Photos + GC Avid Reader Cynthia Nyemitei Plange 'Naa Ashley' Is Contesting In Miss Ghana USA 2012

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Let’s show LOVE to one of the active GC family members-Cynthia Nyemitei Plange who uses the handle ‘Naa Ashley’ . If you are used to reading comments on this blog, you must surely have come across some of  the interesting comments of Naa Ashley.
Cynthia Nyemitei Plange is contesting in this year’s Miss Ghana USA pageant and she is proudly representing the Upper West Region.
Cynthia is 18 and lives in Chicago IL, USA. She is a high school graduate waiting to start South Western Adventist University Keene, Texas in the fall with a major in communication studies.
In an email to GhanaCelebrities.Com , Cynthia said’ Miss Ghana USA is a route for me to create more awareness about learning disabilities such as dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and also to make sure that people living with such conditions are properly diagnosed plus bring up an approach that would make it less of a problem to patients’. 
The Miss Ghana USA pageant will be held on Friday July 27, 2012 at the DuSable Museum of African American History (740 East 56th Place Chicago, IL 60637).
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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. since you are one of us i will like to wish you a good luck,i will be proud of you no matter where you fall in the beauty pageant….have fun (:

    1. @27calibre (O-o),Totally agree with you hope you win my sister will be praying for you, this year is your year 
      I have seen some of the people who are competing and I’m sure you will top them all go in peace and 
      Style on them 

  2. So u also want to be a celebrity kwasia,…… I don’t think u have what it take to win this, u no fine and u av nothing unique to write home of. Do u think is easy to get up there, wait and see aboafunu, u come on here and talk shit abt people now it ur turn, av also seen the girls u r competing with and I think u r the lowest when we rank beauty and uniqueness….. Babe girl u can’t do this just throw in the towel before u go and disgrace ur self if u want to bet me try me…………   U will now know is not easy to be a celebrity after trying this and will start giving our GH celebrities respect as is not easy to get up there it takes a lot so it better to appreciate rather than hate as ghanacelebrities readers r fond of.

    1. @Shatter,Dude seriously what’s your problem did he mention anywhere that she want to be a celebrity and what’s all this 
      Insult about has she done you anything are you that sad or what Ar least she got guts to show her face where is yours yawa boy by the way are you now proud of yourself sad ass 

      1. @Miyagi, miya ur mother. I own a studio here in London and CEO of my record label and have nursed great talent u now dance to their tunes I don’t want to mention…. Who r u miyagi, what do u have, what have u achieved in ur life so far, how many people even know u? loser, who is even looking up to u in life, what is ur talent? Apart from konkonsa and hating on GH celebs, yes ur talent is konkonsa no wonder ur be Ciano boy, gossip fool, u see how it hurt when u guys jump on Yvonne Nelson, Nadia, Mzbel, Leila etc… Instead of promoting GH celebs u rather demote them, u guys r losers and I don’t even av time for u @27calibre if u r somebody u won’t talk abt somebody, bcos u r a loser and a nobody u talk abt somebody, my girl Naa go for it u can do it, I just want u guys to know how it feels when u talking bad abt people, we should learn to upgrade our celebs and not degrade them this is to all ghanacelebrities readers and the writers, Ghanaians naturally av the pull him down attitude which at the end affects we ourselves. Thank u

        1. @Shatter, wo ye junkie paaa i knew you would bring your dumb ass and I will enjoy every single minute of it You call this konkonsa try and find the definition of it before you address me okay secondly you live in london and your CEO of an record label I guess CEO in bragging yeah what is London music full of low life, and criminal music who think they pushing unit out I don’t need to come here and “brag” what I do or own you should no better than that “some people jut don’t know how to keep it real cause you write allot of cock of bull stop s*cking on it now you finna lick ass now you just wanted us to know how it feels low life illegal immigrant seems UK music is dead try and find a new profession cause you sounds worse than those east London and north London boys who brag too much 

