Victim Of Defamation On Twitter: Reggie Rockstone’s Management Reacts To Allegations!

Reggie Rockstone, Photo Credit: OMG Mag

The management of Reggie Rockstone, the celebrated grandpapa of Hip Life has released a statement concerning attacks on him via the Twitter handle @classtalkative.
As the biggest entertainment focused website in Ghana, we receive lots of emails. On Monday we received a mail with an attached article captioned ‘Reggie Accused of Sleeping with Rave Girls’.
The same mail and attachment was sent to several others. The said article was written due to some allegations leveled the originator of Hip Life.
The ‘Rave Girls’ is a group of young ladies who have come together to organize Uni-Rave evenst on every Thursday dubbed Rave Thursday at Rockstone’s Office. The group is made up of girls from different campuses in Nigeria and Ghana.
We decided to push the article aside, since we could not even establish the identity of the person throwing out those allegations [@classtalkative], let alone the authenticity of his/her claims.
After several deliberations between Reggie and his lawyers today, we have received the below press release.
Meanwhile, GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that the Twitter handle @classtalkative have also been reported to the Twitter, Inc.
Statement from Reggie Rockstone’s Management to GhanaCelebrities.Com:
Reggie Rockstone has become the latest victim of defamation on Twitter by a user that goes by the name of @classtalkative.
@classtalkative has made several negative and categorically untrue statements about Reggie that he has expressly stated or implied are factual.
False Allegations
On 10 March, @classtalkative tweeted that “@ReggieRockstone has introduced a number of artiste to drugs and cocaine and his main income before opening Office Night club was this”.
This is categorically untrue, of course. Reggie has not introduced anyone to any drugs – cocaine or otherwise.  His main source of income before opening the club was generated from his music and endorsements.
In another tweet, @classtalkative said: “Do you remember when @ReggieRockstone  was in court for selling someone’s car?? He is a fraudster. Thats what he does.”
The car theft charge leveled against Reggie was thrown out back in 2007! (
These heinous lies have offended many people besides Reggie himself. Typical of the love and support of Reggie’s fans (he has over 32,000 followers on Twitter), fellow tweeters such as @Truthakos have looked into the crazy allegations themselves and have responded directly to @classtalkative, saying in one instance, “I will continue to check all the info you have been putting out on people. At least confirm your sources@classtalkative. Stop the lies
The Price of Fame!
@classtalkative’s ranting is extremely anti-social and reeks of envy. He’s even gone so far as to proclaim on 10 March that Reggie is a “[….] Rapist! Pervert! Fraudster!”
While Reggie is certainly accustomed to celebrity gossip, it is extremely cruel and irresponsible of anyone to spread lies about people that would affect their personal relationships and public reputation.
Beyond that, members of the public have to take responsibility themselves for encouraging such behavior by following him and urging him on. As Reggie himself tweeted (even before @classtalkative turned on him): “Can’t bleev yall empowered sum one as evil as dis dude! Negative! No love! Bin in show biz 4 ova a decade! Pple talk! But naaa!”
The Law Protects!
The public should be aware that Twitter, Inc. has been informed about @classtalkative’s defamatory tweets. Anyone who has been attacked by him, as well as those who do not support his actions, is encouraged to send complaints to Twitter as well.
This press release should serve as a notice to the general public about several points:

  • Twitter has a Code of Conduct that must be adhered to by its users.
  •  Anything said on Twitter can be considered libelous, just as if it were published in another form.
  • If you’re not on Twitter, it may be possible to sue Twitter itself for defamation by one of its users.

Stand Up for What is Right!
Reggie Rockstone is a well-loved musician and personality in Ghana. He has been incredibly supportive of up-and coming artists and is well known for his generosity – this is how he earned the moniker ‘Grandpapa’.
Neither Reggie nor anyone else deserves these attacks by @classtalkative. Telling vicious lies about people should never be accepted by us.  The Golden Rule is still one to live by.


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  1. why can’t this @classtalkative on twitter reveal who they are to rockstone if they are brave enough? It’s cowardice. 


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