Dear GC Readers: I Am Pregnant For A Married Man…I Need Urgent Advice

Dear GC,
I’m really stressed and worried about my current situation. I know it’s all my fault in a way and  I never should have even started dating a married man but when we met he told me he was separated.
I really believed him since he took me to the house and even introduced me to his friends. Now I’m pregnant I don’t know what to do.
I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for two years when we met at an annual work event. For a whole year he just said they were having issues and he’s leaving.
Recently I saw them together (him and his wife) and I knew he had lied. I’m so angry, hurt and betrayed. I am going to have this baby but I don’t think he should know!
He has no right to know and he doesn’t deserve to know but my brother said I’m wrong to keep this from him. Am I wrong? I think I should tell his wife what is going on because I just feel so betrayed.
Dear Anne,
It sounds that you just found out about the pregnancy. It’s never good to make decisions in haste or anger.
What is important now is for you to put your baby and both your welfares before any emotional needs.
You blame yourself but it takes two to make a baby which is why keeping him out of the picture is not the solution long term.
Telling the wife will only cause you unwanted drama which is not what you need at this stage.
Hope this helps
All the best

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