Edem Blast Music Video Director Over Poor Video!


Edem Over Again

Ghana’s Volta superstar Edem has finally dropped a word on his heavily criticized over again video shot and directed by Nana Ashihene.
A cross section of his fans and the entire Ghanaian populace has expressed misgivings about the video with many describing the final work as mediocre and not befitting an artiste of his calibre.
In an exclusive interview on Ghana’s prime time entertainment news and analysis show on eTV hosted by Flexy, Edem admitted not being impressed with the video stating clearly bad lighting, bad costuming and editing as the major setbacks for the video. He stated his dissatisfaction about the video and described it as not befitting the “Edem brand”.

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 Director of Edem’s over again video, Nana Asihene on the same show entreated Ghanaians not to blame Edem for the video. Describing the video as a bad one and not being on point, he accepted full responsibility for the blunder committed with the video and pointed out clearly that attempts are being made to salvage the video and the image of the artiste.
However, Artiste manager, Bulldog also on Talk Showbiz called for the head of the director of the video, Nana Asihene and suggested a mob attack on Asihene. He also accused Edem for consenting to such a video which could tarnish his image forever.
Ace video director Ezekiel Tetteh popularly known as Stip of Solid Multimedia who was also a guest on show chastised both Edem and Asihene for such a poor work. He felt it was too late for the damage caused to be salvaged.

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Edem together with are Asihene are currently working on re shooting the video to come out with something close or better than what he did for Sarkodie ‘s Saa Okodie video.
Bulldog, Stip and Asihene were all guest on Showbiz hosted by flexy last Tuesday as they did a review of Ghanaian music videos released this year to see if our Ghanaian music videos are close to perfection in terms of the technicalities involved, directing, editing, costumes, lighting etc.
Watch “Over Again” video below:
Source: Nana Yaw Owusu Mante


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  1. Edem your eye no open. You are still team b. You approved of the video, put it on air and now what? You pay cheap money you get cheap video. How much you pay? How much!! Comot. cheap ass=cheap video. The director is a gentleman and he is only being polite.

  2. Cheap Edem. Cheap things are very expensive. Just shut up!!! U pay for TICO now you want BENZ. YOU DEY CRAAZE. HOW MUUCCHH YOU PAAYYY? U no fit talk abi. Team c player. i will not promote u to team b like joe. Go sit somewhere make pple think. nonsense

    1. @Kwesi, kwasia…have u watched Edems other videos???? which one is cheap amongst them?? shut ur stinkin mouth lets enjoy fresh air.

      1. @Opanin, fool the mouth u can smell is closer to ur nose and it happens to be yours modafucker, idiot, your moda. Sake of cheap ass video cum cheap ass Edem. Twerp!!!

  3. point of correction, Edem never blamed Asihene for the midiocre video. all he said was that a cross section of his fan base are not happy with the video and that a careful look at the video showed some defects in lighting and some few things. for an artiste like himself, he believes this video isnt good considering where he wants to get with this particular;ar tune thus together with the same director, Asihene, they are going back to the drawing board to re shoot the video. what is wrong with what he said. he should be given the thumps up for accepting what his fans had to say about the video and for putting measures in place to rectify the problem

  4. this is false…Edem never blasted Asihene on the show……..he was very diplomatic about how everything went wrong and even blamed himself as well. Asihene was rather the one who said Edem isn’t to blame for the video but rather himself (Asihene).
    lets not cause any trouble between the two.
    Bull Dogg and Stip were those who blasted Asihene for the poor quality and outcome of the video.