AFRICAN FABRICS: Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Ama K. Abebrese & Martha Ankomah….Who Rocks The African Fabric With Confidence & Glamour?

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Ama K Abebrese At Hotel Babylon’ Premiere In March, 2012
Ama K Abebrese At Hotel Babylon’ Premiere In March, 2012

The campaign to get our local stars to have confidence and see glamour in our local African fabrics seems to be getting into the minds of some…

Yesterday, we looked at how Solange Knowles has been parading various African prints on several red carpets around the world. (Click Here To Read).

We do not have to let ‘foreigners’ tell us how prestigious our African fabrics are; by wearing them before we join the train.
So far this year, some of our top female Ghanaian movie stars have given the local fabrics a try…
One thing you need to have to get it right when you are wearing an African fabric is CONFIDENCE. You must first of all have confidence in yourself and also the attire you are rocking…
Self confidence in this situation can be spotted by looking at the body posture, facial expressions and how loud an individual looks in a particular dress.
Looking at the photos below of the Ghanaian celebrities who have in the last few months tried the local fabrics, who do you think has the Confidence and Glamour? Who do you think rocked it perfect? Who gives the fabric a perfect definition and style?

Ama K Abebrese At Hotel Babylon’ Premiere In March, 2012
Ama K Abebrese At Hotel Babylon’ Premiere In March, 2012

Jackie Appiah At Cannes Film Festival In May, 2012
Jackie Appiah At Cannes Film Festival In May, 2012

Jackie Appiah At Cannes Film Festival In May, 2012
Jackie Appiah At Cannes Film Festival In May, 2012

Jackie Appiah At Cannes Film Festival In May, 2012
Jackie Appiah At Cannes Film Festival In May, 2012

Nadia Buari At The Premiere Of Shackles and Secret Burden In June, 2012
Nadia Buari At The Premiere Of Shackles and Secret Burden In June, 2012

Nadia Buari At The Premiere Of Shackles and Secret Burden In June, 2012
Nadia Buari At The Premiere Of Shackles and Secret Burden In June, 2012

Nadia Buari At The Premiere Of Shackles and Secret Burden In June, 2012
Nadia Buari At The Premiere Of Shackles and Secret Burden In June, 2012

Martha Ankomah At The Opening Of Image HUB
Martha Ankomah At The Opening Of Image HUB

Martha Ankomah At The Opening Of Image HUB
Martha Ankomah At The Opening Of Image HUB



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  1. digging Ama k. and Martha Ankomah. they rock! whatz all this kaakaamobi make up on Jackie’s face.Such a disgrace!

        1. Benny you have spoken sense, the 10% are the losers and are not brave enough to show there ugly faces on GC, fustrated haters

          1. Jackie is the prettiest and is the most talented everyone in ghana knows that even her haters no that and that’s why they come out here to pour out there frustration. For all you no its her fellow actreses commenting here. Martha looks pretty. 

    1. I love Jackie Appiah African outfit the camera lights didn’t do justice to her I have seen nicer pictures of Jackie in this outfit which is nicer 

    2. We are know it’s the flash of the cameras that’s made Jackie look that, and we can tell that Jackie’s kente can pay for all the ladies competing with here. Quality recognizes Quality.

      1. @Sharon,Who is we all the time speak for yourself and her kente can pay for all other ones? Who you fooling or trying to fool did you eat well if not drink some KOKO okay 

        1. @Miyagi, fuck off you are just a jealous bastard. If you ate brave lets see that ugly face of yours. Can you compare yourself to Jackie. Mad man or woman the most useless commenter on GC.

          1. @King, clap for yourself king . This Miagi gets on my last nerves. Such a jealous bastard. Why do Ghanaians like to bring there on people down. Look at how much Jackie has achieve for herself and you can’t applaud her for her good work projecting the movie industry. Go to hell Miyagi I’m sure you are very ugly to. 

