KSM Takes Ghanaian Movie Makers To The Cleaners! He Says Their Movies Are ‘Concert’!

Father (KSM) and child (DKB) handshake with smiles beaming every where as Forster looks on

Ghanaian actor, satirist and TV Personality, Kwaku Sintim-Misa [KSM] has taken Ghanaian movie makers to the cleaners due to what he calls poor nature of their movies. Even though he didn’t mention names, he described their movies as “concert” to show his strong aversions.
The actor who doubles as the host of a weekly entertaining program on Metro TV; ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ utterances came at the time when the Ghana Movie Industry has seen a magnificent growth in the areas of costuming, directing, scripting and the equipment used in filming.
The growth has also seen major players in the industry winning prestigious awards in and out the African continent. Also Hollywood movie stars have made appearances in Ghanaian movies but KSM is unmoved.
The country’s stand up comedian in an interview with Adom Entertainment News said movies produced in Ghana over the years are sub-standard and called for a drastic change in the industry.
He said: “Though the [Ghana] movie industry has shown some growth, there is more to be done in order to build a robust industry that can stand the test of time. What we call the movie industry in Ghana is nothing but, excuse my words, concert.”
On what can be done according to him to change the face of the dwindling industry to the level that would see Ghana movies appreciated and stand the test of time. He said, the industry needs more resources to train more professionals.
KSM is one of the characters in Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s ten character movie series; ‘Adams Apples’.
Do you share KSM’s sentiments?  We’ll love to hear your thoughts on this…


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0 thoughts on “KSM Takes Ghanaian Movie Makers To The Cleaners! He Says Their Movies Are ‘Concert’!”

  1. I agree with him. There have been positive changes but we still have a long way to go. I believe it all come down to resources like he said ( number 1 on the list is MONEY).  We also need more PROFESSIONAL actors and actresses. It’s good to see new faces.
    But one thing I know for sure, the Ghanaian Movie Industry is far ahead of most African countries. There’s still hope 😉

  2. True talk an ksm is one of the few ghanaians who can and says the truth. the ghana movie industry ajoke to me despite the noise about in. in fact we have a long way to go but our arrogance will not allow us to learn

  3. 100% agree with him! The movies are home videos just like John D. said one time when interviewed during their trip to Cannes.
    There’s nothing serious about it, no artistic view, poor acting… and the producer, all thinking is making fast money that they forget about the art of film making! sadly.
    I’ll love to see GH made film inter the World cinema!

  4. It is true but I think we few of them are doing better and one of them is Shirley Frimpong….she is very great in what she does, especially seeing now that she has a custome department for the actress and actors that is a “A plus”…

  5. Yeah …But what did he do differently in his own movie “double”. In fact, it is worse than a lot of the movies he is complaining about. KSM, please, first remove the log in your eye.

  6. papa sly. na heaven you go go. Double was over concert. a pointless boring movie.
    Who is talking about costume? all movies made in ghana and Nigeria have costume departments. try watching some behind the scenes. its funyn how you people get moved by small thing.
    when we are talking about people building sets. Has KSM built a set for a movie before? I heard Leila Djansi built a HOUSE for Ties that Bind and that house will be donated to the town where they shot the film. double hasn’t won any awards, but other films have.
    yes, some Ghana films are concert, including his, but he should give credit where its due. Shirley and Leila and the producer of Destiny of Less Animals are above the crop and above him.


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