        2. @Shatter,do you listen to yourself  a lil bit ??? was you talking about somebody from your first comment i can sense abnormality in you,do you think beauty pageant is made up of beauty through out ,you are kidding me most of the winners are very inteligent people.
          go to school and  study well if you are not intelignt enough to do a better job than a studio bla bla bla ,did you said you are CEO ,ceo of what bringing people down ,you are very stupid to attack the young lady in the first place ,backward people ,if your mother did not get the chance to do ,does it give you the reason to attack the young lady .
          you are very stupid to be precise.
          go back to school to do a job which will make you use your brain well ,your studio bla  bla bla 14 yrs even can use 6 month to learn about your job and everything ,i dont call this a job.
          aboa mu aboa ,i will insult you i will not be tired ,you are A VERY BIG FOOL .

        3. @Shatter,By the way lets make one more thing you ain’t hurting me at all with your baby talk i just feel sorry for you and the person who gave you birth I wouldn’t be surprised if she was on crack while carrying you Do me a huge favour go back home cause your village can’t function without their idiot 

        4. @Shatter, am totally agree with u … i was surprise to see this gal Naa Asheley here hoping to get support frm GC site whiles she knows best tha this site only condemn celeb and insult…also mostly comment negatively towards our celeb…NOW LISTEN Naa Asheley This is for u…….. am not hating but am telling u the truth ..u dnt have what it takes to win this race..ur dress looks too local…it doesnt look quality to me maybe u got it frm market…ur shoes are too cheap to look at… does it feel..? hmmmmmmm..u wan to be a star then get ready for nasty comments n gud comments…gud luck

    2. WOW* Mr. @Shatter, nice comments you have there. LOL I don’t even know what to say to you…… Hahahah disgrace myself? It’s not about me winning. I’m in for the experience and to get over my stage fright… Lmao and for the record, I’m SEXY and I know it! 

      1. @naa asheley, Who told u, u r sexy? Don’t deceive ur self. You r no where near sexy, the guys here don’t want u to feel bad hence the encouragement, if everyone should tell u his mind rather than trying to push u with support, u would go and hang urself or go hug a transformer. Better shut up and think Abt how u going to lose and disgrace urself

    3. @Shatter, i hate to do this but you are very stupid,what nerves you have,are you GOD?what the fuck, you dream killers and imotion reckers,enemies of progress,its almost as if you have a personal problem with this girl,do you?if not then go get a life and try to encourage people with dreams,why must everything here always be with insults,what impudent you have.

    4. @Shatter,why cant you go and TAKE A SIP OF DDT  since your Mother was not chosen to represent ,dont be jealous  her if she is at the top .

    5. @Shatter,shatter or shattered ,am waiting for your reply i have time for fools like you ,if your life is shattered take it to the ghetto .since every door is been shut on your face ,noo door will be opened for you ,aboa ba .
      i repeat i am waiting for your reply ,i am a nightmare to fools like you..

    6. @Shatter, aaaaaaaaah, what is the meaning of this? You should have kept your negative comment to yourself, enemy of progress.  

    7. @Shatter, U know people like u r the reason why she cab win because u give her the power and gut to proove ur foolish self wrong.Naa, my dear see pass comments like this and keep ur head up.

  3. @Shatter. Perhaps in your whole life, you have never won any meritorious award neither have you contended in any worthy competition. If you are a loser, it doesn’t mean everybody is a loser. Please take you negative comments somewhere. Thank you.

  4. OOOh my God…..let´s be honest for once guys…this girl is clearly not miss ghana material….Shatter is right…stop creating illusions into this girls brain….you are just trying to be nice to her since she is from GC….but anyway good luck guuurrrl…

      1. @C.E.O OF GYIMI3.COM ALLIAS LIFE IS SHATTERED ,i dont care if you have borrow your neigbours computer ,i am waiting for you here ,aboa ba like you ,what does it take to be a C.E.O OF GYIMI3 ….

