Jeremie Is A Liar, She Is Not A Virgin…Says An Ex BF

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After my post which looked at some of the loose claims of YFM presenter Jeremie, I got a phone call from a gentleman in Ghana…
Jeremie’s silly claim that her acquired foreign accent of no origin is REAL is not worth talking about. My little cousin even knows it is FAKE and we all know she has serious pronunciation issues.
On her claim of being a virgin, before I even got the phone call I had concluded that she was lying. Not simply because it is not possible to be a virgin at 27 but because  it was coming from a person who can stand and say an obvious fake accent like hers is real.
 If she can lie about something we all hear and know it is fake, then the probability that she will lie about something such as being a virgin which not many can determine is extremely high.
According to this gentleman who claims to be an ex boyfriend of attention seeking Jeremie, he cannot count the number of times they had sexual intercourse during their one and half year relationship.
” if Jeremie wants to lie about things, she can lie about her accent but to say she is a virgin is a cut on the face of people like me who have been in a relationship with her. I cannot even count the number of times we did it during our one and half year relationship. And when I met her, she was no way a virgin” the gentleman said…
As you may know, I hate people who hide behind the veil to make substantial claims about others. I asked the so called ex BF if I can mention his name (the name he gave me) and he answered no. His reason for not wanting his name to be out here is ” I am happily married and have a little girl, i do not want my new family to know I  ever had a fling with Jeremie…” .
I wonder what is so embarrassing about Jeremie that he porbably does not want his lovely family to know he once banged her. 
My 10 minutes phone conversation with this gentleman who claims to have ran through Jeremie’s project countless times ended on the note that, should Jeremie insists on her claim of being a virgin, we will have an audio interview on this subject….Does this even worth my space?
Anyway, if Jeremie is not a virgin as the gentleman claims (and I believe she is not) , why is she telling us that she is? Even if you are virgin, must we be told during an interview on TV?
Is it the new trend in town for celebrities to be making VIRGIN MARY claims? DELAY, 28 claims to be one and one Jeremie,27…I guess my mother is also a Virgin…

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Excuse me but I cant help but get disgusted by this report!. Is this a personal blog or a entertainment news website?.I say this because this no longer sounds like a story but a conscious attempt to tanish this girl’s image.Moreover hu cares abt which gentleman has had an intimate relationship with her.It was a simple interview and if you have an issue with it that is your own businesses. I thought we were wasting a g8 deal of tym discussing issues which have no intellectualy stimulating content whatsoever..First useless partisan politics now this???…If this is not a blog then things have to be done proffesionally..
    PS: What happened to censoring people’s comments which are derogatory. If there is no mechanism like that then remove the staement u’ve put above the comment box!

    1. @PK, Fuck off, this is a BLOG and did you read the about us mr smart man before commenting? I think how sensible you are, you should have read the about us and then it will tell you what is platform is.
      now you are the one looking stupid with your comment. and why should they censor people’s comment? if they do, comments like yours which is stupid by birth will be censored. kwasia ba

      1. @Francis, “i hope you apply to spelling lessons half the attention you are giving so someones virgin status. It will make us take you more seriously.

      2. “I am happily married and have a little girl, i do not want my new family to know I ever had a fling with Jeremie…” .- This is where the call should have been ended if indeed there was any call.
        A shady person who keeps such trivial matters as his ex girl from his new fam is anything but trustworthy.
        This blog has gone to the gutters, its beyond shameful now the extent you go to boost your reader count.

      3. @Francis,oh boosu. Why call her names like “cheap whore”? There is nothing wrong if she is not a virgin. But the insults are unwarranted. 

    2. @PK, she not been a virgin is tanishing her image right??thus da truth,she is not…if u a close frnd to jay foley u can ask him…lol

    3. @PK, It’s a blog! For ppl that LOVE LOVE LOVE juicy gossip….SO i guss mr self righteousness that will mean you are in the wrong place I think you might want to go elsewhere with your lectures and judgements lol…BYE!! 😀 

    4. err  @PK, relax ok? She said she was a virgin and we all knew  it was a joke. Nobody believed it in the first place. So this site being a gh-celebrity site wouldn’t you think it is still ok to report on this?  “TARNISH” her image? No her image has not being “tarnished” by this piece. Chill wai.  Ok so lets say Jeremie was as guy and not a girl, would you have defended him this much as you are doing now? Yes or no?

