DKB & Roki's Trivial Argument!

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Roki & DKB
Roki & DKB

The atmosphere in Upville was back to normal, and the Housemates didn’t seem too upset about Mampi’s departure. However, Zainab said that she’ll be celebrating Mampi tomorrow by playing one of her songs. Roki and DKB got into a fight about something quite trivial. We are not sure how and why the argument started.
Apparently DKB made a joke about something to do with a song, teabags and Chris Brown. Roki flipped and the two got into a yelling match.
The two kept accusing each other of being insecure and made up a few more insults as they went along. DKB then told Roki to stop bothering him. Zainab eventually came to DKB’s rescue, and told Roki that the joke had nothing to do with him and that DKB wasn’t in the wrong.
Roki surprisingly apologised and said “I’m sorry. You’re right, I am insecure. It’s because you’re bigger than me.” Roki proceeded to say that he feels like he needs to attack DKB because he’s bigger than him. The dispute ended soon after and the two started chatting and went back to normal.
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