      2. @C.E.O OF GYIMI3.COM ALLIAS LIFE IS SHATTERED ,i dont care if you have borrow your neigbours computer ,i am waiting for you here ,aboa ba like you ,what does it take to be a C.E.O OF GYIMI3 ….

        1. @27calibre (O-o), kwasia what is the meaning of stupidy, I hold a masters from university of leicester, stupidy aboa ba, I have lots to do than sleeping on GC like u guys do, I will av time for u just to kick out the gossip in u…. I will get back at u when ever u respond, am never gone yet, tho am bigger than u, ur parents, ur whole family, ur girl friends family but I will still get time for u, if u r in love with Naa tell her, don’t go thru back door, at least u know what I do, who r u? What do u do? What’s ur educational background, if ur somebody u will Neva join miyagi konkonsa group and talk shit abt celebs who wouldnt even employ u as their cleaners

          1. You have allot to do than sleeping on GC yet you had time to come and insult a young girl and even make time to respond our commment and first your CEO now you have your masters as well what’s next you got a Mayback and a mansion hahahaha your hilarious you couldn’t be faker people like you with loud mouth I have seen allot of them and no how they operate seriously I feel really sorry for you to come here and brag you still got a long way to go Useless [email protected],

          2. @Shatter, you are more foolish than i thought u were. you have a masters degree and so what? you sound like you have only acquired the book knowledge better run home for your elders to teach you the “efie nyansa”  b’cos you seriously need that too to make what you have acquired completed. 

          3. @Shatter,ahaha what kind of university  is it the university of your mother and father as teachers or where ,aboa which university is going to accept you with this envy and ugly character of you,and can you even pass an exam?say thats to the dogs 
            shattered, your life is shut at this chapter rest in peace.

      3. @Miyagi, Miya ur mother u r useless as the smelling pants on ur mum when she is menstrating…. Kwasia loser, maame u right, the truth hurts but this Naa girl is not that kind of girl, she is the type that can form konkonsa group with fools like miyagi and 27idiot

        1. @Shatter,Wow is that all you got to be honest I never had that idea that people like you could function WITHOUT brains how original…Fake CEO be very careful of any lies you tell you never know who has proof of every lie and picture there is to tell the truth cause God surely don’t like ugly Congratulations you now belong to CSI. (can’t stand idiots!) FAKE ASS CEO HAHAHAHAH I BET CEO OF CLEANING THE TOILET AT VICTORIA STATION SINCE YOU LIVE IN LONDON GET A LIFE DUDE YOU GOT SERVED just remember that Immaturity can only go so far until it becomes Stupidity your just a low life fake ass Ghanaian wannabe who probably lives in a council house or renting a room somewhere dude think about your life cause you suck 
          Big time Fake ass Internet thug 

    1. @Maame,How do you see beauty pageant for christ sake ?do you think the judges there are there for who has ,nice booty and nice breast and nice face and nice what ever ,70%  is based on inteligent .
      beauty pageant is not based solely on beauty brains also counts!

    2. @Maame, good my dear thanks for being real, miyagi and his konkonsa group r big time losers, they think the whole entertainment world is only GC. They jump on u when u r being honest but they rather talk shit abt other celebs who r more bigger than them and their whole family, miyagi apart from konkonsa what does ur family know, apart being gay and prostitution what do they know, I know u very well, u and ur family r all losers so u think everyone is a loser too, as I said if u r somebody u won’t talk abt somebody bcos u r a loser and a nobody u talk abt somebody. Foolish boy miyagi, get a real talent and stop sleeping on GC gossiping and insulting people who r way better than u.

    3. @Maame, I have a feeling you are one ugly FAT lonely woman with an uneven bleached skin so seeing someone like this with a natural glowing skin simply makes you JEALOUS and SAD.