          2. @Akua bonsu,Do I know you how do I get on your nerves I’m laughing at all of you funny how people can get piss off just for a celeb hahahah get a life And who am I bringing down I’m just stating the facts that he can’t dress period and if people like you or any other jackie fan can’t see that than please stop lying to yourself 

          3. @King,Hahahah a  I like your feedback but why you getting mad couldn’t you have done it without insult and why would I want to compare myself to jackie I guess you describes yourself in your own words just accept that she can’t dress period  print maybe be nice but does not suite her at all with her make up and shinny shoes dude just try and be real with yourself and your jackie ok and try and reply others next time without any insult cause it really shows your weakness 

          4. @Miyagi, I guess you are part of the 10% meaning your not important. Hahahahaha can’t you see your getting on everyone’s nerves here. Please go on a vacation to your village and stop sitting at the Internet cafe to insult ghanas number 1 actress.  Jackie you are blessed and his whole family knows that. Miyagi take a hike with your stupid ass name. It’s about time someone told you off. Thanks to all the people who put the idiot in check.

          5. @Nana1, go back to your village and Internet cafe? And thanks to everyone who put me in check hahahahah I’m not surprise if your head is bigger than your body because allot of  crap comes out of it  don’t be a groupie okay remember When David faced Goliath he didn’t think his stone was too small…he believed Goliath was too big to miss! Sometimes its how you look at things that matter! Hope you understand what I am trying to tell you 

        2. @Miyagi, speak for your father Miyagi I’m happy someone has finally put you in check I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand you. Jackie you are the best and no one can take that from you.

          1. @Dentaa,Huh what are u on? who put me in check? Dentaa whatever king wrote is kindergarten stuff okay does not hurt me a bit beside we all here to have fun but if illiterate people start insulting and you think he put me into check than girlfriend you and King have got a long way to go 

          2. @Pamala, lmao who put me in check? All I am sensing is anger and insult from jackie fans do you call that check god bless you and your tutor upgrade yourself and find the definition of putting someone in check because all those insults are just words to me and they not really doing me a thing but putting a smile on my face remember I’m not the one getting angry about a topic or someone you don’t know hahaha get your facts together 

    3. I’m in love with Appiah, she drives me crazy it’s only her movies I buy so I would definately choose Jackie over the rest. I like Nadia to but I can die for Jacky Appia

    4. @Adiepena, Jackie Appiah you look good the flash is to much . GC you should have used a better picture. Anyway we all know you are a black beauty. I’m loving your outfit. 

      1. Me 5, im also tired and sick over Miyagi hatred for Jackie. Can’t you see the more you hate the more she gets blessed. 

    1. @nanya martinson, the maestro Jackie is the winner. We love you. I’m your biggest fan ever. I have your pictures clusterd all over my room.

    1. @KA NE WU, it’s the light of the pictures and you guys know it and refuse to accept it because you wish your wannabes were as pretty and blessed as Jackie. We love here in Volta hall. 

    2. @KA NE WU,But she is the best . Her kente is the nicest. The other actreses dresses look cheap.  Anyway anyone who knows good stuff will no Jackie’s dress is a fortune. Only the illiterates don’t no good stuff. Kudos Jackie. 

    1. @Amoah, Jackie is the nicest girl there. Even a blind man would pick the Diva. Jackie you are a really nice person I met you at the mall and you were really nice to me thanks you touch my heart that day. Unlike the stars below you that have attitude problems I met nadia and Yvonne on set and they were rude to me and my mum. My mum has warned everyone in the house never to bring there movie into the house. My mum was a big fan of Nadia but she lost her respect. As for Yvonne do you even have fans? 

  2. This is an easy one Nadia on number one than AMA K and Martha as for jackie she is disqualified Totally confused 

      1. @Pope,You and your co jackie fans can keep on fooling your self all the way you call that dressing funny people just be real with yourself and with her cause she sucks for real 

    1. My little brother said he wants to marry Jackie Appiah and he is only 6 years old.  He said Jackie is the best amongst the rest. Kids lol. Love you to Jackie 

        1. @Miyagi, you will die of jealousy for Appiah but the more u hate the more she reigns idiot get that in your stupid head. Everyone here is tired of you. 

