BIG BROTHER STARGAME: Keitta Survives Big Brother Stargame Eviction As Barbz Booted Out

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After 49 days in Upville, Barbz is out of StarGame.
Africa has spoken! South African model, Barbz became the latest Housemate to be booted out of StarGame. As expected, Goldie broke down into a heap of tears as she stood in the centre of the lounge and revealed her ‘Save and Replace’ decision.
The Nigerian Housemate told her fellow Starmates she was not thinking straight when she saved Prezzo, instead of Barbz. Barbz calmly told Goldie “It’s okay,” while Keitta scrambled to do some last minute packing. Goldie dropped to her knees and begged for forgiveness, as everyone looked on in shock.
When Barbz was told her time in the House was up, she hugged everyone and went up to Goldie to give her a farewell hug. She then walked the Live Stage one last time and told Live Show Presenter, IK, that she had suffered 3rd degree burns after Goldie’s betrayal.
“Luckily I have people who love me and people who will take care of me when I get back home,” she said.
Here is how Africa voted this week (24 June 2012) – We bid farewell to South African model, Barbz.
Here’s who which country voted for:
Angola: Keitta
Botswana: Barbz
Ghana: Keitta
Kenya: Keitta
Liberia: Keitta
Malawi: Keitta
Namibia: Keitta
Nigeria: Junia Keitta br />South Africa: Barbz
Sierra Leone: Barbz
Tanzania: Keitta
Uganda: Keitta
Zambia: Keitta
Zimbabwe: Keitta
Rest of Africa: Barbz
Total: Keitta = 11; Barbz = 4. (Total: 15 Votes)

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    1. @27calibre (O-o), tell me about,….Africa really did save keitta,..i taught for a second he was leaving….he  seemz to me like a very strong candidate,..but he would need to step up his game a bit…coz keagan seems to be a strong candidate &  africa love him as well,…