Bush Red Carpet Conduct: Raquel Gets It Wrong As Many Z List Ghanaian Celebs Do!

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Raquel At Ghana Music Industry Awards Night
Raquel At Ghana Music Industry Awards Night

So Raquel, 24, really relocated from London to Ghana and still she carries herself out as if she has never watched a red carpet event on TV before?
I am tired of blogging about how some of these Z list Ghanaian celebrities should carry themselves out on red carpets…If you do not know it, just stay home and spare our eyes…
One simple rule of rocking floor sweeping dresses on red carpets is that, DO NOT LIFT THEM. They are mean’t to sweep the carpet and that is why they are made that way, unless Raquel wants to tell me that, the dress was over sized. #Bushgirl
What else did I even expect? Maybe she forgot she was on a red carpet, after all she forgets a lot!
Raquel At Ghana Music Industry Awards Night
Raquel At Ghana Music Industry Awards Night

And exposing cleavage all the time won’t make you look any younger you know! We have seen it all, leave a bit for your future husband.

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See the below examples

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. did dey say she’s 24????? she looks like a 40 year old……hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……and is this some Ghana fashion or wht, dressing and showing bra straps????? bra straps on the red carpet????shame, shame, shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Opanin, Say it again, Chris needs to stop calling some of these people because they are not. black bra strap all showing on red carpet, this will be termed wardrobe malfunction among the real celebrities

  2. let her be…aba! the pictures u are comparing hers with are all posing for the shot however raquel is walking so what do you expect. if she was posing for a shot and still lifted her gown then u would have a case but not when she is walking ..constructive criticism please

  3. these Ghanaian celebrities dont learn anything yet they think they re the sizziiiiiiiiiiiiiii in Ghana. I see most of them as nkurasifoa and respect only a few. They know nothing. how can this girl claim to be 24 when she looks exactly like my grandmother?

    1. @akosuaghana, look at the kettle calling the frying pan black. If its about exposing cleavages u r number one culprit. Your picture says it all!!! You are also in the same **** category. Remove the timber from your eye before you try to remove the speck from someone’s! Rubbish

  4. Hmmm these celebrities of ours.I like the last part of your statement “Exposing your cleavage all da time wont make u any younger.I wonder how some of our ladies reason when they think dat exposing their bodies all da time make them look sexy.How then do they think they can attract any decent minded man?A word 2 the wise.

  5. Oh… 🙂 But if she moved from London to GH, she is just doing what most GH’ians like, which is copying blindly of the West and getting it wrong! People JUST BE YOURSELF!!!

    1. @Amoah, PS: The A-list of Hollywood are actually paid (most of them) to wear these dresses and, they’ve to show it in the best possible way.

      1. @Amoah, No A-list star in hollywood is paid by a designer to wear their stuff, usually it the designers who throw their gowns at these stars wishing they pick their gown to wear on the red carpet or to certain events, also some of these stars get their gowns made for them by the designers cos these stars wearing these gowns is an advertisment for these designers, why would they get paid to wear these gowns when they can clearly afford them. Oprah for one always get her gowns made exclusively for her by whichever designer she chooses, n i know she pays for that.

  6. I think the publisher of such articles should be careful in the use of their words. You cant insult someone in your articles. Calling someone “bush” is called defamation and can result in a legal case. If the lady isnt paying you enough to write nice stuff about he doesnt warrant you to insult her. Who are we to judge others. I always dont comment on articles but as for this one is way too much. Its as if the writer has a personal problem with the lady. Haters be careful!!!

    1. @zena, realli???? den i’m gonna sue many ppl for defamation….let me ask u, do u even know the meaning of that word????saying somebody is bush is equal to saying they are uncouth, rude, lacking gud manners etc…..which of these words constitute defamation???
      don’t worry, u too u talk some…

  7. this site dont write articles profesionaly atall,you dont critisiis profesionally by usin words professionally,the writer sounds more like the bush one to me

    1. @gaby, if someone behaves bush, you write bush about them. why must the writer treat her professionally if she does not carry herself professionally? silly

      1. @Stacy, Isnt she the girl who showed her coochie, please shes more than bush, i have no respect for a girl who shows her coochie to whole the world

  8. so if someone sinks soo low and u also sinks that low to the persons level then what does that make u?it makes u look worse than that fellow,its upto to to maintain ur profesionalism and not undermine the job or profeesion called journalism

    1. @gaby, i agree with you and i have most of the time said here that the writer and owner of this site is unprofessional,there are a lot he needs to learn,he is still very young and should read more about things to do and say as a professional on your job,but for now he is just not there yet.I dont like that girl one bit and as far as am concern she is absolutely not a celebrity, but if i owned a site such as this,i will be careful what i write about all these wonna be celebrities, it would have been to leave the insult to your readers. thats how it works in the business world,,professionalism must always come first.

  9. I believe that Chris has a point in bringing out these red carpet DON’TS, unfortunately his choice of words bothers on a personal attack of the lady Raquel, I am pretty sure other celebrities have done worse but have not been called BUSH. It will be proper to be a bit civil in writing these articles so you dont cause unnecessary tension or be seen as biased in your reportage. thanks

    1. @sweetness, yeah, I agree totally with you… a bit of decorum should be exercised, yeah she made a mistake, but your choice of words seem more like a personal attack and I think that is not fair!

  10. I must commend you though, for bringing these lovely photos of other Hollywood stars as good examples, you did a good job and e research work is on point. kudos

  11. wooow. i m not a fan of her. but lets face the truth here, she is wearing a beautifull dress made with  ntoma or ankara fabrics  which represent africa . and now some of you are saying she has copied  western style, so in this case u are claiming dat ntoma fabrics are now for the western people. .
    dat is our inspiration. awwwwww adzeeeeeeeeenn
    and as a writer who post this, she is not a bust girl.. 

  12. Whoever designer this dress is a very bad costume maker.Before, you make a dress for anyone, you have to know their body type and work it out for them.This mix match fabric could have been made in a different way to look more classy.Am not a big fan of her after her disgrcaeful act but this time around, I would blame her stylist.The fabric on the outer looks too rigid so space should have been created on the side just to make walking more comfortable.And u too raquel, stop showing ur bra strap, u r not the only woman with breast..ahhh


  14. This so called writer, I realise you love to pick up on girls in your so called journalism why call her bush did you made her or own her question is did she choose her dress her self you sit behind your desktop or whatever browsing for nonsenses how can you compare an A-list to African premiere who is more bush over her get a life she made a mistake so what what is it to you people like you shouldn’t judge others until they have looked at their own life’s and the mess they have made because your a mess 

  15. I think Chris was a bit too harsh. He seems like he has some personal issues with Raquel. As a professional, which I think you are, I don’t think you should be writing your articles in such a manner. It is obvious that she blew the fashion on the red carpet by exposing her bra and of course holding the dress, but that still doesn’t justify you calling her names. Please be mindful and respectful of others. You can always give constructive criticism, and it works best. Name callings and personal attacks become something out of the ordinary. I don’t know people like to expose their bra. What happened to strapless bra? At my age (46), I would not be caught going out in public exposing my bra. I think it is not sexy at all.

  16. Violence begets violence.i hope all is well with yours.lets forget the past,focus on the present and ensure our dreams are transmutted into reality in the future.cherio.

  17. Violence begets violence.i hope all is well with your souls.lets forget the past,focus on the present and ensure our dreams are transmutted into reality in the future.cherio.