Ghana’s Top 5 Sexiest Female Musicians. Who Is Your Pick?

Mzbel on Vodafone Ghana Music Awards red carpet
Mzbel on Vodafone Ghana Music Awards red carpet

When someone is said to be sexy, it’s because the person is sexually interesting or exciting. What is sexy to you may not necessarily be sexy to the next person.
Saying a person is sexy means the person’s fashion, mannerisms or how they walk is taken into consideration. This is why both sexes can be sexy at any given time.
I can imagine the kind of names that will spring up if I give you the opportunity to name your sexiest female musicians in Ghana. You can still do that in the comment box below.
Though Reggie Rockstone is not very active in Hip Life now, he still commands lots of respect. The senior brother of Keitta, one of Ghana’s reps to the on-going Big Brother Stargame in South Africa is described as ‘Hip Life’ grandpapa due to his involvement with genre in its early stages.
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Reggie appeared on Gh-One’s E-Talk show and mentioned to Ghanaians who he thinks are the top 5 Ghanaian sexiest female musicians. On number 5 is Tiffany who now prefers to call herself ‘ItzTiffany’.
On 4th position is the lady Reggie described as ‘my future’ sister in-law. If you still didn’t know, who he is talking about here, then he’s talking about Eazzy who is using her real name Mildred in the Big Brother Stargame.
On the 3rd position is controversial rapper – Mzbel. She has lots of controversies trailing her name but Rockstone feels she deserves to be in there.
‘African Woman’ singer Becca managed to pick the 2nd spot with Stephanie Benson despite her age picking the first position.
I know Rockstone left out some names you would have loved to see in the list. So let’s know your list.
Check out Reggie Rocksone’s list below:

Number 5


 Number 4

Eazzy at VGMA

 Number 3

Mzbel on Vodafone Ghana Music Awards red carpet
Mzbel on Vodafone Ghana Music Awards red carpet

 Number 2

Becca At MTN Ghana Music Awards 2011
Becca At MTN Ghana Music Awards 2011

 Number 1

Stephanie Benson at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards red carpet
Stephanie Benson at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards red carpet

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  1. I will go for Becky first than easy than Stephanie benson and Tiffany Mzbel shouldn’t even be in the list I’m just going to pretend as I haven’t seen her picture at all this old rusty used body nothing sexy about her at all with her chickens legs 

  2. Mzbels chicken legs paaa hahahaha LMAO…anyway dis is one man speaking his mind so is definately not true cos some ppl r not suppose to be on here like mzbel

  3. Hmmmmm well in this case I’m gonna go with Ezzay…So far as am concerned she’s really a gorgeous lady plus she ain’t desperate with having all her bits hanging out plus homegirl has talent. 

  4. The sexiest, prettiest, model, female musician in my opinion picture is not there so I will not comment on these just okay batch. Becca, Eazzy, Mzbel, Tiffany are ordinary and cannot turn heads.

  5. #:1 Becca, #:2 Steph, #:3 Eazy, #:4 Mzbel and #:5 Tiffany. Becca dey form and Steph despite her age still look good. Eazy is sexy, Mzbel is Trashy but still sexy, Tiffany looks like crap to me. She needs to work on her dressing and her body, she is pretty yes but that is going down.