          1. @Yvonne,That’s not nice for you to say you know God don’t like ugly die of jealousy because of jackie come on all you had to do is ignore me but seems like blood is boiling all for jackie it tells me that your not pretty from the inside as well as the outside at all 

          2. @Miyagi, shut the hell up look whose talking about pretty from the inside you have so much hatred for Jackie why? When her good story comes here you never come around to praise her. She is right you will die jealosy for Jackie. 

          3. @Miyagi, kwasia you have vanished. Miyagi I don’t no if you are a girl or boy. But everyone has seen your hatred towards Jackie Appiah. Her God will punish you anytime you insult her so wise up fool. Jackie you rock love your outfit. I like ama ad well. 

          4. @THelma, why why why who says I’m hating she can’t dress period and why would I be jealous of her do I know her in person or what try and calm down as well my dear just accept for the fact that she don’t know how to dress and needs to upgrade herself and please check some of my previous comment I have praised her for her good work but wen it comes to dressing its a no no 

          5. @Pamala, her God will punish me? Are you serious and what hatred do I have for her just because I wrote she can’t dress means I got hatred for her I wonder the kind of school you went to please do me a favour and go and get your refund back and aren’t we all sieving on God or has jackie got a special one if so full me in cause your making me really curious 

          6. @Miyagi, go and sleep hater . Jackie looks good with or without make up. You look gorgeous but fire your make up artist she didn’t do justice to your face, because you are way more beautiful than this picture. I hope her make up artist learns from her mistakes. It’s not your fault Jackie we love u all the same. But your kente is the nicest 
            amongst the ladies. This is beautiful beaded work, where can I get this outfit to buy can someone pleae tell me if you know.

          7. @yaayaa, hater? I’m far from that anyway Thanks for being honest at least your the real deal compare to those hypocrites that can’t see it 

    1. Miyagi you are a liar you have never praised Jackie. How can u sit where you are and lie Jackie can dress and her outfit can take care of you for many years. Does your mother own a kente cloth? Or even a ATL cloth.  What do you no about dressing fool. Doesnt lady gaga dress funny but she is adored by her people why must Africans hate our own blood it’s a pity.  Jaclies outfit is beautiful. When her complete fashion magazine was on board you condemned it. Like the rest are saying don’t drink poison over Jackie’s success and beauty and go kill yourself. 

      1. @Franklina,I am a liar and does my mum own a kente? Do I classify your question as a stupid question or what and besides from What fairy tail land did you come from type in my name at gc and go through all jackie topic and see if I haven’t praised her not often but a couple of times And what I know about dressing I know allot to tell you and your jackie that she can’t dress period Just accept it and poor all that hate out of your blood 

    1. SHAME ON MIYAGI NO ONE LIKES YOU HERE. Your wickedness has caught up with you . Have you seen you have embarrassed yourself over jealousy. Johnny depp and merly Streep are not judged in there dressing but there good work they bring on to the table when it comes to acting.  Have you ever said Said something good about jackie in other areas of her career? Jackie dress is really gorgeous so how can you say what you said. I beg stop commenting everyone is sick of your awful attitude. Or have you been paid?  All the ladies look nice keep it up.

      1. @Akua,No one like me here am I suppose to be like than another nerd Look don’t come and compare any a list over here okay cause your not making sense thanks for your feedback I do appriciate it And one more time I’m not asking jackie fans to like my anyway bunch of losers can’t even see that girl can’t dress 

        1. @Miyagi, your the loser. If you think you know so much why don’t you use your picture. I’m sure you are very ugly LOL.  They say empty barrels make the most noise. Miyagi grow up because you don’t no shit.  Jackie and Ama look nice

          1. come on guys, don’t pay attend to this drama king who wants to gain popularity here by getting on everybody’s nerve and replying to every damn comment. hes jux frustrated and probably jobless cuz i don’t see da reason why hes always here replying to every comment. get a job dude God knows u need a reason to get up in da morning.. and for da records u are very ugly too.. YUCK!!

