Kevin Prince Boateng Spotted Frolicking With Model Girlfriend

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She’s been accused of distracting him from his football career and from these pictures it’s not difficult to see why.
Sports Illustrated model Melisa Satta showed off her enviable figure in Miami yesterday as she frolicked in the ocean with AC Milan boyfriend Kevin-Prince Boateng and he was happy to be the sole focus of her attention.
The couple heated things up in the sunshine as they passionately kissed while taking a dip, oblivious to other holidaymakers. Gorgeous 26-year-old Melissa wore a bright striped bikini which struggled to contain her ample curves and showed off her pert bottom.
A star tattoo on each of her hips and a larger tattoo on her right shoulder were also visible.
Meanwhile Kevin, 25, showcased his impressive collection of body art as he took to the beach in a pair of black shorts.The playful couple appeared to be re-enacting scenes from movie Dirty Dancing at one stage as Kevin lifted Melissa out of the water. 
The affectionate pair couldn’t keep their eyes or their hands off each other, kissing and cuddling in the water and later Kevin was spotted playing with Melissa’s bikini bottoms.
Despite becoming an integral part of the AC Milan’s midfield, Boateng missed a number of games during the season due to a succession of minor injury problems.
AC Milan fans have been unhappy with the player and his girlfriend after she claimed in January that his injuries were caused by too much sex.
She told Vanity Fair: ‘The reason why he is always injured is because we have sex seven to ten times a week.
‘I hate foreplay, I want to get straight to the point. My favourite position is on top so I can take control.’
The couple have been dating since October 2011, one month after Kevin’s divorce from the mother of son Jermaine-Prince was finalised.


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      1. @Metaphor,Hahahaha people like prince boateng, Ashley cole, mario balotelli  and jermaine Defoe should 
        Be kept away from people’s sisters cause they score more goals with girls than on the football pitch they 
        Still don’t no it builds up testosterone not to have sex, so their game will be fiercer yet they romp around 
        Like rabbits they need to know that it drains their energy they really need to know that having  Intercourse right before a match is not a good thing cause their body needs time to relax and renew itself after using the energy to get both him and his partner to climax it’s also possible that he’d have things about the recent session on his mind that will take his mind off the focus of the game these would be two major things that could possibly affect the person functions at their sporting event but it alternates from person to person generally if it’s the night before then no their ability to play won’t be affected they’ll  have gotten a good night’s sleep and naps if needed before the game and will probably do other activities before the game after a good night’s sleep their body and mind is refreshed from the situations of the previous night and they will be ready to play because in some circumstances something might’ve happened to leave them frustrated but in the general case they’ll be fine its a myth that having sex too close to a game will make the player unable to play they may have decreased energy levels but that is it as long as the person is able to rest before haivng to play they should be fine hope this helps

    1. @Miyagi, tell me about it he divorced his wife for this woman. in the beginimg people where praising KPB for playing for ghana team and bashing balotelli forrejecting ghanaian team. at least balotelli was not faking it he was real.on the other hand KPB just used ghana for his selfish reason now that he got what he wanted hes giving an excuse about injury. well in this picture he looks as strong as ever

      1. @sarah,Well spoken I so agree with you no matter what people say about balotelli one thing about him is 
        He is real