Must Listen To Audio: Chris-Vincent Agyapong & Reggie Rockstone Go Head To Head On Peace Fm Concerning Eazzy Being Used Issue

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Reggie Rockstone
Reggie Rockstone

Last Thursday (7th June, 2012), I had a phone called from Peace Fm (second time of being on there) to throw more light and substantiate on my recent article in which I mentioned that, Eazzy has been used or exploited by certain individuals around her  for the benefit of Keitta, who is desperately looking for a career.
Whiles on air, Reggie Rockstone (senior brother of Keitta  and originator of Hip Life) who claims to have masterminded the whole Eazzy and Keitta Big Brother journey was also called to react to my submission and article.
Reggie came strong as much as he could, trying desperately and unnecessary to discredit my opinion and observation despite all that was developing in the camp of Eazzy and Keitta.
Reggie Rockstone went extremely as far as saying, he was the mind behind the couple going to Big Brother Stargame, he even made them sign a contract or draw up a contract which stipulates that, whoever wins the grand prize, it must be shared among the two-Eazzy and Keitta.

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It was a heated radio confrontation. Throughout the discussion on radio, Reggie Rockstone maintained unfriendly posture and kept saying  that I was lying and did not know what I was talking about.
Unfortunately for Reggie Rockstone, Eazzy debunked  his claims yesterday and went ahead to deny ever signing any contract or even having a meeting with Reggie Rockstone about any percentage of sharing of winnings…

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Listen to the audio below
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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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    1. @mother, i KNOW right…Chris has a loud mouth like that of a woman.U cant quarrel with people like him in public..lolAnyway, I now get this whole thing.I think we should understand where they are coming from:its just two people in love and thats what love can do.I dont think eazzy would have even sacrificed for a relative…This is the meaning of “love is blind”.I just pray they last forever.

  1. @ Reggie…Why should reggie liar about an issue like that..he should know that he is a public figure and therefore must behave as such
    @ DKB….. Is a shame for a man to hit a woman more or less on live show…….he just degraced GH men cus others may say we don’t know how to treat women…shame

  2. He clearly stated that when Eazzy comes back,she will speak and she came down to speak the truth.
    That means Reggie is a damn LIAR and what does he mean by the first picture you see when arriving in Ghana is him.This fool paa.lmfao.He thinks hes boss.

    1. @Metaphor,he is just another foolish idiot and is really feeling himself Reggie is nothing but a Big head short midget i wish i could insult this idiot all the way just because you made a track with snoop and sow few others and think your a boss dude this boy is yawa paa aboa ba Reggie do us all a favour and apply for the new planet of the apes super mini midget 

  3. Did I just hear reggie rockstone say Chris I accept  you are intelligent and blah blah .lol you will confess your self . Chris has shown him pepper . Well done Chris, you stood for your opinion and you won. You have proven that you understand showbiz and you are knowledgeable in that field. You well exposed to western showbiz too and that is your strength over the local champions lol

  4. @Chris you did quite well thumps up you used the right method to face his big fat head “who is Chris” this dude is really feeling himself what a idiot Rockstone on a serious note your full of shit 
    i smell allot of lies coming from Reggie on a serious note listening to this conversation tells me that Reggie and his brother planned this whole thing to make his brother popular through Mildred (eazzy) cause he already stated that no one new that he had a brother means that his younger brother was just a unknown low life idiot and that Keita just played the whole scene cause if he really did care about Mildred than there is no way he would have allow her to go and for him to ask if Chris knows him personally is really childish and stupid because he already stated that he is owning a
    Celeb website Reggie sounds really dumb over  there and your not even telling the fact all your doing is trying to cover your tracks and your brothers track stupid idiot no matter what you and your brother did she will bounce back I smell allot of lies coming from Reggie side he is not been straight at all 

    1. @Miyagi, your acting like a female bruv, why you writing paragrpahs?? is eazzy your sister? lol, majority of ghanaians care about shit that doesnt concern them toooo much kraa… konkonsa, gossip, thats all gh ppl know

      1. And your acting like a grandma seems like it concern you and makes you part of it by the way do you know the meaning og Gossip if not look it up until than sit somewhere and suck on your lollypop cause your not making any sense to me at all @Jorge,

  5. Wow i don’t see why Chris is so pissed off? is her life, career, & her decisions. so don’t get pissed ooh. Wow some Ghana men are hash see how they all talking to each other wow…

    1. @em,WHy shouldn’t Chris be pissed?Its a basic rule for men to protect women.People like Reggie Bullcrap are not good role models.Exploiting other ppls career in the benefit of others.Chris stood as a good Ghanaian gentleman to protect his fellow Ghanaian lady.

  6. Wow! Reggie AINT HAVING IT! Though really why he so pissed if its no thing? He is right by saying he don’t need anything from her, that would be him being desperate and lowering himself BUT he wanted to hook up his brother and she was perfect for the job. And now homegirl has come to say…what contract? lol PLUS his bro is there confirming she NEVER wanted to go in and she sacrificed for her. Now I understand and agree she has her own mind and could have said NO. But it does seem she was exploited based on her feelings for him. Oh and the hair looks AWWWWFUL….Hate it! Anyway this was a hot debate and I rate Chris for speaking up and standing up for his opinions. Coz fi real the guy came up with some crap. You’re brother who is trying to make it as a model is humble…more like you were not about to let him ride off your fame so you let him ride off someone else’s, but really the guy is too timid and doubt any major impact will be made. 

