Praye Tiatia At War With Selorm Galley, Winner Of ‘Miss Goldenwood’ 2011 & Talent Hunt!

Praye Tiatia and Selorm Gallery

Praye Tiatia, the shortest member of the Praye group also known as Steven Fiawoo a.k.a. BIG J has turned a new leaf and changed overnight to spend enough quality time with his girlfriend for the fear of losing her to a rich man.
What triggered such a decision?
Many musicians don’t share the idea of revealing who they are dating to the general public. Though the public is aware who some of them are dating, many believe due to the womanizing attitude of some male musicians, it would be unreasonable for any of them to publicly name who he’s dating.Praye started their musical journey as a trio. Now they are a duo as one member according to report was ‘forcefully’ pushed out of the group. The group is left with Eugene Baah [Praye Ho Ne Ho] and Steven Fiawoo [Praye tiatia].
The former is dating Ghanaian actress Beverly Afaglo whiles the latter is kicking it with the newly crowned queen Miss Selorm Galley according to GhanaCelebrities.Com investigations.
According to our investigations, ever seen Selorm Galley beat nine others to win the maiden edition of the ‘Miss Goldenwood Beauty Pageant & Talent Hunt’ organised by West Coast Entertainment Ghana Limited, life has been tough for her.
After winning the pageant put together to scout for young ladies with the passion for acting and nurture them for the fame and glitz, Selorm’s independent and privacy has been curtailed. Winning the crown has not only brought happiness to her life, it has also increased her fiancée’s jealously and suspicion about her.
According to GhanaCelebrities.Com’s investigations, for the fear of losing his girlfriend because of the attention she is gaining, Praye Titia has been putting excessive pressure on Selorm to have and spend quality time with him.
Before she became ‘Miss Goldenwood’, people hardly knew who she is dating because they were never seen together but it appears her current status has changed everything.
“Now they are always together. They spend more time together as well as see each other every day. Something which was not on their cards before then. It is also interesting to note that, her whereabouts must be communicated to him” GhanaCelebrities.Com was told.
As part of her prize for winning the competition, she received a brand new Kia Picanto car. A trip to Nigeria for a Film Festival, modelling jobs, managing contracts, one year bragging right and lead roles in movies.
Our investigations reveal that, recently Praye Tiatia travelled, upon returning from their trip, his girlfriend was nowhere to be found.
Praye Tiatia was set to have gone to the offices of the organisers, for which he was told the girl has travelled to Nigeria for a discussion with a movie producing company. He nearly created a scene when he was refused details of the deal and venue of the meeting in Lagos.
A worker at the company who pleaded anonymity said the turns of events are frustrating the girl as well as the company in executing the plans the company has for her. Asked if the company will go the way of TV3 by taking the crown from the winner and hand it over to the first-runner up as was done in Ghana’s Most Beautiful when Lamisi was given the crown in the midst of Nasara’s phone theft allegations.
The source was tight-lipped. However, her demeanour suggests that, the company will not to go that road. When Selorm eventually returned to Ghana, Praye Tiatia was said to have picked a quarrel with her for not alerting him when travelling to Nigeria.
Selorm will be going to South Africa few weeks time and Praye Tiatia has promised to do everything possible to be included on the trip. He was quoted as saying that, if the organisers refuse to put him on, he will be obliged to acquire a visa for himself and join the trip by force.
All attempts to get Big J and Selorm to confirm or deny the above has proved unsuccessful. The organisers however have promised to release statement soon.


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  1. Hey cool dwn.tiatia. Ah! Wats d point in ffin her around?.ure only showin ur INSECURITIES. N OVA POSSESIVNES.huh? Wat if u get bukd 4 many shows? Wil u chase her or d money?.luk if she wil cheat,u cnt stop her..ah! Wats dat? If u keep up wit dis ull lose her eventualy indeed!

    1. @ThickMama, madam, read the counter story ok. i fink the story is not as it seems. it actuali seems like dey r quite a niiice couple.

  2. I’ve known dis couple for three years now and they r very much in love. Everybody knows them. Please  leave them alone! but Jay cool down………….

