Kid-Comedy-Movie: ‘Billy’ Starring Nadia Buari, Kojo Dadson, Paulina Oduro, Timothy Bentum, 2Toff Among Others Showing From March 3 At Silverbird Cinema!

‘Billy’ showing from March 3 at Silverbird Cinema!

Having been called names ranging from “Bad Boy” to trouble maker and later in school touted as the most stubborn pupil as well as becoming the greatest enemy of neighbor, Mr. Amponsah’s six years old Billy becomes the talk of the neighborhood in which he resides with his family. His quest to please his young couple parent and best friend next door only pushes him into more trouble.
Billy’s Mr. Boateng and Fiona Boateng trained him well. He is their only child and given all the attention yet he is a pain in the neck of his parent.

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Across the street is Kofi and Fiifi, a twin whose father is an Army officer. Their father’s quest for them to be leaders and winners in whatever activity they participate in  seem to put the kids on the edge. Their friendship with Billy and Lizy- a smart young girl who lives with her grandparent next door to Billy seem to be alive though they are all older than Billy.
Enters a puppy found by Billy on the streets. When his mother objected to him keeping the puppy at home, he turns to his father who reluctantly permits him to keep it with a deal of keeping up with a good behavior. When the puppy is discovered by the other kids in the neighbourhood and his mothers discovers Billy’s smartness in turning his father against her orders, Billy’s trouble only multiplies.
The movie starts with a breath taking action scene which has never before been seen on the screen. Billy is a funny character. He falls into the hands of the bad guys who had visited his estate to commit crime.
Billy, in an amazing feat, after hours of interrogation and intimidation, escapes from the bad guys. Out of necessity, Billy calls the police, and proceeds to solve the clues that lead to the location of the robbers. He is involved in another never before seen action stunt (which could realistically happen) along with other hilarious scenes.
Billy is at times the pawn of the bad guys and occasionally one step ahead of them. Sometimes he doesn’t know why people complain about what he does and sees nothing wrong with his activities.
One of Billy’s flaws is that he never gets it right.
There are a few coined words and phrases that help this movie out. As well as, flashbacks with bits of wisdom, from learning in class and remembering the Police line help make this kid – comedy script unique to others.
At the end of the day, the touted demon saves the day, helps the police to arrest the bad guys and thereby becomes a hero and reconcile with his enemy -Mr. Amponsah- who had earlier blamed Billy for his missing car which was also found in the custody of the bad guys.
‘Billy’ is a kid comedy movie from the stables of Rehill Productions. It stars Nadia Buari, Fred M. Johnson, Kojo Dadson, Paulina Oduro, Timothy Bentum, 2Toff, Devonte Ferguson. It starts showing from Saturday March 3rd at the Silverbird Cinemas inside Accra Mall.


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