Profiles of Ghana’s Reps To The Big Brother Stargame!

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Big Brother Stargame
Big Brother Stargame

Eazzy [Mildred], Keita and DKB were unveiled as Ghana’s reps to the Big Brother Stargame few hours ago.
Check out their profiles below.

Age:  25
Occupation:  Musician
Accra-based Mildred is a musician, with a Professional Certificate and Advanced Qualification in Marketing. She entered Big Brother StarGame to take up the challenge of living with people, learning new cultures and lifestyles, building on her personality and winning the money – plus gaining African recognition. She doesn’t mind having the whole continent watching her as she is a celebrity in Ghana, so she’s used to it.
Her favourite former Housemate is Abby from Season 1. If she wins, she’ll spend the money on building her music career and push it further to all countries on the continent. She’s hoping to gain exposure from the Big Brother StarGame experience – and also learn from the different personalities in the House.
Mildred describes herself as energetic, bubbly, determined, vibrant and tolerant – and likes humour and understanding in others. She says that her tolerance and vibrancy are her favourite traits – but she loves her physical looks and qualities too.

Age: 22
Occupation: Model
Keitta is a model, who hails from Accra. He was inspired to enter Big Brother StarGame by the challenge of living with different people and cultures.
He was also interested to see how he would be able to stay in the house – and of course he has an eye on the money too! He’s not worried about having Africa’s eyes on him 24/7 and looks forward to challenging the different points of view of everyone on the continent. If he wins the grand prize, he’ll start his own entertainment company to boost the Ghanaian and African music and fashion industries.
Keitta describes himself as patient, kind, energetic and daring and thinks the best part of his personality is his ability to be patient and laid-back at certain times. He likes people who tell the truth and dislikes people who do things slowly, who don’t make their point and who lie.
He’s on the show to get African recognition for his modeling career and his favourite previous Housemate is Karen, because she is “daring, and smart”.

Age: 26
Occupation: Comedian
Comedian, TV presenter, event organizer and talent manager DKB hails from Accra. He entered Big Brother StarGame because it’s a platform for people from different cultures and socialization to meet and bring the best out of themselves. He describes himself as sociable, kind, trustworthy, entertaining and adaptable and promises viewers “non-stop entertainment”.
DKB’s role model is Tyler Perry because of the way he’s used his talent to empower black people. He says his Uncle has had the biggest influence on him “because he has taught me how to be a responsible man”.
His favourite part of Ghana is the Cape Coast, while the best thing about Africa is the culture. He’s a huge fan of Ice Cube and Tyler Perry and enjoys the music of Sarkodie, M.I.m Jay-Z, Eminem, HHP, Busta Rhymes, Usher and Freshlyground.

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  1. other conutries always present @ least HND or degree holders but ghana is always SHS guys that might not even knows the types of communication or Channels of Communication so they just can’t achieve anything in the big-brother house…

    1. @tosefa, sorry, but this is a hasty conclusion! They did not state the educational level of all of them so you cannot perceive all are SHS graduates. DKB was my junior in Legon.