Video Interview: Nadia Buari Talks About Her Career, Misconceptions About Her Personality & More

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Golden Icons  TV recently caught up with Award Winning Ghanaian Actress-Nadia Buari for an interview, and Nadia Buari took them deep into her world-talking about her career, her ordeals with the tabloids, her personality and other interesting things…
Check out the video interview below…Do you feel her? 
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Nadia Buari or whatever you call yourself. As a ghanaian the one thing i cannot stand bout her is her faking of the accent intertwining the british and the american. Be yourself nadia and stop faking it – we know you want to go into hollywood but please be yourself. You are a legon educated girl and went to an accra international school like the rest of us – speak like legon girls speak – no need to slang. Yvonne Okoro and Martha and Majid and JD all speak normal eloquent articulate Ghanaian accent (its not forced its natural)– but as for you all the RRRRRRRRRRR that you allways do mi si eyer nkwasiasem – There is no need for it – Be yourself. It sounds annoying in the ears. Wu pri wu hu dudu. Abai. Nsemfo kwa.! Only insecure bitches fake their accent.

  2. When will this girl stop the fake accent BS? I can’t even watch the rest of the video because it is so annoying. WTF. NEXT ARTICLE PLEASE

    1. @kwabena, and what do you sound like An old lady on her period your intellect is deeply submersed in a pool of pillock. It basically means you are stupid

  3. Nadia, you are a great actress….Keep it up…I understand the english you spoke and that is all that matters…why can’t people stop watching American movies if they are irritated by their accent..Keep it up girl…the sky is your beginning …..

  4. LOL… her fake accent is what you guys are noticing!!! I’m thinking more of how light her skin has become. WOW girl!!!

    1. @Amoah, when my mum and i cussed her  out , for giving me dirty looks at miss gh uk 08 she didn’t sound like that! when she was saying sorry.


        1. @ato, OMG!!! why will Joselyn fake her curves. Abeg!!! that woman is naturally endowed. pretty face, curves, and nice behind.

      1. @DaCosta, am a woman and i know there are some women called “The Total Package”. If you say Nadia doesn’t fit that category then so is Joselyn Dumas. Maybe u didnt notice but next time u see Joselyn Dumas, check out her misquito legs which doesnt compliment her hip size and so called “Nice Behind”…… am sure if each of us were given the opportunity to recreate ourselves, there would be one or two things we wld change… i have a nice slim figure with all the right curves as a woman, men go bohaha when they see my legs but not all men will call me pretty bcoz we all have choices….many wld want to just kiss my lips or look at my eyes, yet sometyms my guy refuses a kiss frm me bcoz i did smething wrng and he’s punishing me….. I am not a big fan of Nadia but my point is Dont insult the lady if u dont like her….!!!

        1. @Eaglebabe, where in my comment did i insult Nadia. i just said just wait and see this girl in person before you judge whether she is the most beautifu actress in Ghanal.i am a guy who hve had the opportunity to see both women in person therefore i am basing my judgment based on what i have witnessed. Nadia comes out as very short and chubby with a fat face. there is nothing spectacular about her looks when you see her at Events except she knows how to dress. its the truth, see her in person and notice for yourself. Abeg joselyns legs are not that skinny pls. her legs are not as big as nadia’s but they still looks good in heels. i really dont understand why ghanaians cant seem to acknowledge the beauty of other ghanaian actresses just because of this short, chubby light skinned who walks around Ghana thinking everybody is beneath her. see how she sat there and gave a sweet interview but in reality she has a very nasty personality .whenever you get the opportunity to meet her, ask her about how she treated those three old women who wanted to great her at her own grandmother’s funeral. she treated them like they were ugly. wouldnt even shake hands with them. i was present at her grandmother’s funeral because of her brother Majeed . Also ask her about why she like to snobs fans who tries to meet her at events.

          1. @DaCosta, like i said earlier, am not a fan of Nadia, but my point is, everyone has the right to live their life the way they want…if she wanna speak like that, i think its ok since she’s not speaking to offend anyone….am sure she knows most people talks about the way she speaks but she still does…..i dont even watch her movies bcz i dnt like them….i have met both women and so many others several times and i know what u’re saying but jst let her speak her LAFA… lets all accept her the way she is wai…..jst like our friends have accepted us the way we are…

          2. @DaCosta, oh so you were there,hmmmm i see,little by little people will get to understand that not all that gliters is GOLD,if she thinks everybody is beneath her, well we will see who will marry her then,as for the men them dey,money dey get,you want money they will give you and ofcause fuck you,but to marry you with all that beauty,hmmmmmm that is when you will know whether beauty is gold or matter how rich or beautiful a woman is,she always ends up in the kitchen.

