R&M, Winners Of Vodafone Icons Divas Edition Break-Up: Photo Confirmation!

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When GhanaCelebrities.Com announced that singer Denice Williams whose singing abilities helped R&M [Rhythm & Melody] to win the first edition of the Vodafone Icons Divas Edition had been kicked out of the group, many thought it was a ploy to promote them.
Senior minds from the group’s camp have come out to deny our report, today, we have busted them and the truth is obvious.

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Nothing has been heard about the group after several months but at the launch of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, the trio made up of Denice, Stephanie Lindsey Baaba and Natasha Dedey Mann chose to confirm their break up.
As groups are always seen at events dressed in the same dress, it was exactly the same way Stephanie Lindsey Baaba and Natasha Dedey Mann were dressed. Denice came in later dressed in completely different attire.
Check out the pictures below.

















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  1. What is Vodafone going to do now? What lies again? Was there ever a group? GC never lies its Vodafone, the lying network. More sugar coated lies coming up soon from their PR department. Once you start lying you just can’t stop or else you get exposed. I know they will pay for this story to be removed. Its their specialty.

  2. Oh Vodafone so you lied to us? i like the fact that you guys follow up your stories to let us know the truth. This is a shame, so vodafone used the girl and kicked her just like that

  3. Our source further stated that, a new member has been added to the group who is recording secretly at an unknown location. Funnily, it is not only Denice who suffered the setback, their manager Ruddy Kwakye was also said to have been sacked from his post with video director Nana Kofi Asihene taking over from him as their new manager.
    Source: http://www.ghanacelebrities.com/2011/11/23/vodafone-kicks-out-denise-williams-from-rm-winners-of-vodafone-icons-divas-edition#ixzz1n18t7gtC
    That means this is also true. The truth shall set you free. Well done GC. Poor girls. Shame on you Vodafone we await your lies with your fat wallet.

  4. thats too much accessories on Denise…..but she still looks so fly…..the rest….huh…..nuff said…..but im just so curious, what really happened?

  5. Denice don’t you feel stupid and used after going on TV and Radio denying the break up to save vodafone’s shattered image. Serves you right for lying to us. You are as guilty as vodafone.

  6. This is Dream girls(the movie) in real life motion,with Denise as Jennifer Hudson.She was also kick out of the group afterall.I hope it wasn’t for the same reason tho… lol