  5. Wooow Miyagi or what ever you call yourself or let me say SUPER MIGAYI, the DICTATOR, THE OPPRESSOR OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION….Is this how to talk to a lady for saying her opinion?? Come on, you can do better….We are living in a free world….this is a gossip site…And people have differents opinions….If you can deal with it go and die and stop playing with girls on this site….

    1. @Maame,You call your self a lady by agreeing with shatter or are you one of those bonesticks with flat screen ass and potato breast being jealous anybody that agrees with shatter is going down and one more thing Naa Ashley is way more intelligent than you can ever be at least she keeps it real and natural not like fake people like you with fake nails fake ponytails etc

      1. @Miyagi, THE ORIGINAL DICTATOR, THE OPPRESSOR OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Babe, sorry to disappoint you, but i´m a GRENADE…..In fact i always look at myself in the mirror and ask GOD: GOD, how could you do this? How could you put sooooo much beauty in one human being and let someone like MIGAYI; THE ORIGINAL DICTATOR; THE OPPRESSOR OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION walk around and scrae us with such a fucked up face???…..It´s soooo unfair :-(….

      2. @Miyagi, THE ORIGINAL DICTATOR, THE OPPRESSOR OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Babe, sorry to disappoint you, but i´m a GRENADE…..In fact i always look at myself in the mirror and ask GOD: GOD, how could you do this? How could you put sooooo much beauty in one human being and let someone like MIGAYI; THE ORIGINAL DICTATOR; THE OPPRESSOR OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION walk around and scare us with such a fucked up face???…..It´s soooo unfair 🙁 ….I need answers LORD…..why why????

  6. @shatterd life you cant tell me that the electricity power  in uk is OFF
    come on reply C.E.O OF GYIMI3

  7. @ 27 calibre (O-o) and MIYAGI THE DICTATOR: Comments which unnecessarily insult or attack others without any merit will not be published. If there be any issues with what & how we post articles & approve or disapprove comments, please take it to the Lord in prayer or kindly click the X button (for Windows) in the top right hand corner (if a Mac) then left hand corner of your browser.
    All foolish comments will immediately be EX Terminated! If you have nothing substantial to contribute as a comment, just read & say NOTHING.

    1. @Maame,are you normal at all ,you just attacked your fellow woman i dont know if you are a Tranny any way .AS YOUR NAME SOUNDS MAAME ! you have to sound like a good mother  i dont care if you have giving birth with 5 men differently ,just be maame and keep on giving unessesary  birth .
      what good thing did you said about your fellow woman for steping out there to exercise her guts?what you said is to bring her down .enemies of progress is in your blood.
      nemesis will catch up upon you

  8. @ 27 calibre (O-O) …hahahahahaha you are giving me a good laugh this morning….hahahaha, what is wrong you babe…..why are you going so hard on everyone here??? Did someone break your heart??? Do you need love?? Do you need someone to cuddle you this morning??….Awwww….You are going to get a BIG KISS FROM ME…..KISS….Hope you feel better now and will give constructive comments now….

    1. @Maame,you are lacking common sense ,which common people like you can not get in thier whole life time.
      no wonder ,lack of knowledge maame perished like her husband c.e.o of gyimi3 mu gyimi3

  9. Naa, You have the fresh look Hamamat had when she won Malaika at your age. You have all in takes physically so if you can back it up mentally, you are a winner.
    Remember it is a springboard even if you do not win. Hence it is a win win either way.
    Have fun .

  10. @naa asheley, GC greatest asset please have faith cox u gona make it”..Am @ Monutain University”
    ..will be there to support you” wanna know the time….”

  11. christ…the comments section for this article reads like minutes from the convention of spastics. Can’t a person express an opinion without being subjected to tons of crude and totally unfunny insults?

