Showbiz Honours Is Back. Who Takes Over From Nadia Buari?

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Showbiz Honours 2010
Showbiz Honours 2010

Organizers of the Showbiz Honours, Emklan Entertainment have hinted GhanaCelebrities.Com that, they are set to hold the second edition of the event this year with few reforms and exciting packages.
In 2010, a new dawn broke in the entertainment industry with the launch and introduction of Showbiz Honours, an event to celebrate and honour personalities in the music, movie, television, radio and sports fraternity in Ghana for their professional and social excellence.
For the first edition, multiple award winning actress Nadia Buari was picked to be honoured. As the maiden edition, she received exciting packages as well as citation by the organizers.
The college of the Honours which is also the Selection Committee is made up of showbiz analysts, critics and stakeholders. This committee is a confidential team. Selection of an honouree is solely based on criteria or even better achievement than the criteria out lines.
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The College after several deliberations decided to honour a Sports Personality this year. Even though the name of the personality is not yet out, the speculation has started with names like Azumah Nelson, Asamoah Gyan, Dede Ayew, Michael Essien, former Black Stars coaches Sellas Tetteh and Sir Cecil Jones Attuquayefio springing up in various discussions.
Stacy Amoateng, the Executive Director of Emklan Entertainment in a release copied to GhanaCelebrities.Com said “plans are far advanced for the announcement of the honouree soon”.
Should the College come up with more than one name, it means the general public would be given the opportunity to join in by voting which amounts to 30% with 70% going to the College.
Meanwhile below are the criteria for selection:
LONGEVITY OF FIVE YEARS OR MORE: THE HONOUREE must be the showbiz industry for five years or more.
THE HONOUREE must be involved in social work or charity
PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT: THE HONOUREE must be successful in their professional achievements.
AWARDS OR NOMINATIONS: THE HONOUREE must have won awards or received nominations for their work.
INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION: THE HONOUREE must have enjoyed publicity outside Ghana and has a great fan base abroad.
PROFESSIONALISM, DYNAMISM AND SKILL: THE HONOUREE must have proven to be outstanding in their career by exhibiting a great deal of professionalism, dynamism and skill.
PROMINENT APPEARANCES: THE HONOUREE must have made prominent appearances

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    1. @cici, Adorable beauty? LMAO. Where? I guess only in Ghana. see Nadia Buari in reality and u will realised that she not all that. there are lotta light skinned here in Accra that so beautiful than she is. she is short, chubby, fat face, a little knocked knee even though hers is better than Juliet Ibrahim, i see most of these celebrities all the time at events here in Accra. Atleast the ones that she attend. one thing that i give her credit for is that she knows how to dress tho kill that is it. apart from that her attitude stinks. this girl doesnt like taking pictures with fans who approach her at events here in accra. Lotta people here in Accra knows her attitude. she thinks the whole ghana movie industry and the actors and actresses are beneath her. her little sister Sydikat is much sweeter and outgoing than Nadia is.

      1. @OpokuWare,You sound like a big hater  don’t waist your last one Ghana cedi to come and write 

        1. @Miyagi, You are very stupid . Am not a hater, i am only saying the truth. Maybe I am not a Nadia ass licker like you so i am going to tell it like i see it. All you probably know of Nadia is perhaps through pictures and movies. Go to events at Accra and see the real Nadia. i will reiterate that Nadia has an attitude and is average looking when you see her in reality. how does that make me a hater. because i am telling it like i see it. As i guy i see lot of regular light skinned girls at events who are more beautiful than Nadia. if you love her so much maybe instead of calling me a hater, you should rather advice her to drop that attitude.

          1. @OpokuWare,Hahahahahaha you hit allot of bla bla bla you know hahahah and that’s what you call 
            The truth by insulting me as well Hahahaha dude use your one ghana cedi well adios puta maricon

      2. @OpokuWare,gyimi gyimii…kwasia opoku ware…why dony give ur own freaking comment than to reply to mine…an idiot like u..

      3. @OpokuWare, am glad you know her too,you see most of these people here on this site just dont get it or they refuse to get it,i have known this girl since the days of things we do for love,with pusher,bushkey,aluta and co and ofcause my good friend the late suzy williams.there are alot of things that goes on in the movie industry than meet the eye, i have my reasons for not liking Nadia and infact it got worse when among all the decent women we have in Ghana,she chose to be friends with one like confidence,that was the height of it,jackie is also not my fan but i admire her for marrying early and on time too and for all these years has sustained that marriage,that goes to show that the people around her gives her good advice.after suzys death which i hate to remember,alot of issues came up and alot of questions were asked,it was there things began to be clear to me,there are private things that some of us know and its not our duty to come here and spread it out no,but personally she is not a fan,perhaps if she settles down and do some humanitarian projects like what jackie is doing with children,then some of us might consider her a celebrity because thats what being a celebrity is all about,making impact on the lives of people,i dont celebrate people because they are halfcast or beautiful but what your achievements are,for a girl as beautiful as she is to be still single raises alot of questions and thats the point,beauty is not all,charactor and atitude,as woman,men that will be ready to fuck you dey plenty but the one to say lets go to the alter is the problem.these days the men look beyong beauty.lets stop celebrating what i call celebeauty intead of celebrities.

          1. @jessi,Someone who will be monitoring your from left to right with all the trash your spitting out I will be your nightmare on 
            Elm street 

  1. Please for the love of God tell them not to consider Michael Essien.It will be an idictment on our NATION. Dude is not socially responsible one bit. He doesn’t have a great personality or star power. someone else

      1. @jessi,He is down with her where you there to witness it to assume something like that how do you know it wasn’t the other way round huh you see why I say you write trash  dont assume something you don’t know