New Music Video: ‘Only You’ By Sala Featuring EL!

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When I watched this video early January, I remember saying ‘wow’ and wanted to release it immediately but I was told, it will be released on Valentine’s Day. The producers prevented me from releasing it instantly but finally it’s Val’s Day and it’s finally here.
The song ‘Only You’ by Sala featured EL, one of the youngest sound engineers in Ghana and the brain behind Sarkodie’s biggest hit ever ‘You Go Kill Me’. When you hear ‘this is craze chale’ then you know EL produced the beat.
The video was directed David Media Group under the tutelage of Samad Davis who won the topmost at the 4Stye Music Video Awards. This is another winnable video.
Sala is under the Paradise Entertainment. Check out her previous singles; ‘Keti Keke’ and ‘Kasa Low’.
Check Sala out visit:
Twitter: @iamSala
Paradise Entertainment:


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  1. you guys are liars,this girl has releases three songs with three videos and none of them is working.girl keep to modelling..u have a nice body and u are my Muslim sister so i rather tell u the truth

  2. The competition came to this page under various names cos they cant take the heat. SIX SONGS, SIX VIDEOS and still counting. love all your songs my dear. My mum loves mama and fakye me, my boyfriend loves keti keke, kasa low and falling. WE are ALL crazy about the new one ft EL only u. WELL DONE!!!!!. PILE UP THE HEAT. PURE ENVY

  3. So this is the game God punish them,they will never succeed. I kept on wondering why cos all the songs are good. My dear I love everything about u.

  4. Janet is the girl herself.Sala or whatever..hahhahhhhahahha….lol…lol,….when i come to ghana this exmas will give her a modeling dont worry we do this all the time to mzbel,efya,tiffany,Habiba or whatever and Becca.Like Mzbel she should be dead by now.if u cant take disses to crave stardom.we insult them for free all the time.we say what we wat so Janet (sala) get a life…*sticking tongue out” wont make it my dearest dear

  5. I knew this was personal Tina who are u then? How much have u been paid. Which of the female artist do u represent. Mentioning lots of names will not confuse anyone. I on the other hand just love SALA and will always love her music. Tina for u to say this, your cover is blown. Shame on you and your conspirators.

  6. Tina the name Habiba is too fresh to remember or for you to expect us to who Habiba is. An independent person would have said Mimi. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm who is the this Tina? You guessed right.