  2. Aww cmon..wats d big deal. Anyway i guess its her turn dis @Chris ur mom a virgin paaa. Hehehe. Anyway on a crious note. He shagged her countless tyms AND SO EFFIN WAT! he shld comot 4 he wnts sum dirt on d poor gals clean image. Mtcheew

  3. It is only fools like Jeremie who will go on national tv to lie like this knowing that all the guys who jabw fucked her might be watching. virgin right? let us wait to see what else she will say.

  4. Virgin my arse, there is no virgin hole on that smut! Probably a publicity stunt for her to get some attention, sad to see everything about Ghanaian entertainment has to be a copy of USA’s or UK’s. Originality has become a scarcity in the country. NO WONDER AMBER ROSE WAS AN INSPIRATION TO LIL TWATS IN GHANA! Nkwasiasem!

  5. Maybe she is a virgin in the arse since the pussy is like Nima gutter now. We all know that the pussy is a big whole and I know friends who have chopped with their fingers even

  6. Aint no sayin hw far shes com,nt hw rich shes goten or whteva.jst thes stupid shit yall sayin bout aint cul,thy ar our very own,i bet u jst made up ths whol bulshit about the fuckd up phnecal

  7. wow! This is a brilliant piece. A person calls you and claims to have slept countless times with a girl who claims to be a virgin.Ironically You can’t mention his name however because he has a family he wants to protect though he’s destroying someone elses repuutation, a person who is coming from a family as well.. The genius that you are, you ran with this farce of a story. `brilliant. Blog of the year. Jackie appiah gave my dog head countless times in a grimy bar. no need to call you. you have my email ad. Ran this story as well.

    1. @mackie, So i guess your goddam problem is the girl who made fake claims and live by fake accent has been exposed right? Are you listening to your self? Bag you bag and gerrout here if things bother you that much. Na force to come read the blog? 🙂

  8. So the girl goes on Tv to lie to the whole nation despite the fact that we all know she is lieing, some people are here trying to say otherwise. are people even real at all? it seems people will rather like to hear lies because the teller is a friend than to hear the truth.
    girl you are lieing and you have been caught out

    1. @maame, Exactly! What  does it  matter? She should keep that part of her life off of public ears. She brought it up so people jumped on it.

  9. why do we always think about ourselves at the detriment of others?
    I AM HAPPILY MARRIED WITH A DAUGHTER AND WOULD NOT WANT MY FAMILY TO KNOW I HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH JEREMY.. if this man doesn’t want to disgrace his family why disgrace Jeremy? why make such bad remarks about this young lady with bright future? let us not ward into such argument, this article shouldn’t even be here in the first place. let us stop hating on people

  10. Is this really worth it??..She is not the first to lie,some GH Female celebrities want to be seen as pure but those who knows who they are..can testify that they are not..if the guy didn’t want his name to be pulished,then there was no need publishing this..Virgin or No virgin, We don’t bloody care..that’s why such liars can’t be my role models..

      1. @gh-allday, ei lesbo matter dea dont go there,its a big business in Ghana and the people involved,you just will not believe has become a whole union with personalities beyong your imagination and interestingly they fuck dicks also and some are even married and well respected in Ghana that you will never suspect them,and ofcause i will not be surprise if she has joined the club.anyway as for me,is police abaa all the way.

        1. @maame,hehehehe it was one general question oo. Yea I have heard about that. Very prominent people in society paa. mm)b)!   That’s right. Some want to go with girls and then have a husband at home . There was one incident like on the Akumaa show long ago when the husband returned from a trip  unannounced only to come and find his wife in bed with her supi supi.. both drunk and asleep. As Gyedu Blay Ambule puts…  raadom-raadom-zo! dat be wat a I like.  

  11. I’ve always known Chris is dumb..jx confirmed it after readin dis article…dude hw dumb n ignorant can ΰ be? Dis guy cud nt even give ΰ a common first Παme n ΰ decided to put up dis article? I sure hope ΰ’ve kept ur tracks covered cuz d way ΰ insult n pick on celebs sum1 myt be lukin for sum skeletons in ur closet (which I’m sure u av)…jx bcuz ΰ own one stupid blog doesn’t mean ΰ av to stick ur head way down in ur ass n talk sh*t…all ΰ do is call pple names n write cheap crappy articles… ΰ av no iota of respect for anyone…ders more to life dan dis stupid blog of urs…whether Jeremie is lyin or nt is it ur business? Must ΰ insult her? ΰ mentioned ur mum…I hope she sits ΰ down n talks sense into ur head…dis is life,mate…jx mke sure ΰ don’t trip…kerful!