Photos: Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari & Juliet Ibrahim In Kumasi. Whose Style Are You Feeling?

Juliet Ibrahim And Jackie Appiah
Juliet Ibrahim And Jackie Appiah

Over the weekend at Golden Tulip-Kumasi, Smarttys Management and Productions  premiered two movies-Shackles’ and ‘Secret Burden’. The event was attended by several celebrities including Ghanaian star Actresses-Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari and Juliet Ibrahim…
GhanaCelebrities.Com was out there to capture the event in words and photos for our valued readers.
From the photos below, whose style are you feeling? In your opinion, who got it right and who got it wrong?
Jackie Appiah
Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah

Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim

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  1. Hmmmm looking at all three girls I will have to say Juliet failed big time Looks like she was in a rush to go there your hair almost matches your skin color purse is a wrong color and I don’t no where she got that idea from to wear Shambala with that dress Juliet I’m sorry you deserve some police abaa paa 
    As for jackie where should I start Looks more like you where ready for some hollowed party a bit if blood make up on your face and you would have been ready to go from top till down her hair is on point but the outfit what where you thinking as well it’s a no no you also failed big time with your outfit you seem confused and how te hell are u going to where fendi stilettos with same purple black outfit woman you deserve fashion police to come and slap you with a big ticket 
    As for Nadia your normally my favourite and know how to dress but this time hmmm outfit is not bad but don’t think it was the right color to go with your skin color as well your hair is nicely down but your outfit is just not for you at least not that color im seriously not feeling this one 
    But if I had to make a choice than i wouldn put Nadia on top compare to the other two Cause there outfit looks cheap and is not meant for them at all 

    1. @Miyagi, true true, wakasa..Nadia tops it, atleast as compared to the othe 2.I think a little bit of their makeup has to do with the lighting or something..

      1. Jackie all the way. Juliet your looking pretty as well. Nadia bought that cheap outfit on the street of Frankies big shame it’s 40Gh. 

          1. @Miyagi, are you the new or old Miyagi? I remember days back there where something “cat fight” (LOL) about who is the real Miyagi?

      2. U live your sense of fashion Jackie. You are really decent and wife material. Nadia likes ashawo dressing don’t follow that how Yvonne Nelson. Juliet is looking nice

        1. @Cathy,if there is any  whore here then its  jackie ,where is her ring? why has she stopped wearing it?to attract more customers ? 

      3. @Adjoa Nbaaso), I just love this lady juliet,its amazing how much she has changed into a classy elegant lady.Amazing the way she carries herself and not trying to prove anything,that comes with being comfortable with yourself…i dont think jackie feels comfortable,she always seems unsure which makes her outfits not glow the way it would if she was confident..she needs to work on her arms as she has her tummy….i dont really admire much about nadia cos she is not a respectful woman,not a great actress as jackie so i will pass.

      1. Your not the only one who wants to marry Jackie, I can sell all my property for Jackie just to make her my woman she de be keke

      1. @Nancy,When  will people like you advice jackie Taft her out wit is just wack paaaaa was she going to a funeral or what  please ask her and come to me with an answer okay 

      1. @Yaa,See the only thing jackie fans can praise her in is her wig and shoes why is no one mentioning her dress wahahaahaha losers 

    2. @Miyagi, if I see Nadia I will beg her to go and give her shoes to charity. And slap her after that . What kind of fuckin shoes are those? Why do u want to disgrace we ghana people. This is bad nadia. And don’t even let me get started in the cheap road side dress your wearing . Jackie and Juliet  you look pretty but Juliet your hair is bad .  Jackie nice new look 

      1. @Kanda,Cheap road side dress I’m wearing? What planet are u from are you talking about me or about Nadia cause I’m confused now I bet your one if those makola sellers you seem to know allot about cheap stuff do me a favour and step out of the closet okay don’t be shy 

      1. @Wendy,Nadia looks great!!! and Kanda, Beyonce wore a similar jumpsuit made of local fabric but no one was screaming cheap when she wore it. Let Nadia be!

        1. @KK, people were happy because beyonce wore Ab African print and we were proud of that. That doesn’t mean you should go to the streets of Osu and go and buy it.  Im disapointed. But looking at Jackie makes me smile true African beauty

          1. @Dan, go and ask the makola women selling at rawlings park if jackie do not buy those push up panties from them. before you talk nonsense about nadia.

        2. @KK, don’t mind them. Beyonce even once wore an 18$ dress on the View show and her mother was the one who said the price.

  2. Nadia Buari, I need that outfit..U r so on point and I luv u for that.Jackie Appiah, u failed this time around.Ur whole outfit looks cheap and whoever would say otherwise needs help.

    1. @Adjoa Nbaaso), i totally agree with you 100%…..but on jackie’s “this time around”, i think its rather “as usual”. jackie never impresses me with her fashion me on that,she never gets it. for a young girl like her,i think she dresses tooo old for her age. she def at this point needs a stylist to glamorise her. this is just wrooooooooooooong!!! and like i said,i totally agree with u.

