Photos: Who Looks More Of A Celebrity?

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Not all Ghanaian celebrities have the glam and outstanding appearance. Some celebrities easily get overshadowed and run over by others, especially when they meet…
It even becomes worse when they take photos together. Looking at the photos below, who looks more of a celebrity to you?
Imagine you do not know any of these persons and you asked to pick from the photo who looks like a celebrity…



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    1. @jasef, ok because i dont know any of them…i think the girl in the black dress is miss Diva..she looks more like a celeb to me and got the im a star vibe..the girl in the dress is cute too,she looks good but i think she is the calm or shy type.

    1. @NANA ASARE, what is news to you? are you the one to tell them what to post and what not to post? if is not news, simple go to the other pages 

    2. For me, is Eazzy, she looks all fresh and Deborah has a nice pose too. Mzvbe’s shades makes her like want to be star

  1. I think is deborah vannessa,she has a great body n looks stunning too,eassy not bad,mzbels glasses is a no no,makes her look like a clown

      1. @Fendi, oh my dear,good to know that i look like a grandma,that only means that i will be a grandma and thats not a curse but a blessing.many would have wished that they had a face like a monkey and be alive today.about my dressing,well i wear what makes me comfortable,thats 29:99 euros cotton, if you have a problem with it then thats your beaf. Yes i still say None and my reason is simple,first of all who is a celebrity?what makes one a celebrity?someone who has been able to impact positively in his or her soceity and it could be through alot of things not just music.someone that people can look up to and be proud,someone who can inspire people to become better humans beings by your conduct,decency in dressing and your life style.A celebrity is not one who goes and stand on a plateforn half naked and sing and dance,your music may be good but it that all?what do you have to tell our young youths what should inspire them to want to be like you?what ? that you can dress half naked,and paint your eyes and lips and put chains on your legs?let us look into that word CELEBRITY again and give it to those that really deserves it.

        1. @maame,aaaahhh well done my dear…u have well spoken..indeed a celebrity is someone that people look up to and be proud,someone who inspires others to become better humans beings by their conduct,decency in dressing and  life style. not one who goes and stand on a plateforn half naked and sing and dance…
          i just hope these popular ppl get to read this…

      2. @Fendi, how can she look so young and have a grandma’s face at the same time??smh.i dont think her opinion was personal though…Js

    1. @maame, I agree, the star is at home. Debbie is just okay. The real star is at home. Can not mention her name among these trash cos that will be an insult.

  2. Mzbel is always thrashy,wot da hell is all those colors abt and debbie is the hottest amongs the tree,she’s always on point 

  3. Was about to say Deborah Vanessa but i looked at the second picture and i would say Eazzy. Deborah definitely looks hot but looks dressed for like a normal date or a party. Eazzy on the other hand has the sparkle and got the  celebrity appeal all about her especially her pose in the second picture from the top 🙂

  4. It is amazing that ,nobody is commenting about  Debbie’s messy tresses but  if it was Miss you know who,everyone would be picking on it and saying she was tacky!!!  Debbie looks hot in her dress but i look at her hair and think she could do better!

  5. Ei, nti Awo Mzbel, when would you stop this colors colors dressing.I know color blocking is hot but u never get it.Well, for me, i think its eazyy although its just the blink blink which is too much.Except the second picture, all of the other pose looks so hi-school.

  6. Easy and Mzbel are ugly. Who will pay attention to them if they were not wanabes. The fine celebrities dey no bi dis bolla.

  7. My fellow ghanaians when would we learn to respect and cherish our own cuz believe it or not they are all worderful people who bring us fun and entertainment thru their wonderful musics.At least let us respect them for that and remember they Rep GH so be nice on ur comments ladies and gentelmen