What Are The Ingredients Of A Good Song?

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Mzbel at the premiere of 'Hotel Babylon'

“This song has no rhythm, no swagger, no comma, no full stop”. Worry not because I’m not talking about your favourite song here.
The above is an ad asking people to vote for their favourite musician in the upcoming Ghana Music Awards to avoid disappointments. I like the approach in the ad; it talks about what I’m writing on.
When one looks at songs that have been churned out every now and then in Ghana, one doesn’t have to be a music scholar to know that most of these songs are below standard.
I’m sure we can all pinpoint the good and the bad songs in Ghana.
By then what is good for you would not be necessarily good for the next person but surely there are several ingredients that makes a song a good song for people to enjoy.
What are the ingredients for a good song? Let’s get talking…

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  1. In Ghana, its the beat because most time all they say [lyrics] doesnt make sense at all. But in actual fact, the lyrics and beat are ingredients for a good song.

  2. A good song is a combination of lyrics and beat, and not just beat. That is what I think Ghanaians miss it. Most Ghanaians just dwell on the beat as what makes a good song, but that is wrong. When there is meaning to a song or that somehow you can relate to it, then you know it’s good. Anything else is mediocre.