      1. @honey, thanks lovie..And I had to use “this time around” just to avoid her “kokootii die hard fans” from chewing me.

        1. @Adjoa Nbaaso), that’s because u hate Jackie. But everyone knows Jackie Appiah is the biggest and prettiest and yes I am a fan. Everyone looked nice.

          1. @Miyagi, lmaaaaoooo im lovong you rhi now….lmbbbbbbooooooo @speak for ueself,who’s everyone.hahahahahha

    2. Jackie your outfit is in point your hair is also on point and I’m crazy about your shoes. As for Nadia who advises her. This cloth is so cheap. The only nice thing on Nadia is her colour . Everything else must go to the garbage 

      1. @Akua,jackie was bashed on okay fm of wearing cheap togo dresses loud and clear and this one is totally one ,jackie is the worst and cheap DRESSEDactress in the movie industry .

    3. @Adjoa Nbaaso), if you need Nadia outfit they sell it on the streets of Osu right from koala and mokola they hang it outside. 

      1. @Dan,Seems like that’s your meeting point to no what’s been sold there hmmmmm jackie fans try to be honest and advice her 

      2. It’s about time all ” jackie vampire fans” come out of the closet stop lying to the poor girl seriously how can you wear black/purple outfit with brown/black fendi shoes with gold stripe you all need to start telling the truth outfit is wrong it’s discussing what kinda atobiasi dressing is that 

    4. I think Nadia is on point with her dressing. Totally proad of her for rocking this African Print. And who cares if she bought it for Ghc40.00 she just made it look like a million bucks. A little surprise though about the comment on her shoe, i think it works perfectly well….i don’t think a stiletto wld have wrked ! As a star stylist in UK I will give her thumps up for this look.


  4. jackie appiah as usual,from hair to toe,her look is just wrong wrong wrong..i dont know why she dont get it. she needs a daaaaaaaaamn sytlist to style her up,luv dem shoes tho and where the fuck is her wedding ring?? whats up with her marriage??
    Nadia nailed it with her outfit but trust me,if i was standing close to her,i swear i would have grabbed her and take those ugly shoes off her feet and slap her with it lol,they are world’s most ugliest shoes..daaaaaaaamn where in hell did she get those ugly ass booties. As for Juliet i wish her dress was about 2inch longer and what the fuck is that baby weight still hanging on her for??? daaaaamn!!! she got a nice body but heeeell,her hips is not flattery nomore..she should try and loose that daaamn baby weight. that baby weight dont do nun but destroy your body/shape.ask me and i’ll tell you more

      1. @Miyagi, lmaaooo my brother trust me,dem baby weight aint shit……if u dont watch it and work out as soon as possible,u end up like precious lol trust me

        1. @honey,Lol I call them pork chops no wonder why she went and whore that gothic dress with some fendi Hahahaha this girl got some planet Jupiter swaaaaaaag

    1. @honey, Jackie is on point. It’s a Yes Yes. Even if  Prada dresses Jackie you would complain because your jealous of her.

      1. @Dan, haahhahahahhahah now im jealous of jackie…..shooot jackie is a soooo called celebrity but trust me,she aint got shit on mee aight…..obviously ur sitting in one of ghana’s worst and undeveloped villages sooo u have no idea what the world is up to now. it a shaaaaaaaame that u think what she has on is great for a personality like her.

  5. Now I’m gonna say this and all you Jackie fans out there, please do not attack me… oh well just do! 🙂 but this dress with them shoes!!!!! What kind of a trend is that?!?! The dress looks cheap and something you’ll spot at them GH parties. on girls that shop at cheap “arab” store. It look like it was made in Thailand! I’m not gonna say China. Now days “some good things” dose come from China.
    I like Nadia’s outfit, just she could have style it more glamourous. 🙂 Diff. shoes?!?!
    Juliet…. peut-être, peut-être pas

  6. What is the noise about Nadia Buari’s attire? It is just another ankara and nothing special. Jackie is not looking bad and nothing special either. if anything at all Juliet is the one looking sophisticated and nice. People are failing to see her and talking about Jackie and Nadia who are not looking any good

  7. nadja all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Selasie muahz! Juliet a change wid hair n makeup, daz bold, u can improve and what the hell was jackie thinking? i love her but this time she let me down 🙁

  8. jakie:beautiful with that yam legs but you are a true African black beauty,no dout about it.juliet you look stunning.Nadia your outfit is super but girl age is really catching up with you,you are no more looking young even with all that makeup,i think you should start thinking about setling down,fame is good,money is good too but a woman will always be a woman and your place should be in a mans house.and selassie:you are still beautiful as always,i hope you are still running for shop but i hear you are very rude,well i hope not.

    1. @jessi, u keep talking abt Nadia settling down thats a good thing girl but remember at her Status its not easy to come by a true man thats why she is taking her time ..her being not married desont make her a whore in any way …when u think so then u totally wrong my dear ..cos remember some marrried couples are cheap too ..

