Bow Wow Release Video In Ghana Smoking Weed & Bodyguard Pushing National Security Personnel Aside On Stage

Bow Wow
Bow Wow

YMCMB artiste Bow Wow came to Ghana and rocked the Stand UP GH concert in Accra and left with many unanswered questions being thrown to the doorsteps of the organisers – Imajin Advertising.
Aside rocking the show, Bow Wow’s bodyguard terrorised people, including pushing National Security and uniformed Ghana Police Personnel who helped with security on stage.
That issue has been a topic for discussion on various platforms in Ghana. This same bodyguard pushed people away at backstage. He didn’t care who it was. For him, no one has the right to come near Bow Wow.
Bow Wow rocked but the bodyguard did take something away from his first visit to Africa.
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The topic will still be discussed but the rapper’s camp has released video on YouTube  directed by Rico Da Crook.
The video showed his departure from the US to his arrival at the Kotoka International Airport and several inappropriate and strange things which will get people talking.
We have decided to bring the video for you guys to see plus the review of the concert.
Watch the video below.
Stand UP GH concert review on TV3
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0 thoughts on “Bow Wow Release Video In Ghana Smoking Weed & Bodyguard Pushing National Security Personnel Aside On Stage”

  1. This boy should stick to acting and leave the music for others cause your time is up, but as for the policeman on the big hahaha it’s only in Ghana where you can drive a motorbike with one hand and wage with the other one 

  2. we will always be slaves to British/Americans if we continue with this attitude. i feel very ashamed to watch the indiscipline of the police in this country.

  3. why does ghanaians always complain about international artiste performing in ghana? thats why they dont like to come to ghana they rather go to nigeria and angolA WERE THEY R APPRECIATE.S TOP COMPLAINING AND START ORGANISE SHOWS PROPERLY

        • @JEALOUS ONE,don’t you think its a bit stupid to write “why do Ghanaian complain to much” while your one yourself, dnt see it as a insult because 
          I am not insulting you but just trying to understand why you would write something like that while your one yourself 

  4. Ghanaians need to stop with the thinking that weed is cocaine or something. WOW he’s smoking weed in his hotel room, is he smoking weed in your room? I personally know people who’ve used weed to concentrate through college. I also know people who smoke to calm down body pains. Most of the crime going on in Ghana today are from people who are normally sober. Stop trying to equate weed with crime. I’m Ghanaian myself and i smoke, i don’t act crazy, nor do i have a criminal record. I think the main issue in this video is the policeman, who’s obviously showing off to the camera like an idiot

    • @Nii, i Totally agree with you my Brother…..Ghanaians makes a deal out of nothing. My Friend smoke weed all the time and believe me hes the calmiest person i know. Wees dont nessary makes u go crazy or do something crazy. Most weed are prescribe by Doctors. i work at the hospital and i know wat am saying……soo people please chill out a bit. this aint no big deal.


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