    1. @mackie5667, hmmmm , smh @ some people when i came back to see how this Article has turn into
      very bad for poor sweet 18 who just want chase her Dreams …Naa Ashley never mind ..keep on moving
      but i think next time u should be careful where u bring ur stufs to be published as u are a regular commentator of Gc …lol

  12. Now i have been following this conversation and jus decided to barge in:
    one thing i’ve come to deduct from ths is it: do unto others as you’d want others to do unto you. GC is always bashing celebraties and when one of their kind finds herself in the same soup….hell has broken loose. when u get some1’s matter and u are saying some, say it with proportion(cos u have no idea what it is like to be in their shoes in that particular situation).
    And to my sweetness, my name sake, Ms Plange, to be a celebrity/politician/public figure is opening up urslf for anythng. Peopl gone throw insults,tantrums, accusations, lies, gossips about you, it was done to Jesus, how much less you and I. Nobody has any right to put u down on any dream. if you want to do this, do it. honestly, i think u do not have the physical appeal for pageantry(i remember vry well what Chris and co said about present miss ghana).
    Since u dont have that natural appeal, u do definitely have something that can shoot you above the other competitors. it could be your intelligence, your personality, or even your talent. something can rly make u stand out from the lot. do your home work well, find it out and use it to the max…the sky is just the beginning for u my dear……
    So today, Miyage is being hailed bcos he stayed on GC’s side this time round….so anybody who says anything against GC must be insulted. Just know that everybody has a mind of their own and everybody thinks differently…that’s how God created it. u say yours, i say mine…if we can agree, fine,but if not,fine. what is the point in insulting if someone does not agree with u? if we are all to think the same way, can you imagine the insanity that would go on in this world….thank God for diversity of thoughts/ideas/opinions/wisdom….it keeps the world balanced!!!!!!
    insults are not the anwer my friends……truth is truth….u agree with my point of view or u jus ignor me!!!!

    1. @mel, @GC knowledge is our Investment”..nobody will have time to read this ur worthless emotion comment”..they say comment and u are writing a story!! self-pity…..

    2. @mel, you have made a very good point,i agree with you on the insults issues and as for chris,he says here that:
      Comments which unnecessarily insult or attack others without any merit will not be published,but what do we see now?then he says again:
      All foolish comments will immediately be EX Terminated! If you have nothing substantial to contribute as a comment, just read & say NOTHING.the same person tells us here that he is Bias so
      If there be any issues with what & how we post articles & approve or disapprove comments, please take it to the Lord in prayer or kindly click the X button (for Windows) in the top right hand corner (if a Mac) then left hand corner of your browser. he didnt say that when you or i disapprove with any comments put here by GC,that he chris and his team will do anything about it,he says take it to the lord in prayers,he has talked the talk but not prepared to walk the talk,so lets insults eachother he is not ready to do anything about it so if i cant stand it then i can leave his BLOG,thats how i understood it.
      so what do you think?well i think your guess is as good as mine.

    3. so is this now or what.when i first joined this BLOG,i did read your rules and regulations carefully and i had at the back of my mind to go with making your points and thats it,but now with the profound words of insults that is allowed here, i dont care anymore, if you dont agree with me say so without insults,but if you think the best way to prove a point is by insults,well then those sharp mouth should bring it on.And to naa,i think i agree with the GC staff about Hamamat,i know her very well,she was actually a neibour and i can assure you it was not her beauty that won her the pageant it was her intellegence,atitude and more not beauty cos that girl is not beautiful than you,she was young and fresh and intellegent thats what got her to the top so all i can say is good luck.

