What Happened To Naa Ashorkor?

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Is it me, the make-up or Naa Ashorkor is growing super fast? I will not ask you what is wrong with the photo because everything seem to be wrongly placed…
Who ever did the make-up must be her enemy right? Where re the fashionable GC ladies, who can recommend a fix?


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  1. Opps, i thought she said she is 22 or so. She looks like  a clown in the photo. the make up is too much and not evenly applied

    1. @Stella, 22…really and I thought she was 18 lol. Well it could just be a bad picture but either way if she is lucky she is 30 lol I like her as an actress though I must say. 

  2. Let’s say na Ghanaian celebrities be hia total make up in their lives. these girls dress and appear as total village girls. if is not some bright hot dress which does not do it, then it is a make up and hair like the above. did she look in the mirror?

  3. I have never like this lady anyways. She has been over rated. All she needs to do is just tone down on dick sucking. It is too much for her age. Take my advise and you will live long.

  4. The makeup is off and is just too much. She also looks older than her age, so she has to start doing some things right and stop doing the wrong things cos for someone who is not thirty, she sure looks over 40 years. No offense, this is just my opinion!

  5. honestly, i dont really like her either. i think shes been over rated too but lets be honest its the make up gone wrong. shes way prettier than this.

  6. I guess she been partyin hard..the pic looks a mess,the hair needs some shine or a new weave period..the makeup girl plz..her skin too is all kinds of messed up shades…people stay off the bleaching creams especially when you are naturally dark skin.Y’all need to step it up already its 2012…you are meant to be”celebrities”remember??smh

  7. First and foremost, she is a beautiful woman- haters really suck! I’ll admit that the make up is a bit off but I’VE SEEN WORSE (Sally Montecarlo or w.e her name is a perfect example of one). I’ve seen the eye make up done before and it wasn’t too bad, why? Because the indvidual blended it well, I think Ashakor just needs to be careful in application. There’s nothing wrong with different colored liner! Theres a reason why they’re in the market– so that means they sell! Famous designers would agree that eccentric make up done works well. And I think her hair looks good.

  8. Ghanaians really embarrass me the way they bash on their celebs.anytime i open a story on any ghanaian entertainment sites,its full of insults but i hardly see anything like dat on other countries sites.if the person isnt worth writtin abt jus dnt write it cos i think these sites are supposed to promote our stars not break them.writters and jobless p’pl who come here to comment should learn frm their counterparts from other sites like naija sites.they hardly insult celebrities.pictures somtymz come out bad cos of bad camera or our hot weather makes one sweat and dat mix up their mkeup.u ever thot of that?