Breaking News: DKB & Zainab Out Of StarGame?

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DKB Up For Eviction
DKB Up For Eviction

The future of DKB and Zainab in the Big Brother house is hanging in the air. This comes hot on the heels of a heated altercation that ensued between the two which turned violent.
Big Brother rules state that violence in the house is strictly prohibited and the instigation of violence is also prohibited. The altercation started after Zainab walked into the shower while DKB was showering.
This infuriated the Ghanaian comedian who came rushing out of the bathroom to confront Zainab. DKB told Zainab that no self-respecting woman would do what she did and the argument then escalated and DKB threatened to slap her.
At this point the Sierra Leonean got in his face and repeatedly shouted: “Slap me now.” The comedian lost his cool and eventually slapped the model and the two wrestled each other until the other housemates charged in to break up the fight.
Big Brother, and its Producers, reserve the right to disqualify any Housemates whose actions are in direct contravention of the House Rules.
Currently a decision is being made on whether either or both of them will be sent home and an official press release will be issued.
Is this the end of the road for controversial StarGame Housemates? Only time will tell.
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  1. women women women!!!!!!!! what the hell did she go and do at the bath house. they always want to see d**k to f***k their P***y. what a shame now see what she has caused DKB. foolish woman.

    1. @vincent, Oh Women di33 women..As much as am against the fact that DKB slapped her I think that girl got what She asked for.She is got a loud mouth and thinks no one can handle her..She had numerous of fight with the Angolan guy, Seydou and even went to the extent of calling his mum a whore.Sometimes u need to fear something in this world and becareful what u wish for.(I feel for terrible for both of them ritenow)

  2. DKB shouldn’t have slapped a woman in the first place esp when its on TV, now they have both been sacked and it serves him right. He is a big disgrace to GH

  3. I though in big brother,Guys and girls showered together….I mean didn’t DKB watch it in Big brother?? or maybe Zainab thought it was  done in downville( i mean people shower together girls and boys on the BBVIP ) and she could bring the same to upville……..

  4. Zainab: Slap me now, slap me now!
    DKB: Pow!!
    Naniama!!..Next time, come and spy on guys when they are bathing. Loud mouth bitch. ha ha ha ha…

  5. It was wrong for DKB to slap her as a man you don’t beat up a lady but as for zanaib she got what she deserve after teaming up to break keita and Mildred 

  6. i am the happiest person today,,, zainab finaly got she wanted. A HOT SLAP ”WAM” Dkb, am proud of u. U were already coming home, walk with ur shoulders high. U ve silenced the loud mouth.

  7. Hey Sharrap Frank. See they way that disrespectful nonchalant girl was in his face swearing at him. Damn $300,000, DKB, Go slap her again. She was messin all over the place, thinking no one could stop her. She did same thing to Seydou…But DKB is one time man. Honey Kuchi kuchi.

  8. hmmmm I wonder which part of Ghana this boy was raised and who raised him. He seems to have no manners. Bring your shameful behind home eh. Put this issue aside kuraa, DKB was a problem from day one. He was all over the place, cursing and conducting himself inappropriately. SHAMEFUL

  9. Thumps Up Biggy.. Its high time Zainab was put in her place….
    At least now Mildred has sumfin to rejoice over…
    Great decision…