Movie Trailer: Faith & Fantasy Starring Majid Michel, Van Vicker, Jackie Appiah, Nikki Samonas, Jayke Aenan & Others!

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‘Faith & Fantasy’ premieres on Saturday 5th May 2012 at the National Theatre

It is exciting to see collaborations from Ghana and their Nigerian counterparts. The relationship and collaborative efforts of the two West African countries has given birth to yet another blockbuster movie titled ‘Faith & Fantasy’.
Great Casts:
‘Faith & Fantasy’ comes with casts who has garnered enough experience in their chosen fields. The movie features experience hands like Africa Movie Academy Awards [AMAAs] winners, Majid Michel and Jackie Appiah as well as Van Vicker and Nikki Samonas.
Also in the movie are Joel D. William and musician Eze Nwadinobi. One actor who is making a great comeback is Jayke Aernan who is now known as Pastor Jayke Aernan.
‘Faith & Fantasy’ involves around a night club owner and a pimp. As they go about their everyday business, pastors break into their world. Hell is then left loose. The hunters become the hunted.
It is a movie that will arrest you and place a demand on you to make a life changing choice. ‘Faith & Faith’ is a Jayke Aernan movie with collaboration from EZ Production, Ayatutu Int’l and City Light.
The Grand Premiere is set on Saturday 5th of May 2012, at the National Theatre from 4pm & 7pm. Preceding the premiere will be live performances from Tinny, Trigmatic, Jupiter, Eze, Sherifa Gunu, Tic Tac among others.
Tickets for the premiere goes for GHC20 for single and GHC30 four double.
Check the trailer out:
‘Faith & Fantasy’ premieres on Saturday 5th May 2012 at the National Theatre

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  1. seems like a nice movie but this movie should be really called fair skin people since they are so many lightskinned actors in this one lol

  2. Maybe I’m the only one who is disappointed with this trailer. You have a galaxy of stars! I would expect great picture, great sound and great directions…..Something of the quality of what Leila Djansi, Shirley F-Manso or even Venus Films do. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come close. Maybe I’m being too quick to judge, and I should wait till I see the full movie. However I cant help but notice how the first picture in trailer (with the aeroplanes) has the camera shaking badly, how bad the pictures look generally, the terrible sounds with the screams as Eze chases some lady to abuse her, the fight scenes akin to something you’d expected in TV theatre, etc.
    Seriously, if you can afford all these stars, you must surely be able to put some money into ensuring that you get good pictures, good sound……and of course, a professional director.

  3. Exciting should it be! Faith and fantasy especially in this modern world with its captive tentacles all over our daily routines is a competitive title ever. These two key words or personalities in our modern world are great enemies and you cannot prevent clashes when it is all about a nightclub owner or a slot, Pimp and a pastor or Imam.
    Life now a day has become so sophisticated so delicates…to the extent that you hardly can understand or blame, accuse everything you see. Adventure is everywhere as money is the key of life. Poverty is at its peak, which also leads to many adventures. While religion or faith is recommended to calm our soles in, other words to control and correct the lifestyle of humanity but does not solve economic problems.
    It is a great handycraft so far.