  13. Thank u Mel, u r very Neutral and realistic, u were on point and hit the nail right where it has to be. Thank u very much for ur wise comment, we r all going to learn from this except the gossip group on GC who want everyone here bow to their side of the story, I came with my opinion and they were on me, maame came and they were on her, is it by force everyone should dance to ur tune miyagi, why? Who r u? GC gossip group king pin? CEO of GC gossip group and u r proud of it, a male gossip that’s what u r huh, I read most of ur comments on Mzbel, (calling her a bleacher and a prostitute), all the rubbish u say abt yvonne Nelson, Nadia, Leila and no one talks. Now am expressing my opinion on Naa and then u Jump on me, u r the most useless and worthless guy yet u think u r the bump for talking crap abt celebs who even won’t hire u as their cleaners. I will say this again miyagi u r noooooo body so u always want to talk abt somebody, if u r somebody u will never talk abt somebody, useless Ciano boy, village boy any civilized human being will never do what u come here and do Wuye krusinii, U THINK U R THE DEAL, HELL NO U R THE TOXIC WASTE PIGS EAT AS THEIR MEAL, U BETTER CHANGE UR CRAPPY WAYS N STAY REAL

    1. @Shatter,Oooh so now I am tge CEO hahaha I really don’t no what to say to you anymore and since when did I bash Yvonne or NAdia you really need to get your facts rightand who is Mzbel she bleach she looks like a chopstick so what you can keep on insulting and all but I have come to realise that your one dumb idiot now your trying to find someone to defend you fight your own argument yet your year talking about staying real go through your own comment and see how your changing your mind all the time and you will probably realise how fake you are I am nobody yet I am breathing and living was I the one that came and made the most hilarious joke I am a CEO if a records label in uk I got my masters at Leicester Uni hahaha dude your lame and now you feel like agreeing with mel by saying something else again your worst than a ass kisser try and stay in your gorilla cage will do you good 

      1. @Miyagi, gossip king pin, berma konkonsani Mzbel is bigger than u, ur mother and ur father, ur brothers and sisters, ur whole family living in Kumasi, including ur girl friends family, she is known the whole Ghana and for her music, who know u gossip king, GC gossip group i guess, and they know u as the gossip king berma konkonsani. U r a noooooo body and a useless piece of dog waste, if u av something better doing u will never comment on every article posted on here, u sleep on GC 24/7 looking out for gossip and talk abt people bigger than u, go wash ur mothers smelling pants she used when menstrating, better still u can go and advice ur wee smoking uncle (real talk, I know him) rather than talking crap abt GHcelebs, aboafunu, aboaba, aboa…

        1. @Shatter,Hahahahah your really trying with your insult hahaha what happened with you don’t have time 
          Your too busy but 24 hours later on your still replying Hahahahah dude your hilarious 
          FFF (fake London boy, frustrated, Foolish) your insult ain’t doing me nothing trust me I been there done that 
          You can keep going on Fake CEO and by the way since you live in London why don’t you allow me to give you some money 
          So you and your mzbel can visit a mental clinic it will do you both good and don’t forget to bring your parents to your council so at least they can give you up for adoption for someone who has graduated in masters and talks like this hahahahhahaaha
          Your really hilarious give me more jokes and insult 

          1. @Miyagi, I don’t know Mzbel and av never met her b4 but the way u talk is very bad, I want u to know u r a piece of toilet waste, a wanna be, u insult people bigger than u and ur family so what do I lose if I Insult u, go advice ur wee smoking uncle In kumasi to stop, u r a foolish boy, isn’t it a shame to be a male gossip, what is ur talent? What do u know apart from gossip, tell me? I bet if u know anything or av a talent u will never talk rubbish abt GH celebs, for ur info statistics shows 99.9% of all regular people, I mean regular, regular like Miya ur mother, who read and always comment on gossip blogs, av no talent, don’t know what they r abt, Malicious gossipers, av no aim, think a lot abt others, lazy and Think abt the private lives of others, that’s what u r Miyagi, always talking abt people and their private life’s, with ur pull him down attitude meanwhile u r a big time loser, go hide in ur little hole and dont come out again. LOSER

          2. @Shatter, Than SHUT UP and MOVE ON cause everything your sending does not make any sense ask your people who the loser is cause your cracking me up with your NONESENS
            I’m done rplying you and what my mum gt to do with this childish really childish can destroy
            You nd rebuild you again but your not mi clasa at all