New Music Video: ‘Only You’ By Sala Featuring EL!

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When I watched this video early January, I remember saying ‘wow’ and wanted to release it immediately but I was told, it will be released on Valentine’s Day. The producers prevented me from releasing it instantly but finally it’s Val’s Day and it’s finally here.
The song ‘Only You’ by Sala featured EL, one of the youngest sound engineers in Ghana and the brain behind Sarkodie’s biggest hit ever ‘You Go Kill Me’. When you hear ‘this is craze chale’ then you know EL produced the beat.
The video was directed David Media Group under the tutelage of Samad Davis who won the topmost at the 4Stye Music Video Awards. This is another winnable video.
Sala is under the Paradise Entertainment. Check out her previous singles; ‘Keti Keke’ and ‘Kasa Low’.
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