Reality TV, A Golden Opportunity To Fame Or The Doom Of Mishaps?

Whether it is about people trying to find love,  racing across the globe, facing their fears, living with strangers, or talent competitions, there seems to be no off-limits when it comes to reality TV shows these days.
Yes, I know, they are so addictive and so juicy to watch! But it must be hell to be a post/ex-contender of some of these shows especially considering some of the dramatic exits. I find myself wondering, whether reality TV really is  the a golden ticket to fame and quick cash or whether they are just one those things that you get into to gain some publicity and you end up with more than you bargained for ( a bad reputation as the icing on the cake!) ?
Is it worth the aftermath of damaged image and reputation? I mean I don’t even want to mention names but we all know where I’m going with this.
The whole issue of DKB and Eazzy on Big Brother Africa, the exit drama and having to come out into the “real world” with pending damage control raise the question; Is it really worth it?
Sometime I ask myself what makes people want to do some these show and honestly, I can’t seem to figure out because it seems to me that 3 out of 5 reality stars end up with reputation issues after the shows!
They can blame it on the stress of the competition, the editing , the producers and the hair stylists  but seriously, can you guys please help me figure out why people go into all these shows in the first place, is it for money, for fame or just to be on TV?
Let’s hear what you think of some these shows. Would you still do it even if it means losing yourself in the process?? Let’s get talking…


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0 thoughts on “Reality TV, A Golden Opportunity To Fame Or The Doom Of Mishaps?”

  1. i dont think it is a bad thing, after all there is no such thing as bad publicity once u figure out how to take advantage of the negativity against u

  2. true but for some of our contenders who already have an established image, the negatives are more than the positive. If you are contending as a neutral person, then may be that is the image you are going for

  3. I do wonder myself what on EARTH would posess someone to even apply to go on this show…I would go for all the money in the world! Though I guess they say everyone wants their five minutes of fame! Like you asked, is it REALLY worth it. I’m not sure how it is for the African BB, we don’t get much access here in the UK, but I can say the BB here has at least given a few ppl good prospects so in someways you can see the attraction. Some off the ppl who’ve won UK big brother have gone  onto to become successful actors/hosts/DJs or even just being famous for being famous on reality tv! so maybe Africa could do the same for their contestants though I doubt it! From what i’ve seen it’s a different ball game out there on Africa BB. 


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