Who Rocks The Stage Better: Samini Or Sarkodie?

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Phamous Music Signs Samini
I was fortunate enough to have been around at the Conference Centre when couple of friends were locked in a fierce argument as to which of the two artistes above rock better. Honestly I find that very awkward because comparing the two in the first place was not right since they don’t do the same type of music.
In case you didn’t know Sarkodie is a Hip Life/Hip Hop artiste while Samini is Dance Hall/Ragga/Reggae/Hip Life artiste.
To say Sarkodie rocks better because you like him personally doesn’t sound good in my ears. Same way to say Samini is better on stage because you are in love with his dreadlocks makes me smile but I don’t think it’s a good enough reason.
By now it’s a known fact that Samini and Sarkodie can sell shows anywhere in Ghana. Their shows, ‘MOVADO LIVE in 2011 Fantasy Jam Hosted By Samini’ and ‘Sarkodie Rapperholic – Live In Concert’ were named as the best outdoor and indoor shows of 2011.
Samini is the king of modern music in Ghana. When it comes to live band, he rules his generation. Sarkodie on the other hand has seen the need to use the live band. He gives many headaches when there is the need for him to mime.
It is difficult to say one is better than the other but by your experience, which of them rocks better.
Let’s put emotions aside and be truthful and real to ourselves. The event organisers are reading your comments; help them to know which of the two you would want to see at shows.


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  1. I mean these guyz are unique in their ways on stage. Me personally,ive not seen Samini perform live on stage but he has been able to make me move stand n feel his vibe just from watching him on tv on the other hand ive seen my guy Sarko perform on stage,he is just something else.One thing this guy does i lyk is pull up rhymes out of nowhere whiles performing which i dont see many so called rappers do .All said at dis moment of time “imo” will pick Samini with his style and experience with live band on stage to move any “kind of crowd”.

  2. I love me some Samini. i listen to all his old songs like “Linda” and i still love him.He is very talented and has a connection with his stage and fans.
    Sarkodie on the other hand has talent and he also has some humour with his music. i like Sarkodie but i love me some Samini 🙂

  3. Samini is better on stage but Sarkodie is better musically. When Samini hits the stage he gets u off ur seat no matter what

  4. samini is great n versatile.he rocks on everystage both localy and internationaly no matter de language he rocks.ba sarko is limited and does not posses de stage lyk samini.samini is wow wid or withooout de microfone.

  5. Sarkodie is better in musics and most of his songs are really good compare to Samini. Samini is mostly good when you feature him but Samini is better on stage than Sarkodie
    because he calls for everyone attention and try to entertain everyone whiles Sarkodie mostly focus on his rap.

  6. Sarkodie,the greatest rapper of all time,no disrespect to obrafuor and regie but with the stage and shit…samini the real deal

  7. Lmao….First of all, thanks for asking us to put our emotions aside..They both rock the kind of music they do. I’ve not attended any shows but judging from reviews and videos I’ve seen of them, I’ll go for Samini. They both have good stage craft but Samini’s stage energy is irresistible no matter how cool/slow the song may be.His experience in the game and for the fact that he doesn’t settle for less( live band), is a big plus for him…….Respect to Sarkodie,he has done in a few years what it takes others almost a decade to accomplish.He has improved a lot.

  8. When it comes stage craft n antics EMMANUEL SAMINI is the best as compared to SARKODIE.. Samini’s singing n energy on stage is off the hook.. but Sarkodie’s punch lines are something else..

  9. Wat re the p-ple above talkin about,why is sakodie better on the mic dan samini.wat do samini use in rockin the stage his music or dance.SAMINI IS THE BEST BOTH ON THE MIC N ON STAGE

  10. they are both unique in their own fields.
    on what basis are we comparing. samini is into dancehall and ragga music and he is superb in that field.
    sarkodie is into rap music and he is ontop of his game… in short, the two are splendid

  11. how can u compare a rapper and a singer, they do two different things in the music world, please stop this comparisons, its absurd, they are both good in their own versatile ways. dont compare them.