        2. Saying that Nadia Buari is the most beauitful actress in Ghana i believe is an insult to a lot of Beautiful Ghanaian actress you guys have. i am a nigerian who have gotten the opportunity to know a lotta of ghanaian actresses from ghanaian movies, and i can clearly say that Nadia is not the most beauitful. there is this group picture of Nadia, yvonne Nelson and this new actress at BellaNaija, and it took me seeing this picture for me to realize that the Nadia is not all that cute. i think without the heavy Make up and those bright colored wigs that she puts on to spice her look, she is not soo beauitful as ghanaians think. she looked kinda old too.

          1. @ChiChi, right but your last sentence about Ghanaians think,no not all Ghanaians think,i for one dont think so,she is beautiful yes but not soo beautiful.about looking old well perhaps,one cant really tell because of all this makeups,without makeups will be better to tell the difference,but she is defenately not the most beautiful actress in Ghana or in africa for that matter,she is only half cast and beautiful but not the most beautiful and for her acting for me is no no no.

      2. @DaCosta,yooo whoever you are,I AM saying she’s the most beautiful actress in GH..if you don’t freaking understand,just go to the comment..ad3333n..as3mfuuu

        1. @cici, IYO, but i still think a little exposure will do you a lotta good because its pretty clear you have never seen such a beauty before in your entire life. My elder brother is laughing right now at your comment because, just like me, he has personally seen Nadia and know what she looks like in reality.ok if it makes you happy; i never said Nadia is ugly, no, she is certainly not an ugly girl but in reality she is not a WOW beauty either. she just a regular looking light skinned girl.

          1. @DaCosta, this one?my dear forget it,there is nothing else to say,the next thing will be insults nothing more,no only insults thats what she knows how to do best.idears don finish.

  5. Nadia’s accent and the interviewer’s accent are both the what the heck are these people talking?this accent is nowhere near american accent..this is a new era and people gotta improve..these nagging people complaining Nadia’s accent are the ones forcing to speak like an American not Nadia..Nadia has one of the perfect voice,accent,physique,and personality in Africa..hating her for nothing..aaaah u people koraa di33..tweaaa

  6. u claim in ur interview that u want 2 promote Africa. how can u promote africa n Ghana with this fake british and american accent. pls if u want 2 promote Ghana pls speak with a Gh accent. Kofi Annan never changed his accent and yet he became the united nations secretary general.

    1. @Sasha,the whites come here yet people can hear and understand them ,dont listen and dont look her way if she so annoys and irritates you.

  7. I think this girl comes across as really sweet and real, I like her honesty and as for the accent she has done a good job at learning it well, I dont mind people speaking with an accent as long as they speak good English that is audible and understandable

    1. @Miyagi,hey bros how? i wonder i dont think its hypocricy but rather envy, the important thing is this lady has helped raised ghanas name internationally ,whether we like it or not ,

  8. yall are some certified haters…how is her accent fake or bad…smh yall just love to hate her, my mom actually knows one of nadia’s sister and she says nadia is soo quiet just as she described herself, i dont know her personally so im not even gonna bash or insult her…yall are some salty people, leave her alone, twwww….go ahead and do your thing nadia, keep it up cuz haters just gonna hate and let that be your motivation go do better and go to higher places, twwwww Ghanaians blow me for real, always got something to say…i bet if she was in front yall, yall wont be saying half the stuff yall saying behind a computer

  9. Why oh why won’t people be proud of someone for their accomplishments and quit with the negative comments? And since when did your accent define who you are? Last time i checked speaking English in a different accent does not make someone any less of a human. It’s just who i am. If Nadia Buari can speak and articulate then i do not understand the negativity towards her. For someone who is really just trying to live out her dreams she has received an awful lot of bullying from people from her own country. It’s really a big shame. There’s really no need for the BULLYING and the hatred so let’s stop.
    And what is a Ghanaian accent supposed to be? Does speaking a different accent make you any less of a Ghanaian? I think not! As long as she knows who she is and where she’s from i think she can definitely promote Africa. Honestly it almost seems that some people just hate others because they’re successful and strive to attain success and happiness in life.
    I think Nadia is definitely being herself. And for all those who are calling her indecent names how would you feel if someone reciprocated those same words to you? I don’t believe it would make you feel good about yourself so please quit. 

    1. @anonymous,well said ,they will continue to wallow in their poverty and nadia will go high ,high and high so they can go and burn the sea.

    2. @anonymous, i agree with you as some point,i think you make some sence in your comment because you sticked to the issues and not insults,that shows that you are intellegent but some fews questions: if i say that yes beautiful woman but i dont think she is good at acting,does that make me a bully for expressing my opinion?am not her fan does that make me a hater?

      1. @jessi, not being a fan of her does not make you a hater! you are allowed to say she is not a good actress in your opinion but what bothers me about some of the comments is the negative words and feelings towards her like calling her fake, degrading and insulting her for the way she speaks, not beautiful, disgusting and an insecure bitch among others is what irks me. The fact that she is also hated on because of her skin tone is also bothersome…it’s like being told you’re not black enough. Do you get my point?

