Dear GC Readers: I Am In A Long Distance Relationship With A Girl I Love In UK But My Family Is Pressuring Me Into Meeting A Girl They Have Arrange For Me Here…

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Dear GC,

I’ve been in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend for two years now and I’m now being pressured into settling down by my family. I met my girlfriend at University in the UK where we both studied.

I was really struggling at the time and I fell for her when I met her. She did a lot for me and she has made me very happy.  After not finding work for more than a year after graduation, my father convinced me to return home to the family business to at least have an income and prospects.

I didn’t want to return but I needed the money for my masters, I wasn’t in a good job and wanted to be with my girlfriend. I felt like I had no choice after struggling for a year.

Even though I’m better off financially I still want to get back to her. Without discussing with me first my mother has now arranged for me to meet with her friend’s daughter. I know she means well but I already know the woman I want to be with.

The whole family think I should not put all my eggs in one basket and all my siblings and family have said I should at least meet her. I feel I’m betraying my girlfriend if I go ahead to hang around with this new girl.

My brothers say at least if I don’t like the girl it’s no big deal. I feel much pressure not to disappoint and as the oldest of 5 I guess it’s expected of me to marry and set an example. I’m starting to wonder if I should go to the meeting.


Dear Michael,

It sounds like the pressure of people’s own needs is getting to you and you are trying to please all but yourself.

Your family may be trying to give you a picture of living life back home. If you met this new person and marry you may end up deferring your plans so think carefully about where this meeting may take you!

Hope this helps!

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  1. From all indication, you feel very attached to the UK girl, and really want to be with her. Well, I suggest you go with your instinct. Be careful about some of the girls back home these days. You have to do what makes you happy, and what you think is right for you. You are not to please anyone, but yourself. Remember, you will be the one spending the rest of your life with the woman your family is pushing on you if she happens not to be the right one. I suggest you tell the UK girl about what is going on, so that she can make up her mind if she wants to marry you and or possibly come home too. I learned the hard way when I married a man my whole family (except me) and friends believed was a great man. I should have gone with my instinct, and rejected them all. Well, I am happy to say the marriage ended and I haven’t been happier. I wish you all the best and always remember to pray. Bring your concerns to God, and ask Him to reveal to you in dream or otherwise how to go about the issue you currently face. Remember, God is the only one who can see you through. Stay blessed.

  2. Do not mind your family. All they care about is maybe what their friends are saying about you like you need to marry and all that for their own family glory. They don’t care about how you feel, your happiness or your love for the UK girl.
    Do not disappoint her, please stick for her and don’t fall for your family pressure

  3. All i can i say is what do you want to do?since you seem to have already made up your mind who you wana be with then why cant you stand your ground and tell your family you are a grown man and you have already made up your mind who you want too marry.
    Tell your mum thanks but no thanks.She will have to respect your decision if she sees you wont budge cos at the end of the day its your life and only you know in your heart wat you want and whats good for you…Becareful cos the new girl could come being all nice(fake ofcause)get you distracted.Some girls have a way to get what they want one way or the other..Its better to be safe than sorry.Its not necessary to make her cos thats already saying you are thinking about it.Pray God helps you out with this.Stop letting your family pressure you into doing anything cos 2moro when you marry they will keep having an opinion on what you should do in your home and life cos you allowed it for so long.Draw the line or it wont stop.You need to MAN UP ALREADY!!

  4. pls follow your heart and dont say had i known cos is better to part ways with the UK girl on good path to go behind her you would bring curses upon yourself and your marriage so pls do the right thing,

  5. Wow! dont mind your family. Follow your heart go for what you prefer. Think deeply, if you leave the one in the UK and she accept that, my brother you will be in trouble, you will never be happy with the one “your family” is forcing you into. Trust me i have been there

  6. my brother…the devil u know is beter than the angel u do not know..the UK girl was there for u when u needed some1 most and she was also there when things were bad (financial matters) so at least u know her love is real but the one in Ghana will love u or even get married to u today without getting to know u more because u got all the package most lady in Ghana wish to see in their idea man to be….think twice before u think to leave ur girlfriend in UK..

  7. Be Smart. Dont let your family put your whole world into this girl they want for you¡ answer this: are you Jesus Christ that you have to be a sacrificial lamb? Will denying the love you have some how bring you more happiness? 
    Nyebro do not mix up the happiness of family for the happiness within you; THEY ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE you need the latter more than life itself in this COLD WORLD OF ALTERIOR MOTIVES.
    I wish more men would stick to their needs and not family needs, God did not ask you to be the chosen one he asked Jesis, so please stop leaving your thinking to people who obviously dont care for the desires of your heart eff u to family members like that