  3. Jay is scared now? lol. some men never know what they have until they see all attention has been turned to what they have. leave the girl alone and let her enjoy her reign mr boyfriend

  4. Girl,i little advice for you,have fun,enjoy your life.You have only one life to live,dont let tiatia bring you down at all,God has smiled on you and suddenly you have become important to him eer?i know short guys are very temprimental,i have been there before but dont let that bring you down at all,keep moving forward and achieve all your dreams but most of all, have fun,i beg tell tiatia if he suddenly loves you soo much,then he should do the right thing and stop all this folo folo about.

      1. @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, chris thanks for your help but it didnt work,is there any easy way to go about it?

  5. hmmmmmm praye tiatia u won go mad??u be funny waa playa,why u change now??or ibe say she win miss woteva wit a car so u won da world o knw dat she is yours abi?anyways no had feelings wai… cool,chase after her cuz i knw she luvs u too

  6. I hope SA deniea his visa, Im sure Serlom was not given the same access to his career in Praye<——-touring and videos with scantily clad women. Mtchew, good luck to the couple though.

  7. wow, i’m not suprise @all becouse i was @ de event and big jay is seen everywhere. i even heard him claiming is her sister. hahahaha. well i hope he really will be there for her all tru but not for just fun of it. goodluck

  8. selorm dis is d time dat u can pay him bak all d womanising things he did whn u were not popular.he has now realised ur importance.utilise all d oportunities n u wll a tall man

  9. useless story..i wonder how much the Nigerians paid u to do this story…Many of u here do not know the couple have been together for such a long time…the attempts by the Nigerian to break Jay away from the gal cos they know Praye Tiatia knows much about the entertainment industry and wouldnt o
    allow them to cheat the gal….Just for some few cedis we allow these nigerians to come to Ghana and spoil our artists…once again useless story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Praye tietia, what a shame, you have 3 kidz who are not in school and hungry, use your energy to make money and take good care of your kidz and their poor mother and stop following this girl around like a fool, you don’t even have a place to live but squatting with friends, you are a big disgrace to stardom in Ghana…………ahhhhhhhh

    1. @Ewurama, are you the third child? don’t listen to what people say or conclude with what you hear! And since you think he can’t take care of his kids,why not help him out!madam riches! and top it by getting him an apartment or better get him to your place to stay with you!.nonsense!

    2. @Ewurama,
      ah ah ah, see dis wman oo, ewurama or whteva fake name ur usin, u sound lyk a depressed n fraustrated woman whose husband has left her for a younger girl. its amazing how uv taken someones relationship issue soo personal. the guy n the girl love echada very much, read the counter story, n wht has he hvn kids got to do wiv his love n happiness n dis story? frm wht i hear his separated get ur facts ryt! n how do u knw all dis? its obvious u hv personal issues wiv him, go n solve, get ur facts ryt n stp hating, only ugly people sound like u do, jealousy mama…..noooonsense!

      1. @Ewurama aka Ivy aka sugar mama
        Why are u so determined to break Selorm and praye up tatia up? I thought afta all ur failed attempts to seduce de young gentleman you would have found a new business by now.Nawa for u ooo,pls find a better trade ok.
        As for this story,I would only say its the most useless story i have read in as many years.Praye Titia and Selorm having problems lol, and Praye Tatia following Selorm everywhere? Everyone who knows this couple(and I believe many of the commentators here) knows this is bogus.I laughed so hard when i read this.Praye Tatia is like family to us and we love him very much,he’s never hurt my sister since they started 3years ago and I trust in their love.He has been supportive since she won Miss Goldenwood and is still is.He never follows her around as its claimed here,they have always been inseperable,pls check ur facts be4 u publish them.They have ALWAYS gone everywhere together,not bcos Praye is jealous but bcos they have always done things together and love each other’s company!

  11. how do you know my age? you don’t even know me, and you’re calling me old mama, what is evil is evil no matter how hard you defend it, it is a common fact that praye tietia is married with 3 kidz, I’m just advising him to be a responsible father and take into consideration how your kidz mum feel about what’s going on. DO ONTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT OTHERS TO DO ONTO YOU. God is watching you, Selorm you’re destroying another woman’s home, you’ll also have your share one day.