  7. I just prayed tea all over my keyboard laughing.what was all that about bla,bla bla….(pathetic) off to bed and gud-nite every1.

  8. Why do you care so much about Chris lmao, thats very lame, Eazzy probably doesnt even care about this whole thing, Chris your wasting your lifie bruv

      1. i think we africans are a little ungrateful here.When BET started there was no award category for africans now they have a category for african acts. just as in america where recently they had the first black president. We just have to be patient. I have a dream that a time will come artistes like Sarkodie will share the same stage as Jayz on the Bet Awards and not just share a stage but perform. I have a dream that one day the BET awards will even be hosted in Africa.Let me know if u share in my dream..I know for a fact that Americans really respect Africa so lets not think that they dont respect us.

  9. Lol i jst laughed listening to this lie “Actually we signed a contract that whoever wins, shares a percentage with the other” Its jst ridiculous

  10. lmao Chief Executive of Ghana Celebrities u don do.chai!
    let us see the result in months to come either Chris or the whole BBA saga things win! For me this show call big brother is wack n of a joke. Past result of those tht went there speaks for itself.

  11. The fact is although He claimed nobody was forced, I believe eazzy was convinced and did it out of love.Chris, I agree with u but at the same time, since they are lovers then u should understand what love can do.AND Reggie, u r “too known” , humble urself.Chris, I didnt know u had a loud mouth like this..WOW!!!

    1. @Adjoa Nbaaso),This was nothing to do with love there are games man play reggae new eazzy had some kind of status already so for his brother to get a bit of fame the both planned it and manipulated the poor girl listen carefully to the conversation and you will know that reggae is lying out of his ass completely especially when he mentioned who chris was is that moment that I knew that he is just nothing but a useless rat cause I saw one of his videos with sarkodie Nd some of the TM boys rapping and given a shout out to chris of GC for an some few other website now you come on national radio saying who is chris foolish boy Grandpa time is up and needs to go and sit his sorry ass somewhere in a elderly house or so 

      1. @Miyagi, U are right but remember the manipulation worked because she assumed she was doing it for her man.It was more like reggie and bro against eazzy..U know how women can be weak and agree to certain things sometimes.

  12. after listening to the radio file i have realised that vincent is totally wrong. in anycase eazzy was evicted by her own doing in the house not merely bcos somebody took advantage of her she went there on her own convolution, they didn’t just go to the bba straight away? they went thru stages before they finally ended up there it meant they had worked for it and for vincent, there is no standard protocols for selecting who should be there. it is an advertised program, people apply and they go thru auditions and all, it’s totally by individuals themselves. confidence has been there before without a brand and a career, dkb same so what the wtf about career and the brand issue here with eazzy? is it bcos this time it is papa rockstone so you suspect foul play? what if keita got kicked out and eazzy remained or even wins would you still have had a beef? i think we should support creativity and stop blaming in our suspicion and whims. vincent everybody has an opinion almost about anything in life but medium is what makes the difference. you have the right to share your opinions just about anything but don’t make it seem as if that the real situation. i did not agree with your sense of fashion on the post of you having a meal with dumas and i shared my opinion on that and you gracefully deleted my comment bcos maybe it was not in good taste to you. use your platform wisely. opinions are like noses everyone has one.

  13. mr.chris the man you went on radio to do head to head with as you said is being discribed as aboa ba,now we all know that it takes aboa to give birth to aboa,that mean reggie is aboa,so what it means is that you went head to head on radio with aboa not nipa,some nonentity comes to your blog and calls a man you sat with in a studio aboa ba and you saw nothing wrong with it,if you did you will not publish such rubbish here,the same person comes back and say chris you did well,how did you do well if you went there to ague with aboa?to my understanding,its takes aboa to go head to head with another aboa,so what its means is that you are also have stated clearly here that any comments which unnecessarily attacks others without any merit will not be published,so if some punk comes here and calls a man you agued with aboa ba and you saw nothing wrong with it and puts it here,then its unfortunate.will it be fair that i call you aboa ba because i dont agree with something you have done?the man that fathered reggie,the late osei was a legend,well respected man who paid his dues to our soceity it is sad that he is being called aboa because of what ever his son has done,becareful of the sort of comments you allow to enter your web cos one day it will come back hanging on you neck.

    1. @jessi,You don’t seem to amaze me at all your whole comment does not make any sense at all if I call somebody that what has that got to do with Chris I want even down grade to your level but try and make sense instead of this unnecessary comments you drop all the time next time address me and not Chris  I rest my case on you

  14. damnnn u guys were going innn buh really reggie is off topic here. y he gotta start from adam n eve to get to obama meaning we dnt wanna noe how u were in ur couch n blah blah bah besides y u givin them a contract to sign ova the whole thing when the money has not even been won. it looks like eazzy n keitta is a lie n that reggie set them up for the big brother thing. btw reggies ego is sooooo unattractive.

  15. I don’t see your problem here, all you no how to do is look for mischief. What do you gain by doing all this. What ever you do Mildred and Keitta will be together so just chill.

    1. @Ike, women who sacrifice too much for their men and lose out at the end of it will ALWAYS become very bitter. So i disagree with your comment