  10. That accent sounds as fake as a 3 dollar bill! WTH
    As for the presenter she is actually Naija/American based in the states, where she grew up, which justifies her accent.
    Kindly explain where Nadia’s comes from?
    Other than that she is very pretty.

  11. What the  fuck are you haters talking about? I just watched the whole video and all i can say is wow…..!! what is this thing about her accent all about? is it because she can speak better than most of you guys living abroad? Nadia has impressed me by the way she speaks. Nadia I love your movies, I love you and may you continue to shine…..!! I decree and declare that, may you increase and may your haters decrease. AMEN

      1. @yasmin, yes ooohhhh enemies of progress…… i wonder why alot of ppl jealous ddys young lukn lady…… Nadia mmmmwwwwwaaaahhhh… u to much

  12. i dont know what to say cos am laughing loudly now @miyagi calm down you realy kill me by saying chimpanzees ahhaha
    any way she is the sweetest actress in ghana now ,love it or hate it

    1. @27calibre (O-o),Lol I I don’t see why she should be critized if those commenting bad about her don’t like her why comment in the first place 

  13. I am not a big fan of Nadia but my point is Dont insult the lady if u dont like her….!!! That is the way she wants to speak her English and what the heck is wrong with that?? my dad is a very learned fellow yet he sometyms pronounce words wrongly and if u ask him he would say that “”i pronounce my words as i see them””” those who are saying Nadia isnt beautiful then the other actresses they mentioned aren’t beautiful too…. i know there are some women called “The Total Package”. If you say Nadia doesn’t fit that category its fine…. but maybe u would want to check out some actresses misquito legs which dont compliment their hip size and so called “Nice Behinds”…… am sure if each of us were given the opportunity to recreate ourselves, there would be one or two things we wld change… i have a nice slim figure with all the right curves as a woman, most men go bohaha when they see my legs but not all men will call me pretty bcoz they all have choices….many wld want to just kiss my lips or look at my eyes, yet sometyms my guy refuses to kiss frm me bcoz i did smething wrng and he’s punishing me for days….. Lets love one another Please!!!

  14. It was MsTilii the popular ghanaian african movie reviewer and critic that highlighted this and made me notice about 4 yrs ago. She is pretty i must say but she cant act a lick to save her life.
    Nadia just be yourself and relax – and you will be fine. We are not stupid – when one fakes it – its clear and we all see it. Try and be natural – just relax

  15. cici and miyagi what cyto school did you attend in Ghana – Muye nkruasi fuo paaa – impressed by anything. clearly you come from the gutters and apuskelekes no wonder you are goo goo gaa gaa about how FAKE nadia is 
    Nkruasi fuor are always impressed by anything fake.

    1. @kwame,I have A.D.H.D! (Attracting D**k Heads Disorder!) I’m going to enjoy every moment of this. NOw tell me Were you held back a grade 2? Which one of the Village People are you supposed to be? You really don’t want to start with me but I will be gentle enough to allow you to enjoy this moment but before I go just remember one thing If Richard Simmons and the female version of Michael Jackson had a baby, you would be the flamboyant idiot it grows into

  16. Abeg!!! Most of u would not see the beauty in person like Joselyn Dumas or any other Ghanaian actress because they are not light enough. thats ghana for u. no wonder lotta Africans especially nigerians insults us. we are the only country who seem to judge beauty by skin color.

    1. @ness, from your comment, i think its fair for me to say that you are completely suffering from inferiority complex. she is not the only lighted skinned ghanaian actress so why will dark skinned girls be jealous of her. wow!!! its only in ghana that if you criticizing a light skinned girl, people think you are jealous. Gosh!!! are we this backwards? the truth is that most of these dark skinned girls you are referring to whether in ghana or outside ghana have seen better looking light skinned girls than Nadia so why will they be jealous. you think she probalably super gorgeous, others think she is not all that . what makes think those who think not all that are jealous of her.

      1. @shakerlina,my dear u welcome..ppl r just so soon as u say someone is beautiful,they just assume u using the person’s color..far from that koraa..what is color?black,white or lightskin?aah these are the same people who r always nagging about racism..they r always stucked..nonsense people who r occupying precious spaces on this planet..

  17. I didn’t want to comment but I decided to. I dont see any faking in her accent. She is just pronouncing the words as it is suppose to be. The fact that her grammar is perfect, smooth and flows like a river you think she is faking. NO. just learn the correct pronunciation with ‘r’ in the word. Just learn and stop unnecessary comments on her accent.

  18. ooo get over urself pple, franky i dnt think she cares, abt what u think and say negatively abt her for that matter. i dnt know her and i dnt live nowhere near africa, so guess what i’ll never get to know or see personally for that matter. idiots either u buy and watch her damn movies or u dnt, no 1 cares. she has a life beyond the fame just like u idoits that comment negative abt her, hey i have a fake british accent wanna hear. exactly !!!!!! like her comment, dnt like her leave the freaking page and dnt watch the video…… the devil is on the loose so he will always try to pull u down, but that’s y we keep on shining