      1. @mother, did you read what i wrote well?where did i mention selling down a good thing,girl what do you mean cos i dont get you.and who ever said she is a whore?i have never said anybody is a whore,not here and not anywhere else,fucking around is not the same as being a whore.what i have constantly said here is that i think she is not natural in her acting and so therefore she cant act,thats my opinion and am entitled to it.

  9. jackie appiah, what a beauty, despite her weight, she is the epitone of black beauty, her hair, her outfit, her complexion, everything about herwas perfect. i love this girl.

    1. @lpape, Please worry about the disease that will kill you and look for a cure for it instead. leave the girl alone. If many were for sale,I’m sure she’ll shop at Paris for the best ones. You think its easy to get married? mtseeew!

  10. after reading most comment i have come to conclusion that most Jackie fans don’t no nothing about fashion at all most of you and Jackie herself has got a long way to go piece of advice remember that confidence is key everyone is different there is no perfect body the beautiful thing about all of the chictopians that you so admire is the fact that they accept who they are and celebrate it by wearing what feels good Sometimes the sexiness has absolutely nothing to do with the clothes Its the attitude
    I recommend (Jackie Fans and Jackie herself ) to start with some basics a little black dress, something sexy in cashmere, strappy stilletos (and treat yourself to a pedicure). Those things are so happy making because you can always feel good in them they exude quiet sexiness I recommend Jackie Fans and Jackie start from  there and work up once you get used to looking and feeling amazing
    If youre not too embarrased, i recommend Jackie Fans and Jackie to stand nude in front of a mirror and honestly assessing yourself Try see your body through the eyes of someone else find what looks good and dress it because what she is wearing now Is a BIG NO NO TOTALLY DECLINED SO JACKIE FANS STOP LYING TO YOURSELF AND ADVICE HER TO UPGRADE HERSELF A BIT MORE 

  11. I will go for Nadia Buari on this one. she looks simple but nice, better than Jackie Appiah and Juliet. and why can’t people say their mind without insulting others on here? oh 

  12. Nadia looks fresh from head to ankle (not head to toe because of those mental asylum clogs), Jackie looks decent but like a sensible aunftie, Jessie looks like a hot mess with a bad wig and last minute accessories.

  13. we all know really well that chris is skewed in a certain direction when it comes to nadia and jackie, well we can’t begrudge him because that is human nature, but about 7 pictures for sister and only about 4 for nadia hmm chris abae! fairness???????

  14. i agree, jackie s beautiful bt i dun c any ugly one among the three.personali, ii tnk she mess up, her dress def a NO….m no xpert bt i cn def do beta….lol

  15. Jackie and Juliet eyaa mungyae banku eni dokunu  eni fufuor nu di – na mu pae! lol and Nadia if you have ur moms genes then  you are one cheeseburger away to blowing up so becareful sha


  17. Talk about impudence” I wonder why all you Jackie fans just love to hate Nadia. I will put it straight to you guys that, Nadia’s simple, stylish and flair outfit is simply outstanding. However, I think Nadia should invest some money in shoes. An open toe shoes with her dress would have been perfect. Juliet is on point as well but, unfortunately Jackie got it wrong this time. If i have a date with a girl and she put on a dress like what Jackie is wearing I will quickly run and hide. I can’t be seen publicly with a girl wearing something like that. 

  18. what are u talking about? jackie and juliet are not fat they just got curves and dont forget that juliet gave birth lnot long ago so they can eat what they want. not everybody can be slim

  19. I think they all have to go on DIAT They are FAT especialy Jackie & Nadia.they eat tooo much.They have to slim so that they would look good in their dresses also their dresses looks cheap

  20. i do nt knw wat on earth wuld make u gais 2 cmpare dose rough ghanenian actress  wth 9jirian actress. nt even a d hieght of 9jia actress u wuld cmpare 2 dat of ghanenians. is it jackie d dwaft ghanenian actress. even d most ad  beautiful actress in ghana. buhari. if she was nt an half cast only god knws wat she wuld hve look like with dose wide mouth ad wide nose ad bent hands of hers. watch d film she acted wth mrs omotola. dat is a woman of 4 kid.  while  ur so cll most beutifull buhari. she dose nt even got preg. nt 2 talk of bearing a child.i do nt wnt 2 mantion so lot of our beautifull polich actress in 9jia. d only beautifull ghoolly actress is ivone. so pls spear me dose comparizim wth dose yur dirty skin actrss wth our beautiful 9jia actress. IS DAT CLEAR

  21. Nadia is the ONLY one who looks even half decent ! I mean WHAT IN THE WORLD was jackie appiah thnking when she bought that dress??? she must have been drunk!!! juliet isnt beautiful anyway so aint gta waste my time on her… BUT what is up wit nadia’s hair? not nice

  22. nadia is never decent when it comes to grooming. she is scandalous just to mystify poor people who think that wearing gloglo shoes is fashion. jackie appiah all the way.

  23. jackie is one of d respounsible actress in ghana. she jst need 2 lose sme of dose access fat in her body. ask 4 nadia. all she know is 2 jump frm one 9jia man bed 2 d oder. she has 2 be carefull. blf dose evill 9jia rich men use her body 4 rituals