Sarkodie Gets Proud As Lucifer?

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Are Christian fanatics taking their allegations too far? Because it has become a common trend to attribute musical lyrics to evil preaching and associating hardworking rappers to luccifer just because their lyrics do not agree with certain people.
After seeing the video and it’s caption, I am confused as to where people stand with these conspiracy theories. Are they dragging our ‘local champions’ into well established conspiracies surrounding the likes of JayZ, Lady Gaga,Kanye West, Beyonce and co? I hope you are not a stranger to conspiracies like the Illuminati and Freemans ‘crap’.
The video below alleges that the Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, is infused in satanic mysteries and these mysteries are embedded in his music to draw people into evil…REALLY?
GhanaCelebrities.Com got in touch with Sarkodie’s manager on phone concerning this video and he stated that, it is all false propaganda…
What do you think about what the video is saying?