Mzbel Cries Foul: The Media Has Not Been Fair To Me!

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One of the hardworking Hiplife artistes, Mzbel has opened up to what she sees as unfair treatment from the  Ghanaian media.
From a humble beginning to now as an established and successful artiste, Nana Ekua Amoah ‘Mzbel’ has had to deal with several stories and scandals ranging from her supposed provocative dressing on stage, being raped and currently news of allegedly slapping a uniformed Police Officer on duty.
Speaking on GhOne’s E-Talk show, Mzbel voiced out some of the things that the Ghanaian media has reported on her, which according to her were the exact opposite of the real issues.
She bemoaned the calculated attempt to always report negative stories about her. According to her, she wonders why she is never asked of her side of any story.
In her line of business, especially as a musician, the above is inevitable, something she concurred, however she believes that there will be balance and her side of issues will also be heard if she is contacted.
When asked of her relationship with the media and if she thinks they have treated her fairly, the not-too-happy Mzbel answered in negative, stressing that she will continue to speak against the negative publicity that she has always received from the media.
“No, they have not been fair to me at all”, she said continuing, “I will say it anytime, any day, anywhere. I don’t know why but I believe because Mzbel sells newspaper… They don’t talk to me; nobody cares what would happen if they write bad stuffs about me.”
Quick checks by GhanaCelebrities.Com indicates that, Mzbel’s inability to grab a deal as one of the many brand ambassadors, like her colleagues are enjoying might be as a result of the constant bad publicity. A quick google search of her name springs up with countless negative stories here and there to the extent that even the UK’s Guardian Newspaper featured her badly reported encounter with the Police Officer.
Touching on the over-hyped incidence involving herself a, the police and two others, Emmanuel Paa Kwesi and Maxwell Mamuli, she said since the case is in court, it would be inappropriate to comment on it. She however mentioned that the news of her having slapped the Police Officer is untrue and hilarious.

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  1. If you call yourself a celebrity you have to get ready for things llike this ,well you have taking this so personal because you have brand yourself as local celebrity .

  2. they don’t hv a clue or an idea to become a celebrity, u think going around town showing us your cheap clothes  make u celebrity. well they need to figure it out. when u are in the public eye u hv to act like  a celeb . i mean google it. i m sure the answer is there. humble yourself to your fans, people who look up to u and etc. i m sure the media will  be fair with u  mzbel and u will get the respect dat u deserve.