          2. @Nanaa, same reason you came here to write nonsense and I’m ugly too? Is that all your brains could think of 
            Ugly or no ugly at least I’m not Afraid my picture is there where is yours frustrated girl 

          3. @Miyagi, looks like the table has turned ha?ei enti wo paa wo nie?hahahahhahahahha big mouth empty head,stop taking drugs that is your problem punk.

          4. @Jessi, another groupie who invited you, and what tables are turned lmao non of those people  got nothing on me what did they prove apart from insulting and crying because jackie don’t know how to dress I’m still standing tall just take your pounded yam face somewhere else groupie always trying to joking a conversation that has nothing to do with you your the biggest joker and hypocrite on here follow follow fight your own debate the day you put me into check I will personally kiss your feet which will never happen so keep it calm and carry on 

          1. @Huzy musah,Apuuuuuutooo what star massa slow your roll wai the only star that ever did it and stayed real is the late Suzy Williams Jackie is not even in my books 
            And will never be that’s my opinion 

          2. @Miyagi,i admit u can be loud at times, but  what i dont understand is why people are so pissed with u for speaking the truth and saying whats on your mind, going back to the topic of discussion, the best dressed lady i the african prints to me is  nadia and ama abrebrese. Jackie can be a good actress yes i do not doubt it, but we not talking about acting here. for god sake ladies come on, the girl jackie dont know how to dress and  am surprise u ladies do not see . kente as we all know is expensive but there are some cheap ones in the market too, but then too,some of our local prints are equally expensive.. how can she match her long dress with those ridiculous shinning shoes and necklace. its does not match at all and i must say miyagi is so right on this one, if u all have issues with him wait till he says something off the topic of discussion and insult . 

          3. @Sakina, it’s hard for jackie fans to hear to truth it anything negative that’s been thrown at her (jackie). I mean you have said it all in your comment the girl don’t no how to match I mean no matter how big you are if I see you wearing a confused outfit like that I will say it people intend to change the topic because it’s hard for them to read the truth and I don’t care how many times or how many people will insult me but that will not stop me from telling them the truth those insult are not doing me nothing at all it’s childish besides I don’t no half of these people here so if they are throwing insult at me I just laugh cause I don’t take none of them serious at all that’s why I don’t insult no one back because i used to insult people before as well but all these jackie fans are just a bunch of hypocrite that can’t even tell her how bad she is at dressing 

  3. All you Jackie fans are irrational. why are you guys attacking miyagi for expressing his opinion? you alleged that he hates Jackie Appiah but, you guys also hate Nadia Buari, so I suggest you guys to leave him alone to exercise his freedom of speech. 

    1. @Lazy dick,Don’t mind them they are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to Nadia they know how to bash but see how most of them are crying now 

  4. Guys,Guys, Guys! As our old folks wud say “twini3 enim da hoa yenb) nchen” no doubt Jackie’s print is nice but the make up and style is whack. No one will kill u for speaking the truth here. Its not all about kissing someones ass all the time when u r a fan. What makes u a true fan is telling the true when the need arises, that helps them to be betta celebrities. What is so nice about Jackies outfit and makeup…… mtweeeeeeeeeeee. Nadia 1st and the rest not really interested

  5. why do some people think Jackie Appiah is rocking that dress?  Apart from Jackie Appiah, all the others are rocking it. Martha looks NATURAL

  6. i gurls luk very beautiful cn u huk moi us ur friend, all of u. Martha we attend the same church so hope 2 ce u


    1. @SAKINA,Lol I’m done talking to those people they can keep praising her and say whatever they want 
      Point she she can’t dress her stylist no words for her at all 

  8. no doubt, jackie all the way. all her african outfits fit her nice whwther she is big or not. admit it haters. she is the queen of african beauty and ghana industry.