Photos From Nana Aba Anamoah's Private Birthday Party Feat. Nadia Buari, Joselyn Dumas, Ama K. Abebrese, Michael Essien, Stephen Appiah, Bola Ray, Yvonne Okoro & Others

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Two days ago, TV3 Newscaster and host of Diva’s Show-Nana Aba Anamoah gathered close friends and family for a mini private party in celebration of her birthday.
At the party were Michael Essien,  Stephen Appiah, Bola Ray, Nadia Buari, Joselyn Duna  Dumas, Ama K. Abebrese, Yvonne Okro Okoro, KOD and others…
Eii Ama K. Abebrese will kill me ooo…What is she wearing? You guys like it or?
On the flip side, I heard Akosua Puni is pregnant again…Second baby for Michael Essien in the making? If it is true, then Congrats Michael!

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Anyway check out the photos below


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    1. @Tee, OMG say that about nadia’s shoees agaaaaain.! she looks like a ‘pepper bisball’ in an alaskan snow(lol ‘pepper bisbal’ stole the word from tyler perry’s new movie, witness protection lol) . looks like a missing white bear in alaska,trying to find her way home to sarah palin’s house. the shoes i cant stand a bit but i luv the dress.

  1. hmmm… I have to say this but where are the girlfriends/ wifes of the guys? If you invite a friend to a party, (birthday party) don’t you invite their parters too?!? Or Nana aba don’t know them?!?! Me not trusting these ladies! :-). This is a complement to the ladies, and look at where some of the guys hands where!!!
    any ways, these ladies look fab. loving all their styles, the best I’ve seen of GH celebs.
    ama K’s style is good, nothing wrong with it!

    1. @Amoah, lol ..true they should have come with their partners …something fishy abt why both da men and women left their patners home …

  2. Nadia on some azonto levels o lol.. Loving Ama K’s ear rings… Happy belated birthday Nana Ama Anamoah…

  3. Steven appiah what kind of dressing is that Kai as for bola ray no comment at all never knew he was that short 

  4. I agree with Derreck 100% for his quotes below:
    “…..There are more decent and innocent Ghanaian women out there for you not this professionals….99.9% are just there for your wealth and this local celebrities and movie stars are in the lead cos they need support to sustaian their mediocre standards”. What I don’t understand is where are the partners of these so-called local celebrities in a birth day party like this? Their partners were visibly absent from the event. The same applies to the Black star players invited to the birthday party did not bring their partners. Does it mean that when the local celebrities invited the black star players they asked them not to bring their wives and girlfriends? Basically, Mr. and Mrs. were missing in the party. That is awkward, and makes Derreck quotes more credible that local celebrities and movies stars are there to milk Essien and his friends to sustain their establishment. See the link below:

  5. i really like the chemistry between nadia and essien. she knows how to flirt waa plus she looks so good. looks like joselyn wears the same jeans everywhere. any way am not sure and i still like her

    1. @nanya martinson,I don’t think it is the same,she may just like dark wash jeans. I notice she wear dark wash skinny jeans to most functions ,it may not be the same  or it may be but who needs 100 pairs of dark wash Denims anyways? She still rocks the look….

  6. nkurasefo shut up. nadia’s shoes are hot. you dont know what is in vogue. if you have been to london recently you would not say her shoes are yuk. travel and see. nkurasefo.. if you dont know something shut your smelly puffy beak up

  7. hhhhmmmm you call these guys celebrities tweakai…wat is wrong with yvonne okoro with them ugly dress soo all these times shes beein travin to abroad bak n forth she cant even find anythin nice kakra koraa aba…….nadia si fine nothing wrong with her…but wait oo where is essien on nadia eeeiii hope them two r not bk together cos hhmmm…..n the nana aba gur wat r u wearing jezzz ah ooo infact am not inpress atall…joyclyn is always in jeans WHY?…….

    1. @henry, yvonne travelled and came back with the new styles abroad,her dress is what we call bodycon dress,so please say what u know and not what you dont know

  8. Yvonne okoro is ugly oooo, what make up is this.  people like your movies to according to the video library in my hood. so change your style.

  9. Birthday girl, next time wear something colorful or classy cuz am not loving ur outfit.Joselyn, u are such a lady but the jeans is getting too much.Ama K’s oufit aint that bad, I think the fabric is not pretty, aside that her ear rings are cute.Maybe, I might be late but those saying Nadia’s shoes are in vogue, u might be right but not with her outfit.

    1. @Adjoa Nbaaso), i agree with you, ama’s outfit isnt that bad, its a nice cut out dress but she could have worn somthn bright.

  10. Go to Previous message | Go to Next message | Back to MessagesMark as Unread | Print ReplyReply AllMove…Anthony ThosuNotesSent ItemsSynced Messages
    Flag this messageParty IndeedMonday, June 25, 2012 4:31 PM
    From: “Jimmy Kingsley Davies” Add sender to ContactsTo: [email protected], “Tony” , “Nathaniel Abbey” , “judith silayo” , “Felix Ofosu-Kontoh” , “Stephen N. Kyere” … moreOur Celebrities???? Wheaaaaaa…….
    Fashion Police should arrest Stephen Appiah and KOD.
    Ama K. with breast pad and wig like a Nurse….
    Jocelyn Dumas wears same jeans every time but quality outfit though…..
    Nadia on the high inching for Essien’s d***k……
    Yvone Okoro very well composed and calm, I love that but is she bleaching her face?
    Essien must make his £90,000/week wages count. Looks like a homeless guy. Very unkept! Is that disorganized beard also fashion?
    Tony, Please next time be there and let it count. Show them how’s done…

    1. @Ghanaba, are GREG himself? or this message was being sent to Greg? I know Greg,so this is really funny. He comes accross as a calm Guy,so his comment on Nadia and Essien is surprising. hahahaha. Greg,give your little princess a kiss for me. hasta la vista

  11. hahaha..Stephen Appiah’s wouldnt let my partner go to a place like this alone da..but im guessing they all dont have partners or aint in a serious relationship..yeap these girls are tempting to these guys..

  12. Wow!!! Ghanaians have lost their taste of dressing, some of these guys are dressed like clowns. Look at Stephen Appiah…is that a new style in Europe? lol

  13. Jocelyn we know u have hips for days but can u switch it up a lil bit, am tired of seeing u in jeans girl, u need to be wearing some skirts, tight dresses n pants, wearing skinnies most of the time can give u infection,n dont get me started on that ugly white booties or whatever miss thing is wearing smh she tries so hard to be different n unique but always fall short, girl u shd be wearing red bottoms standing next to essien, damn

  14. nadia has been waiting for the opportunity with essien, money, money, fame, may she should try to marry him this time because she is aging, not by numbers but the face, the legs, she looks like a sick person. and her scandalous shoes suck.

  15. they were all lukin gud except dat i didn’t lyk Ama K’s outfit and de same old hair style and Yvonne’s outfit &make-up but aside dat dey were all luking simple but sexy

  16. these pix are just too much. aba happy belated birthday. anyway next time tell me. i ll come in full……. these pix hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??????