Nadia Buari Could Not Answer The Question 'If She Has A Child Or Not' On Radio

I am not sure why people are still pushing the Nadia Buari and her ‘alleged’ child issue. I addressed this issue some months back and I am not going to delve into it again….If you did not read what I wrote then, CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT.
The Nadia Buari’s hidden child issue has popped up once again after she failed to answer a simple Yes or No question on radio last week….
Read what the Weekend Finder newspaper in Ghana wrote about the radio incident below
Have you heard the saying that children are gifts from God? Well, I started with this question because something is really bothering me and I need to let it out.
Have you heard the rumour that some of the Ghanaian female celebrities always deny that they have children in public when such issues come up?
I know you are probably saying that such issues are private and so should not be discussed in public.
But what really baffles me is that, is there anything wrong admitting that you have a child out of wedlock as a celebrity?
Now, to the main topic of the day: Did you listen to Brunch time with Jessica on Citi FM last week Friday?
Just relax as I release the gist to you. On the show, Jessica interviewed Nadia Buari and they discussed a variety of issues, including her alleged reunion with one-time king of her heart, Michael Essien of Chelsea Football Club.

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After making things clearer to the public on those “reunion” claims, it was time for fans to send text messages to their “idol” who seemed very prepared to answer all those questions.
After showering her with all the praises, the “Bomb” question from one of the listeners came in.
“Please ask Nadia if she has a child?”
After being silent for a while and fumbling to answer the question, she mustered the courage to say, “No comments”.
No comments? Hmmmm, this was a simple question which needed a NO answer if she had no child.
Could Nadia have a child?


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  1. But whats da problem if she has a child or not,isnt it a priviledge,most women wants baby s but cant get,she is even lucky,hw many star actresses has children in Ghana

  2. Not a news at all. Christ’ Peacefmonline published this rubbish already and u put it up here again. Pls give us a story from the Bible if there’s no more news to feds with us…Thanks

  3. It’s about time peacefm and other people shut their mouth always trying to dig into people’s life how many times are you going to ask same question over and over again 

  4. Well there is nothing wrong if She has a child.If its true then I dnt see why She doesnt want the public to know.Time will tell…

  5. I think its nearly time girl,you cant hide this secret forever,i mean if you were quick to respond to the speculations that you and essien were back together,then you could have answered this as well and get it over with,this is more crucial than that of essien in my opinion and hey its a blessing and a beautiful thing to have kids,no big deal.saying no comment could possibly complecate you,and you know you couldn.t have said no,and saying yes would have also braught more questions so i understant what a fix corner you must have been but its time girl,its really time.


      1. @Miyagi, am smelly anus,roated goat,you come here dont say what i have said that you dont agree with but just to insult as usual,so how does that makes you feel,super man?or that you are the champion here?i guess that makes you a perfect gentleman ha?the other day you came here and called my mother a chimpanzee,you again came here calling reggie rockstone an animals child,so you thing that because you are hidding somewhere behind a computer,no body can do anything to you ha?well i did tell my mum about what you called her and what she said on your head,is too big for my mouth to say,the BIBLE warns us that our mouth can save us and also destroy us when not careful what we say to people expecially people you know nothing for you i dont see the likes of you archieving anything good in your life because you have destroyed your self with your own mouth.thanks for the insults once again,but i will not go down into the gutters with you so go on say whatever you want ,i guess thats the only thing that makes you fell like a super man.

        1. @Jessi, Madam Preacher why are you such a hypocrite one minute your insulting when we insult u back you start preaching hahahahah bob jessmali your hilarious 

  6. this is no big deal and no one can for whatever reason force her, she has her reasons ,if the so call child grows up we will know about he or she ,let her be .we want to go the foreingners way yet we are no respecter of laws ,let her be. she owes no one nothing aaaaaaba.

  7. Nadia take your time about answering that question, do it when you feel the time is right. 
    people need to understand that even if she has a child, she has her own reason for keeping him/her away from the media.

  8. is anyone going to feed the child or help her raise the child when they’re asked to??nonsense..then why do u wanna no..its up to her to keep it a secret or tell any one..Nadia do what u feel best for u n ur family..konkonsafuor

  9. some people are so pathetic and instead of them to shut their stinking mouths they go about showing thier pathetic ignoramus. well let me educate them. where i live in the US and i have travelled far and wide, UK, switzerland, Canada, etc, any news about a star is news. even if a star is seen buying medication in a drug store, it is news, if she is seeen visiting a saloon, is is news, if she is seen brushing his or her teeth or even seen staring at somebody it is news and it always finds way inside tabloids. why because that person is a star and any news about that person is news. the person is not a nonentity and a nobody like you. so if sites like peacefmonline and ghanacelebrities who i guess know what is going on this world bring you stuff, just shut your stinking mouth and read it to add knowledge to your pathetic dull brains. moreover nobody put a gun to your head to read stuff since you have eyes and read headlines before you go on to read stories. nkurasefo. sit in a plane and travel abroad and when you get back you would not be spilling stinking salivas from rotten mouths to say these are not newsworthy. if they are not newsworthy why click on them in the first place. mtweeew. nkurasefo asefo

    1. @afia,Wow, u dey craze wate seriously y3 di gyimee na ewu wo anas3 Gyimi no te wo fie 3den na wokyere yen woyi atemdidie na wodi gyimeni I had no idea that people could function WITHOUT brains how original…and this is what you call educating us how the hell are you going to compare united kingdom, United states or Switzerland lifes style with Ghana and this is what you call educating us on top of it, come here and insult us and think you can go scot free joker let me ask you this is this the first time your following this story?  If yes than I rest my case on you 

    2. @afia, U over due of brain inplants so book another appointment twat. so we should be taken any trash as a news, dont they ve a private life? infact woye aboabi ba paa…

    3. @afia, you have made sence here except for the too much insults,but good point i mean if this is no news then she is not a star,but if she considers herself a star then every thing about her is news period.

  10. Y wnt Ghananins jx liv dix ladi alon,y wnt u let her b?jx giv her a break!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaba