Fashion: Solange Knowles Turns ‘African Queen’ Whiles The Real African Celebrities Ignore Everything Made In Africa!

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Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles

There are so many western celebs whose styles I personally admire,  like La La Vasquez,  Olivia Palermo, Kourtney Kardashian, however, lately, Solange Knowles’ has been on top of her  African print fashion game and I love it.
While most of our local celebs are trying to look and sound like Beyonce (lol), lately, Solange a close blood of Beyonce has been getting in touch with her inner African queen.
Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles

She’s been rocking a lot of African prints and African inspired fashion.  Apart from Solange getting in touch with her roots, she also went natural which I personally think it looks hot and cute on her.
I love this woman’s sense of style so much; I even think she is my girl crush (ssssshh!!).

Solange is very famous for rocking chunky braids; I especially love it when she puts them in a high bun.  Compared to most celebs, Solange is not afraid to stand out, she is daring and she is very unique in her fashion choices.

Solange’s style is trendy, cool and fun…I love love love it. It makes me proud as an African. Whiles our very own African celebrities seem to have relegated African styles to the gutters, I find it great that someone far from us has seen the beauty and glamour in our styles…

Which African or western celebs’ do you think have also fully embraced the African style? Why do you think some of our local celebs are trying so hard to look like some American celebs instead of embracing and endorsing African fashion?

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  1. So true, she has even convinced beyonce whom our stars like to copy to rock our prints on a few occasions, we have good stuff in Africa we need to utilize it, if solace can make the list of vogues best dressed celebs by wearing our styles then y can’t we too

  2. fanatastic!!i ve watched her 4 som tym and de movie i remember her wif z ‘bring it all on or nothing’ superfantastic solange..wanna, wannabe america’s(bleaching,uk accent gh gals) 4 shine demma eyez…n remember dey r africans ooo t)m… do it in ur own way and u wil be making it big..we can neva be lyk dem

  3. waaa look oooo, i read some few comments about nadia welling African print and some even insulted her saying she wears cheap cloths n n n, this is not long ago … ebueeeeeee u people wont kill me….

    1. @xmiii,hahahaha. daz da world 4 u. Watever u do ppl wld complain, forgotten they r da same ppl who ask u 2 do it. Gud memory u´ve got.

  4. I
    really like Solanges Afro centric fashion sense too. While most of these Ashewo Nollywood celebrities come with their dog hair and DEAD Asian weaves and fake accessories and bleached skins power to the black woman who is proud of where she comes from and who she is.
    I have a crush on her too.

    1. @timi, dont u knw that the first n the second picture she is wearing Wig that looks so natural, and the Rasta on her hair is also from the dead asian weave , the third picture is her natural hair. Check well and think before you talk…. what ever africans do people never appreciate but when someone from europe or US does something then we recognize and appreciate it.. nawaa oooooo, we still have a long way to go though Afrika fuu

      1. @xmiii, I do appreciate and love my Nubian sisters in the Diaspora and in Africa that promote their natural beauty /culture. But never the European/Asian wannabes with straighten hairs/weaves in their Rainbow /NY 14th street outfits . Solange deserves props for the look ,i would not respect a BLACK woman trying too hard to look European/Asian

  5. Solange is beautiful. I was reading somewhere that the US ambassador wants Ghana to patent our Kente.
    Why havn’t we done so yet. We Africans will be there and everything we have will be owned by foreigners.
    Rock on Solange. I give probs to Nadia Buari for her recent African attire wear. it was Afrolicious.
    Hope she continues like that

  6. hmmm 3y3 as3mmmm, that is why they say y3nea wuhu betowu na, 3ny3 nea Manfo beka… do it if only it pleases you and listen only to your sweetheart, he or she can share his or her opinon but not the people who wants something to gossip about……

  7. all in all our celebs r also embracing african prints lately. most of dem wear it it to events xpercially Ama K. so lets encourage dem to keep it up.

  8. Yeah, it is true that lately, some of our celeb, for example Ama K, Jackie and co have been rocking African prints..but we still have a long way to go..and not only our celebs, we all need to rock more African fashion instead of all these forever 21, asos, H&M made in china crap..

    1. @GC Staff,Who buys those grandma clothes in forever 21 anyways rid is reason why I love the summer because that’s when 
      I rock my African clothes fresh made from my tailor But here in London I have seen allot of young boys rocking their African prints as well