  12. why wld som1 want to break dem up? they are 2 of a kind, Selorm is a chain smoker and a heavy drinker who’s always in nite clubs, Jay is also a chain smoker and a drunkard, pls leave them to enjoy themselves, as for Jay’s children the govt will take care of them!….daaakye na wobehu

    1. @Francis, this is nonsense! I have known this couple for years,selorm is my very good friend and have never seen both that drunk or smoked.Drinking is a choice,if someone drinks doesn’t mean she drinks her head off.besides, they wont take cheao drinks like Akpeteshi u have been taking .And what is this rubbish abt selorm smoking and been at night clubs? Are you the one who distribute the cigarette to her?and are you the one who take her to the clubs? u craze waaaa.ur head like the entire world’s head! Bullshit!

  13. dis below de belt, Selorm, it’s obvious u put up this story to hype yourself, fame is achieved tru dint of hardwork en nt by dis kind of cheap propaganda, all de comments were sent by u, relax gal, u dey rush toooooo much

    1. @david, Hype herself for what?She won,she got the talent,she needs not to rush for anything because they are so many offers at her feet..Are you jealous none of the girls u predicted to win,did not win?!Trust me she is so busy to even find time to write on this page! It obvious ur brain is distorted so u got nothing good to say.stay home and sleep!

  14. this is nonsense! I have known this couple for years,selorm is my very good friend and have never seen both that drunk or smoked.Drinking is a choice,if someone drinks doesn’t mean she drinks her head off.besides, they wont take cheao drinks like Akpeteshi u have been taking .And what is this rubbish abt selorm smoking and been at night clubs? Are you the one who distribute the cigarette to her?and are you the one who take her to the clubs? u craze waaaa.ur head like the entire world’s head! Bullshit!

  15. who dos nt knw selorm in Tema? pls giv us a break, she’s a chain smoker, and she drinks, selorm trumu trumu,remember? trumu hoooooooo

  16. serlom ,did u attend Akosombo Int.? why were u sacked from the skuul, did u attend Goshen School? why dont mention Goshen ever? Are you not proud of your skuul.? Is it a beauty contest u won?,or a talent contest? bcos u luk like a pig in that crown, u are tooo knwn papaaaaa

  17. ehhhh! wer is da sugar mummy big jay pass her to me. i prefer them to azonto girls lyke serlorm aka one way shadda ,cos sugar mummies will take gudcare of me,give me money but wat azonto gal lyke serlorm can give u is diseases frm her numorous boyfriends…. everybuddy in tema knws serlorm is ashawo . how dats big jay looks wen making love hahahha gorrriilaaaaa ! jaw nigga face called big jay witz ugly big mouth gal called serlorm ashawo galley!

  18. serlomm wat appened to ur skin! are u related to micheal jackson???? cos da ser lorm i knew was dark but now u look lyke sister jackson haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  20. luk who dey coll someone sugar mummy, wats the defrence btwn you and her, you fuck around and give the mani to praye, you actually luk after him and he stays in your single room, so tell me shld we col you sugar girl? at your age ,you are so desprate dat you fuck around to take care of a married man tchwaaaaaaaaaaaa

  21. u pple shld giv us a break, who made serlom a star aah what kind of nonsense is this? we have better stars like Jackie, Nadia, Martha who also have boy friends that luv them but they dont make noise, who is big jay anyway? serlom keep him for good and lets have our peace, but let his wife also enjoy small

  22. selom, wat hapened to the car the UT macho men collected from you whilst driving? did you pay for it or they took it for good?

  23. miss goldenwood indeed, the runners up are far more prettier than her or serlom did you do your thing again? fa wutu be gye crown…..bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  24. west coast enterternment, gh. ltd, u hav reaaly goofed, selom can not be a role model, you are encouraging imorality ie prostitution in our society, conduct background checks plssssssss. selom is a BOMBbbbbbbbbbb, husband snatcher, home breaker!, ugly bitchhhhhhhhhhhhh