Big Brother Stargame: Evicted Zainab Suffers Emotional Drain & Cuts Off From Society

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Zainab-Big Brother Stargame
Zainab-Big Brother Stargame

After the unfortunate events that led to Zainabs exit from the Big Brother Africa game, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt that the model is going through an all time emotional low. These are truly hard times for Zainab.
She has cut off communication and some interviews and has deactivated her twitter account ( @zsheriff85 ) much to the disappointment of her followers and fans who keep calling out to their diva to return to the social media platform so they can share in her pain and console her (Check screenshot below).
For those of you who missed the altercation between Ghana’s DKB and Sierra Leones Zainab , here is a recap.


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  1. Lol miss E.T head next time keep your loud mouth shut On a serious nope someone should have add a little bit of baby powder in DKB hands cause that was some hell of a Pimp smack 

    1. @Miyagi,Ei Miyagi!!! E. T head paaa???…kwa kwa kwa..ha ha ha….i will be laughing for the next week!!! W’ano y3 ya papa!!!

  2. As the saying goes, “do unto others what u want them to do unto u”. will Zainab be happy if she was the one bathing and a guy comes to peep at her?

  3. I though when u give shit u take shit as well? So zainab can be affected by smthing? lol. she was going on like she is a hard nut to crack, with her ghetto accent. What was she expecting when she was busy abusing housemates and their families,,, just a little hot slap and she is emotionaly drained?????? well, next time don’t slap first if u don’t want to be slapped back.

  4. DKB has no fault in slapin dat bitch,even though men r nt suppose 2 hit women.wat,dat gurl was doin in da haus was unbearable n sm1 was 2 stp her n dats wat DKB did.i dnt feel sorry 4 her bcos she deserve it.