Video: Keitta & Mildred Have A Heart To Heart Chat!

1 min

Mildred will not stop being jealous and over protective of Keitta. As two of them have been nominated for a possible eviction next Sunday, her attitude might possibly infuriate viewers to kick them out of the game.
In their diary room section with Big Brother, jealous Mildred complain about things Keitta does that she’s not enthused about.
She must let a brother be – what was she thinking when accepting to go in there with her boyfriend?
Guess what Big Brother told them? Stay strong and focus on what you are here for – US300,000.

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  1. Eazyy wo y3 Panintoto paa..AAHHH..This girl irritates me now, why yo acting soo bossy on they guyIts not like its ur personal life, its a game..Allow him to socialize to play the game so people can find him interesting and vote for him.Eh, Keitta so do u allow ur girl to dictate for u in real life like this.?Thien u r in hot waterss..

    1. @Adjoa Nbaaso), lol …i agree with u on this ..eazzy is behaving impossible with the guy ..even in the house she doesnt socialize with anyone ecept her guy ..and he even tells her to loosen up and communicate with the other house mates ..yet she wanna stop guy from socializing with others .i wonder what she is still doing there?? she needs to be voted out

  2. hmmmmm lol……. anyway it seems Eazzy is really in love with this guy…..she cant control herself dats de fact….. love is blind ooo.. n love doesn knw if u r a star or not… it gonna let u act crazily….. wishin her de bst.