when America rapper Fabolous came to Ghana and she was interviewing him on YFM, it got dramatic and embarrassing when Fabolous could not hear anything she was saying as a result of her fake accent. By the end of the interview, Fabolous had said…Pardon me…Pardon me…like 50 times… I used the word rumour because I did not listen to that interview but knowing how Jeremie fakes it, I think I believe it.

Over the weekend on Delay’s show, Jeremie, 27, revealed that she is still a virgin as she has never had any sexual intercourse before… That is no big news since by default that is what a Ghanaian woman is supposed to do until she is married.
My issue is how she tried to justify her FAKE accent, saying it was real and flows naturally. As to where she adopted or gained that accent from, she said… “No I don’t pretend, I don’t fake it and I don’t rehearse it. When I seat behind the console, I flow naturally.”
She continued “I attended Morning Star and that was where I started school. So from the basic level, I was already speaking good English. Then I continued to Aburi Girls and then I travelled outside the country.
I went to France but I attended an international school there, Lycee George Clemenceau, so though the school was in France, our course content was in English so I was speaking English and that was where I picked it up,”
Is that accent from France? When did Morning Star School begin to impact such accent? I had several friends from Morning Star during my Adisadel College days and they all spoke like those of us who attended ‘Syto’…LOL
Come on Jeremie, what is the sense in struggling to put up any accent which your listeners detest and the people you interview can’t even understand…
You know what they call her? LAFFA chick! And was that picture not taken at the Accra Mall bathroom? Geez!


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0 thoughts on “Jeremie Of YFM Says She Is Still A Virgin & That She Got Her 'FAKE' Accent From Attending Morning Star School!”

  1. a virgin ma black ass………is she saying that Foley didn’t hit it????? dats so impossible to believe knowin Foley and how he luvs pussy.
    Jeremie is a big idiot…is she praising her alma-mater or tarnishin it’s image????? if dis is how morning school attendees speak,how are students of GIS,Soul Clinic and all the other international school supposed to speak??? total nonsense. if u speak english and an american or english cannot understand,doesn’t it tell u anythin………….dats most definately the Accra Mall washroom.imagine…..

  2. This chick is sick in the head. So you begin to have some American fake accent for attending morning star or for a short schooling in France? Ah nkwasiasem wo Ghana papa.
    And see how cheap she is. Taking photo on a public toilet. My sister had a stomach running and damaged the toilet the same day she took the photo. Before she went in there lol

  3. u guys shldnt take it personal aba da vigin issue…she is just kiddin….jayy foley rock her pussy aaaaa taya…so guys chill

  4. give the girl a break. why? some ghanaians are such @$#[email protected] accra mall wsah room and so fu***** what?
    all you people like to do is hate on people. the person who wrote this article must have something personal against her or is probably jus jealous of her. the girl says shes a virgin so what? maybe she was just trying to be funny or even if she was serious thats really none of our bussiness. And about the accent i bet you all wish you could speak like her dont you? i bet she speaks better than you. For all of you who talk sh** about her thanks for making her the center if your world.

    • @nana,hehehehe abi Accra Mall washroom is nice place for ladies to take mirror pics.. that is the trend these days.   Or more likely a  nice hotel washroom I believe. Either way we all know she was joking. Because she don’t expect any of us to believe that nonsense. 

  5. I’ve never heard her speak but to be honest she should possibly consider not giving any more interviews because from the content of her interviews she isn’t making much sense. Also if you are a virgin, keep that info to yourself even when asked because ppl will not believe you and  if you’re lying ppl will slate you and if you’re not lying that will be topic of conversation and you’ll be mocked for it so why not keep that to yourself why is it anyone’s business. I mean why say do you want a medal or something? 

    • @GoldenGurl, If you have never heard her speak then you really dont have any bussiness here saying anything. leave it to those who know her and have heard her speak.

  6. the sad thing is that these GH celebs are all (most of them) trying so hard to be like americans and yet most of these black americans don’t respect africans! it’s just sad!!!!
    Everything have to be of the west, with GH celebs why?
    google through the net yesterday and I saw so many western celebs wearing african prints… (the black of spring summer 2012).
    GH Celebs STOP being fake. Just be YOURSELF!!!

  7. Ok, I don’t why some of these celebrities especially those on radio think they can just fake their accents. I listenened to Shamima, but I can definitely tell she is fighting too hard to sound foreign. Why can’t we just be ourselves for once? These people have not lived outside the country for more than five years, and they think they can just develop accents by sitting behind a tv set and learn from watching western movies and shows. This is so sad. I have lived in the USA for over 25 years, and had all my college education here, yet when I go to Ghana, I try to tone down so I can fit in, so I don’t understand why others are fighting so hard for an accent that I am trying so hard to tone down on in order to fit in LOL LOL. I guess that is how the world is huh, me get no want, you no get you want lol

    • @Akua,hehehehe hmmm you are right. [some] people in Ghana think that is the “cool” thing to have a foreign accent. Anyone who speaks our Gh stye English is called names like “local,colonial , kuraseni. “typically bushiatic fellow” ..  I call it brainwashing. tv, movies.. that’s what has gotten us to that point. Some people will never reveal their weekday-name and would want to be referred to by their First( usually english) name… brainwashing. 

    • @Akua,lol tell them abt it..sometimes me & ma friends in the U.S try so hard to use GH accent but we end up not getting it right….& dis Gh Celeb r trying so hard to speak like us…gosh i cant wait & go to Gh so i can catch all those with da weirdo accent….hahhahah

  8. bitch is a complete fucking liar, was actually starting to believe the virgin nonsense until she said she was 26 years…..if u completed SHS in 2001, how the fuck are you still 26….fake ass bitches…..sit ur ho ass down bitch…

    • @hh, my thoughts exactly..she shd be 28 or 29 this yr if she completed shs in 2001,unless maybe she was 4yrs in class 1..fear of growing old!

      • @maka aa maka and @hh, the article didnt say she’s 26, it said 27. anyway, its very possible to complete shs in 2001 and be 26/27 now. I completed sss in 2000, and i’m 27. Moreover, the article didnt say she said she was 27 anyway.


  10. Christ pls if my memory serves me rite, i listen 2 dis said virgin at etv celeb nite show den by swt Dzifa n she says she is goin out wit j foley n wen j foley was interview anoda wk he deny havin anytin 2 do wit her, i tink dat news was ova d net as well, no be sey dem say oh, i heard her masef n even felt sori 4 her wen j denys her on tv bt am very lost she is nw sayin she neva had anytin wit j foley, hmm guess she lost her memory, i wish etv ll repeat d 2 interviews again, anyway if she say na virgin she be she shld kp it up na God be d judge

    • @BeautiBee, you call her a BITCH and you cant even spell BITCH???????
      A sharp tongue does not mean you have a keen mind. GEGET A LIFE!!!!!

  11. i guess she only said she was a virgin just to give a self some credit and attention,since delay the interviewer also claim she is also a virgin,anyways probably the new trend in town is to claim that you’re a virgin to get more men!

  12. pls i have a gf who gives me blowjobs a lot i also lick her till she orgasms sometimes too she allows my dick into her ass but her HYMEN is still INTACT so she fits the description of ANCIENT MEANING OF VIRGIN like JEREMIE AND DELAY.


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